Cant be really amused by him at this time Zhao Haos words seem to have a kind of magical power this dude saw Zhao Haos

Chapter Chapter Bunker Sky’s lottery system You are so poor, you don’t have eyes, right? I’m wearing a famous brand, and you actually stained me. In the Chinese food box of the Happiness Hotel, a fat man with fat fingers was furious, wearing a jade finger ring.
The right hand slapped Zhao Hao’s head fiercely and hissed Zhao Hao’s head was slapped heavily The fat man’s jade finger scratched Zhao Hao’s scalp The jade finger shot out a golden light and penetrated into Zhao Hao’s skull Supreme lottery system Find the players and start to merge, grass mud horse Zhao Hao suddenly heard a voice in his head Brother Hao was so scared that I was so frightened that I would not be beaten into a concussion by this dead fat pig Brother Hao was furious and was about to fight the dead fat pig all of a sudden that said The voice rang again, the system fusion is complete, the player name is Zhao Hao, the gender is male, the professional hotel waiter is the player, the age of the player is meritorious, Brother Hao is dumbfounded, I am a good boy, what kind of routine is this, Brother Hao, I merged with a lottery system, Manager Gao, did you do it on purpose? Playing with me, where did I find this idiot? The Chinese food department wants to close the door.
Seeing Zhao Hao’s dissatisfaction, he called Manager Gao and scolded Zhao Hao. Are you stupid? Hurry up and apologize to Boss Xiao. Standing there in a daze, ordered Zhao Hao to apologize to Boss Xiao, Brother Hao finally came to his senses Seeing that Manager Gao was indiscriminate, he asked himself to apologize to Fat Pig Xiao He didn’t have time yet, but he was drunk and bumped into me, causing the plate to come off and stain his clothes.
I don’t want to hear your explanation.
If you want to work here, please apologize to me or get the hell out of me.
Manager Gao coldly cut off Zhao Hao’s words The strong order said, “You are too deceitful in Mahler Gobi, bang, brother Hao threw the dinner plate heavily on the ground, mockingly said, Brother Hao, surnamed Gao, has long disliked you, brother Hao, I quit, brother Hao took off his badge and left.
” Hit the ground, turned around and walked away. Manager Gao was stunned, his expression quickly turned ugly, he waved his hand to let the security guard stop Zhao Hao, brother Ma Hao, I’m not going to do it, you still don’t let me go, Zhao Hao trembled in his heart, I can’t They can’t beat their surname Gao in martial arts. If they teach me, brother Hao, I will definitely be kicked out from here with a bruised nose and a swollen face.
To teach him a lesson, it is detected that the player is offended, and the player is furious.
The player can draw a lottery to punish the lottery.
The options are as follows. Turn the mentally retarded person into a mentally retarded player, please choose the timer to start Oh, brother Caohao, I am really not dreaming.
It really merged with the supreme lottery system.
You didn’t even look at the security guards who came up, but you looked at Boss Xiao, Boss Xiao, because of your mistake, you bumped into my plate and stained the nameplate, but beat me up, are you sure you want to let me They taught me that brother Hao’s face is very cold, since I broke out, no one has dared to talk to me like this If you want to die, don’t blame Brother Hao for being too ruthless. After the countdown of the system is over, when you extract Boss Xiao’s intelligence brush, you will see a purple cloud of air rising from the top of Boss Xiao’s head and disappearing in the blink of an eye. The boss felt a screaming of the brain with a screaming screaming of Xiao Xiao. The fist hit his right eye socket, and bang, a ball of blood shot out, and an eyeball spun around on the ground.
It was a fool’s play. Brother Hao was stunned. This lottery system is so awesome.
Ding Xiao The boss does a lot of evil and gets the punishment you deserve.
You are rewarded with merit points. Manager Gao is narrow-minded and despicable. Unspoken rules. Female subordinates deserve rewards.
Oh, my good boy, brother Hao, I actually integrated such a powerful system Brother Hao ran out of the hotel in one breath, panting for a long time, unable to calm down, at this moment a red BMW drove up, the door was pushed open, a man with a strong body and a beautiful face Miss, this is the happy hotel you want to take care of It’s on time, it’s so good-looking Brother Hao looks at the beautiful woman with admiration, the beautiful woman can only be seen from a distance, not to play with, it’s not Brother Hao, I can remember it, stop a taxi, Brother Hao sat in it and just got on it Taxi Brother Hao’s cell phone buzzed and vibrated Supreme Lottery System Chapter Chapter Hao Brother went up routines to earn merit and kill the rats What day is it today You forgot that today is the day you pay rent You have been procrastinating for three months A domineering Wushuang’s voice came from Brother Hao’s landlady, Jubi is a female man who does not give any discounts, you are a grass king, Shuangshuang, what are you awesome Brother Hao, but you have won the supreme lottery system, and you are about to reach the pinnacle of your life, and you will marry Bai Fumei in the future. Dare you Shake Brother Hao’s face Du Hao Brother’s firecracker temper came up and directly hung up Wang Shuangshuang’s phone Oh my god, I actually hung up the call of a female man Brother Hao reacted a little confused, that’s a landlady who knows Muay Thai! Pa Hao Brother wakes up Come here and slap your head suddenly, what the fuck? Did Brother Hao get the supreme lottery system?