Cant say the following why are you so stupid Brother do you remember that year when you kissed me for the first time on my

Ask what to do if you are reborn in the 1980s and pick up a future boss who is in a low life Later, Yu Wei finally married him as she wished.
On the wedding night, when he was half asleep and half awake, he was still a little confused.
Why did he seem to be a different person from the daytime? Boss, you are so cold.
She is obviously going to take him down. Why did you reverse it? Well, a top student of Chinese medicine in the 21st century was reborn in the 1980s.
He only wanted to hug the big man’s thigh, but he was attacked by the big man.
He loves him and spoils him to the extreme.
Is it cool to win? Yu Wei looked at the man next to him, pursed his lips and looked shy.
He was super sweet and not abusive. Walking on her body, she scolded mother in her heart, who the hell is so harsh to attack a vegetable? What is the difference between that and that corpse? When she was cursing in her heart, she suddenly realized that she could move. Without even thinking about it, he kicked it out with a thud, the person rolled on the ground, and cried out in pain, Yu Wei opened his eyes, turned over and sat up, and was stunned when he saw the place he was in.
The room was dark and damp in the air. There is also a moldy smell, the walls are covered with newspapers, except for the only window at the door, there is no glass on the window sill to cut off the cold air outside, and it is a piece of yellowed window paper Yu Wei is still surprised that this house is so backward The adobe house in the countryside in the 1970s and 1980s.
Suddenly the door was kicked open from the outside, followed by a loud and loud voice, scolding at the top of your lungs.
No need to go to the cornfield in the backyard! The corn is so big that no one is stopping you.
You ate the bear’s heart and the leopard dared to hook up with my man. See if my old lady won’t tear up your scum. Kicking down slightly, the man watched his mother-in-law rushing over ferociously, thinking that if this girl was scratched, she would not be beautiful. He helped Kang Yan’er to stand up and stopped her in front of her.
Is the fever gone? I bought it with money. Why are you screaming? I’m crazy. Don’t think that I don’t know about those fancy intestines in your stomach.
I’ve bought them for a month.
What if I hadn’t been staring at you and this girl? Bought it for my son, bah, I think you are an old man who doesn’t want to buy such a handsome one, it’s cheap to buy such a beautiful one, your wife is full of anger, and her sharp nails all greeted that man’s body, the man yelled and cursed Sounds like a stinky bitch, I think you owe it to me to repair the woman I bought with money to carry on the family line. That stupid son you gave birth to will beat someone to give him a woman all day long, and he won’t use it. You want our old Wang family to use it. See if I don’t beat you to death today, is it so exciting to accompany the woman crying and cursing those vulgar words? It’s a big show, and I’m so stupid to watch it directly. Oh my god, is she dreaming? Yu Wei pinched herself fiercely.
She gasped in pain, she gasped and lowered her head to see that her exposed skin was all bruised and purple, and no one was intact. This is not a dream.
It is real.
From the mouth of the woman just now, it is not hard to hear that she is the woman who was bought to be his son’s wife, but I have been thinking about it all the time. Looking at the bruises on her body, it is possible that she has been raped and fought in the house. The two of them gradually lost the wind, and the woman was dragged out by the man by her hair.
At this moment, a tall and strong boy came in from the outside. Seeing Yu Wei sitting on the bed with a smirk, he walked over and imitated the man’s movement just now, grabbed Yu Wei’s hair and started beating him facelessly while beating, muttering “Kill you, kill you, kill you” Chapter 1 You Eavesdropped on Yu Wei Where did you experience such a thing? When she slapped her body with a fist, she realized that this person is probably the stupid son that the couple said just now. The idiot seemed to be more and more addicted to the beating, and the strikes were getting heavier and heavier.
The idiot grabbed Yu Wei’s head and hit it hard against the wall, buzzing, there was a burst of gold stars in front of his eyes, and the sound of cursing in his ears gradually moved away. The figure began to blur, and Yu Wei lost consciousness. The night is cool and quiet like water, but the small farmyard is not peaceful at this moment, and the voices of women wailing and cursing can be heard from time to time, Yu Wei wakes up just at this moment, just as soon as she moves, the pain on her forehead makes her almost go away again and relieved for a long time Yu Weicai gasped for breath.
At this moment, he heard the wailing and cursing coming from the next room. He is a heartless god. He is going to kill us both. Look at the hair he beat me.
After a while, is he still a man? I said sister-in-law, you see that the two couples you mentioned don’t fight, and you’re not the only one who suffers. Look at my brother’s blood on his face, which looks like a dick.
How can I ask him to go to work tomorrow? My brother is already 40 this year.
There is nothing wrong with wanting a normal son. This person is obviously this woman’s sister-in-law, Haiyan.
Please don’t say a few words.
A woman with a slightly old voice is reprimanding the fire.
The fuel-infused sister-in-law then changed the subject and gently persuaded the woman who was beaten in the evening, Haishun’s family, you should also calm down. Aunt knows that you have been wronged.
We women are all the same, right? It’s all right to swallow it, third aunt, how much you want me to endure Wang Haishun, he even rode on my head to shit and piss, and if I endure it like this, there will be no way for our mother and son to survive.
He sees that my son and I are not pleasing to the eye, so he looks forward to us die early