Change clothes in the bedroom wait for him to come back Zhang Hua and the others have already left Lei Bing stood with his arms

The male lead just happens to get a recycler training system to recycle all kinds of garbage on the earth, because he will be wiped out by the system if he doesn’t work hard to complete the task, but his little partner turns out to be one of the biggest garbage.
The content of the article and the serialized content of the original magazine are somewhat different.
The main character Xiao Mo is Xue Lihong.
The supporting role of Xue Lihong is the owner of the Xiao family, Wang Cheng, Qian Yunkai, Lei Bing, Qiu Xin, and other end-of-the-day superpowers to repair the space.
A brief review of works.
It is not easy to be a good person, especially in the chaotic world that is near the end of the world. Nowadays, calm and wise protagonists are popular because of a lot of experience. Facts have proved that only this kind of people have the highest survival rate and the highest happiness index, so how can an old man in his early thirties like Xiao Mo who doesn’t think he is a good person but likes to meddle in other people’s business and has bad intentions but is still indecisive? Survive in troubled times. The angle of this article is novel and unique.
The author’s writing is skillful and experienced.
The main character, an old man in his early thirties who is indecisive and indecisive, is vividly portrayed. The hardships and difficulties of survival in the last days firmly attract the readers’ attention.
The first super kid Chapter The boy who bought a knife Xiao Mo habitually jogged along the embankment of the park in the morning.
It was excavated and surrounded by a green park that was also artificially piled up. This green park covers an area of ​​nearly 200 acres.
It used to be a copper mine that was hollowed out and was later used by the local government to use the harmless waste generated by various nearby buildings. The land was filled with construction waste, and then after scientific garden planning and design, mountains were piled on top of it to build forests, build bridges and pave roads, and introduce underground river water to build a winding clear river channel, which finally formed the free open park in front of us. Not to mention the scenery of the place, not to mention the nearby residents love it very much, even those who live in the city center will often drive here to have a picnic or play. Xiao Mo bought a house in this suburb far away from the city center.
It can be said that this mountain has mountains. The green park with water and forests is good everywhere.
The only bad thing about the park is that apart from tourists and nearby residents, it is also used as a temporary accommodation by some homeless people. When Xiao Mo was running, he often saw homeless people sleeping on the benches in the park.
Or in the pavilion, as soon as he turned a corner, he saw a person lying on the long wooden chair he usually used to rest. Xiao Mo just wanted to run over, but after seeing the figure on the bench, he slowed down and finally walked slowly.
Stopped, then backed up to wake up, Xiao Mo pushed the little body curled up on the bench, the little thing was very alert Xiao Mo’s hand just touched his shoulder, he sat up quickly, little friend, why are you sleeping here? What about the adults? The child didn’t answer, but just stared at Xiao Mo with no expression. Xiao Mo looked up and down the child. Probably because the body looks very thin, the head is a bit too big.
The upper body is wearing a long shirt, and the lower body is wearing a pair of jeans with trousers rolled up several times.
The dress is normal, but the clothes are a bit dirty. The child’s hair is soft and brown, and a bit long. When it grows to the neck, the facial features are deep, the eye sockets are slightly sunken, the eyes are big but lifeless, the eyelashes are thick and long, the bridge of the nose is straight, the lips and lip lines are clear, it looks a bit like a mixed-race child, Xiao Mo unconsciously touched his bare arm, it’s so dark when he saw the child’s eyes His eyes are as black as ink, but they have no expression at all, like the eyes of a dead man. Cough, kid, you can easily catch a cold if you sleep outside without a cover. You meddle in your own business. Xiao Mo frowned and watched the child walk into a nearby public toilet.
After thinking about it, he felt that he was meddling. Maybe his family was nearby.
He ran out of the park. Xiao Mo bought pancakes, deep-fried dough sticks and a pack of soy milk at the breakfast shop in the community. After paying the money and leaving, I turned around and bought two mushroom and vegetable buns and two bamboo shoots and meat buns at the bun shop next door. Back to the long wooden bench by the river in the park, I saw the child still there.
The child seemed to be watching intently. Xiao Mo followed the child’s gaze and saw a boy carrying a schoolbag standing by the river not far from them, staring blankly at the river, his expression seemed rather confused and hesitant Xiao Mo was stunned for a while, no? Couldn’t it be what he thought? Just when Xiao Mo was about to move his feet, the boy left without hesitation. Xiao Mo heaved a sigh of relief and returned to the bench to sit down.
He casually pushed the plastic bag containing the steamed stuffed bun to the child with bent legs The kid beside him didn’t move, just turned his head and glanced at him Xiao Mo thought to himself, you can eat if you want, if you don’t want to, I’ll take it back and eat by myself while opening my own breakfast.
He also knows that this is a disease that needs to be cured, but now he hasn’t found a suitable cure. After about a minute, I don’t know if Xiao Mo’s food is too sweet. There was a sound of swallowing beside him.
There was a clattering sound when the plastic bag was opened Xiao Mo’s mouth was slightly tilted up, one big and one small, there was room for another person to sit in the middle, and he just ate in silence, early Xiao Mo finished his pancakes and pushed the unopened soy milk to the child Get up, pat his butt and leave.
For Xiao Mo, this matter is not even a daily act of kindness. It is probably just teasing a kitten or dog. He is sympathetic and willing to help others, but that is only limited to Buying two steamed buns for a street child when he has the ability to help is completely different from bringing a strange child home to raise