Chang Xiwang didnt get angry and said with a smile dont we do business only like people like me who know how to eat This

After time travel, the bachelor Chang Le became a fiancée with an outstanding appearance and a bit rare intellectuals. Thinking about the time travel, it is quite beautiful. Unfortunately, he came a step too late.
Originally, he acted bravely for righteousness, was injured and broke his face. Look here.
The world of face The road to the imperial examination is dead, and the fiancée kicked him off without even looking at the face Analysis of Taoyuan’s ideal rural style, smooth rain, Anlexiang and farmhouses, no emperors, nobles, no artifacts, system space, gold fingers are fairly rough, daily parents, short farmhouse trifles, lightning protection tips, overhead history, various dynasties, and unreal world customs and customs made up It’s also a variety of mix-and-match, please don’t force it, slow heat, pure farming is very trivial The protagonist Chang Xile, Chang Yu, recommended by the silver medal. After crossing, Chang Le became a scholar who was disfigured because of his bravery and was unable to take scientific examinations. In the past, he helped his folks get rich and build a rich and harmonious village. At the beginning of this article, a difficult problem was posed to the protagonist to raise suspense.
Chang Xile’s ancient life gradually unfolded.
The writing is simple and concise, with extremely delicate brushstrokes, gradually showing the life of the ancient farmhouse from the angle of Chang Xile, and constructing a paradise that makes people linger and forget to return. The people in Taoyuan Village are so kind.
It was as if pins and needles made him unable to think. He stared blankly at the top of the mosquito net. The voices outside the room were loud.
Every sentence and every word clearly entered Chang Le’s ears. They have no conscience at the beginning when they saw that our family’s Joy was promising, so they begged for it. Now they see that Joy is not good, they kick people away Their daughters don’t want to be famous, but our Chang family can’t be bullied. Now this matter is not only about your family, it is about our entire Chang family and even the entire Taoyuan Village.
How many girls in our village thought about it when Xi Le passed the exam If we want to marry Xile, if we don’t see their sincerity in the Qian family, why would we Xile take a fancy to their family? Now that the Qian family says they will withdraw their marriage, they will withdraw their marriage. You can’t be confused about the good-sounding third child. If it wasn’t for the Qian family’s resignation, Xi Le would be so sick.
The Qian family dared to be so ruthless. We can’t let them live in peace.
Everything is fine. The two brothers Chang Lao Er and Chang Lao Si have repeatedly bombarded the silent Chang Lao San since entering the door.
They have never stopped talking, they are all old and young with grandchildren, but they can’t hold back when they encounter this kind of thing. Chang Xile, but their Chang family and even Taoyuan Village’s most promising people are now suffering from a serious crime. They feel very distressed. Although they have already separated, they should not interfere with the affairs of other families, but when something serious happens, no one will stand by and watch, third sister-in-law, you have to persuade the third brother not to be wronged, Xi Le, the fourth wife, Mrs. Wu sees Chang, and the third does not say a word. Attention turned to his wife, Chang Xile’s old woman, Grandma Sun, she had nothing to say, and the new daughter-in-law wouldn’t let Xile’s lineage die, and Chang Xile’s current appearance might not last long, but this The words are really unlucky and too poignant. The usually aggressive grandma is sobbing like a wilted crop at this time, but she just doesn’t speak. She, as a mother, doesn’t know what is going on with her son.
She originally thought that good times were coming, but she was right. When there is a running head, suddenly falling down hard is worse than before. Who would have thought that Chang, the third family and the whole family shrank to the side and did not say a word. At this time, there is no room for these juniors to speak.
The boss said at this time that the third brother and our brothers are all here today, you just tell me what you think about this room, if you can’t make up your mind, I, the big brother, will be the master, and our Chang family will be in this Taoyuan. Village households have never suffered such a big loss, so we can’t let it go, Chang Laosan sighed deeply, brother, we appreciate your kindness, but now that the relatives have retired, please don’t say anything more. I am not happy, the fourth son of Chang has the most irritable temper and immediately jumped up. Third brother, what are you talking about? It is shameless to spread such things. There are many talents because the girl wants to marry. Back then, the Qian family’s scumbags wanted to marry us Xile. Now that something happened, they turned their faces and refused to recognize anyone. Xile was only thirteen years old at that time. According to the rules of our Taoyuan Village, the boy must be at least sixteen years old. Cheng Ding is engaged, Chang, second and third, don’t dare to seek justice for Xile just because you are afraid As soon as you say something, we will go to the city to make trouble.
Xi Le is the treasure of our Taoyuan Village.
You don’t allow others to bully you at will. Besides, even if Xi Le won’t be able to take the scientific examination in the future, he will still have a reputation, not just anyone. Chang Xisheng, the second child in a three-bedroom family that can be ruined, saw that his parents were silent, and saw several uncles who became more and more excited when they talked, and there was a crowd of onlookers outside the house who occasionally echoed and offered to help.
The neighbors finally couldn’t help but say, uncle uncle uncle