Caressing her trying to make her relax but she suddenly broke away in a hurry he turned over and sat up grabbed the shirt put

Qingshan Luotuo, the founder of Intellectual Romance, commemorates the 5th anniversary of his debut. The gift of reincarnation given to himself and time is rated by fans as the most anticipated urban romance masterpiece of the year.
The feelings that have settled deep in the heart are awakened again.
You can also recommend content synchronously. Life is suddenly like a long journey.
No matter whether you take a leisurely farewell or not, they all go on different journeys. Time is like a long and endless river. The physical and mental pain is also slowly fading away the seemingly eternal emotion. Every forgetting is a part of the old me that dies quietly.
Every engraving locks the road they have traveled, engraves the traces of love, and gives life a more real value.
Time proves everything. The fates of two strangers are unexpectedly linked together. Love begins with the warmth passed by hand. The hug in loneliness and despair, or the toss and turn of a long journey. When a person quietly becomes a part of life. We are willing to grow up and forget a little bit, or to grow and still hold on to the far shore. Is there a river of forgetfulness, far away? Can we break free from all fetters? Time proves everything in the Han River. It is said that many women will no longer believe in the fact that once they have an intuition about something, Zhu Xiaoyan is dubious about this sentence.
She happens to be a woman who is more or less emotional than rational in many cases.
Now her intuition tells her that she is The absent-mindedness of her boyfriend Gao Xiang, who was driving, should have something to do with the woman she met outside the Green Door Cafe more than ten minutes ago.
She recalled the glimpse just now. She walked out of the cafe with Gao Xiang. The woman with long hair and shoulder length met her. She has a slim body, a blue short-sleeved knitted cardigan, and a pair of frayed white jeans.
She has a pair of dark brown sunglasses on her face without makeup, and she looks ordinary.
The only thing that caught her interest was the bag on the woman’s shoulder. A small silver pendant looks like it can hold a small-sized laptop, but it is completely different from the stereotyped style of ordinary computer bags.
It is very light and has a sense of design. She likes it very much at first glance, but it is not abrupt after all. Going with a stranger Gao Xiang hurriedly told her to wait for me, and he went over to the woman for a few words. The woman took out a notebook and a pen from her bag, quickly wrote a line, tore it up and handed it to him. He paused for a while before reaching out.
The woman took it and didn’t look right. The woman nodded slightly and came back and took Zhu Xiaoyan to the parking lot. She asked who it was.
He opened the car door and sat in. He casually stuffed the note on the sun visor and started the car.
He simply answered a person he knew before.
Didn’t care about playing the music while continuing to talk to him about the fragmentary disputes she had with her colleagues in the afternoon.
He has never said much, but rarely looks straight ahead like today and hardly responded.
After a long silence, she came back to her senses, smiled apologetically, and was embarrassed to think about something. Zhu Xiaoyan tried her best to convince herself that it would be too ridiculous to be chasing rumors for a woman who didn’t even see her face clearly. After arriving at the restaurant and parking the car, Gao Xiang remained silent.
The unspeakable uncertainty in her heart became more and more intense. The two of them followed the waiter who took the seat and walked in. She stopped suddenly.
Hey, I lost my mobile phone in the car. I will help you. Bring me the car keys and I’ll get them myself. You can order first. Zhu Xiaoyan takes the car keys and returns to the parking lot. Gao Xiang’s car is a very eye-catching black Jeep Commander.
And the spacious, high-fuel-consumption full-size is neither in line with Zhu Xiaoyan’s aesthetics nor her judgment of Gao Xiang’s character. She felt awkward almost from the first time she saw this car. A man who behaves very temperately and keeps a low profile, almost keeping a low profile. Why is he acting weird when it comes to buying a car alone? He spent so much tens of thousands of dollars to buy such a car that is not environmentally friendly and high-profile that exceeds the real price. She opened the car door, sat on the driver’s seat and raised her hand.
Fumbled inside the sun visor, took out the slip of paper he had stuffed in, unfolded it, and saw that it was written stroke by stroke in neat, childlike fonts: Linjiang Hotel Room, please make time to come over tonight, her fingers couldn’t help it I shivered and sat there for quite a while before getting out of the car and walking into the restaurant. The environment is elegant and the dishes are exquisite. There are always a lot of customers.
You need to make a reservation in advance to get a seat, but their dinner is very boring. Of course Gao Xiang has been thinking about it all the time. She couldn’t find the topic anymore.
Although she put the note back on the sun visor, the content was printed in her mind verbatim.
What is the relationship between that woman and Gao Xiang? Is this a date invitation? Gao Xiang Is she cheating or is that woman deliberately seducing him? Is she chasing after the wind and making a big fuss? Her mind is full of these problems and she can’t eat anything. She looks at Gao Xiang. He is a refined and thin man who has maintained his figure at the age of Tall and straight and the best manner for a man of this age. His face looks ordinary, but his whole body exudes a majestic demeanor. According to her best friend, he is very mature and charming.
He raised his eyes and noticed her gaze and asked what’s the matter. She smiled reluctantly. It’s nothing from the restaurant. When they came out, Gao Xiang proposed to send her home. Usually their date doesn’t end like this.
She pretended to be casual and asked if there was anything else to do tonight. Her heart sank and she didn’t say anything.
After taking a shower, change into comfortable home clothes, come out and light scented candles