Cang Yunyue and the others eyes swept across and landed in the distance Su Fu who was sitting crosslegged in the halfstep king camp was

In the age of dreaming for all, everyone relies on experiencing different dreams to practice.
A boy who has nightmares holds a card for practicing nightmares.
From then on, he rises like a devil and shines like a scorching sun. He wants to make everyone’s dreams come true with his hands. He wants to make everyone feel happy. Blushing and heart beating in the nightmare Chapter 1 The dream maker splashed cold water on his face, and drops of water dripped from the tips of his hair. Su Fu looked at the pale face in the mirror and let out a sigh of relief.
The creepy nightmare wiped his face with a dry towel. Su Fu walked out of the bathroom.
The room was a bit messy and scattered with broken dream-gathering stones.
In order to become a dream-maker, Su Fu spent almost all of his savings from his part-time job to buy polythexes. It’s a pity that he has had nightmares for ten years.
The difficulty and cost of becoming a dreamer is too great.
One hundred years ago, a huge meteorite crashed outside the starry sky. At that time, the end of the world was called the era of cataclysm.
People all over the world panicked and thought that they would be destroyed in the disaster.
But fortunately, the disaster lasted for several years and finally ended. The lingering people survived tenaciously. Under the circumstances, it was developed and researched by people.
The meteorite has a magical power that can stimulate the nerve endings of the human brain to affect the impulse. It has the ability to record the pictures in people’s minds, so it is named Dreamstone. After the efforts of early scientists, Dreamstone was developed through polishing. The depiction of the texture can clearly record the picture in the mind of the person and make it into a dream card. The dream card can be driven by a special instrument, which can make people feel as if they are in a dream.
The nerve fluctuations affecting the brain stimulate the body functions, improve the activity of people’s body cells, and even increase the lifespan. The mystery of the brain is like the boundless starry sky, which can never be explored endlessly. The dream stone is like a key to help people better explore the mystery. After decades of evolution, these professions that use dream-gathering stones to create dream worlds are called dream-makers In the budding period, many powerful dream makers were born. Today, the ten most precious nine-level dreams on the earth are the ten nine-level dreams that were researched by the nine-level dream masters born at that time. The overall level has been improved in an all-round way, and the development of people after the disaster has surpassed the original estimate. Heroes born in troubled times Su Fu is very envious of the dreamers of that era who put on worn-out canvas shoes.
Su Fu walked out with a denim shoulder bag on his back.
After leaving the rented hut, the sound of the siren on the street pierced through his ears, Su Fu put on the yellowed earplugs, and suddenly a melodious singing sounded in his ears, making Su Fu’s face soothed every time. Listening to the song, Su Fu’s inner softness will be touched. After swiping the bus card, sitting on the suspended bus, the noise around him is completely isolated from him. Su Fujiang A native of Nanshi is a freshman in the Dream Theory Department of Jiangnan University.
He originally wanted to enroll in the Dream Card Research Department because his grades were not as good.
Living in a rented house outside the school, a dreamer is a noble profession in today’s society. Dream cards can increase brain activity and cell activity, and enhance vitality. Therefore, everyone uses dream cards, thus forming an era of dreaming for all.
It is conceivable that in this era, the status of the dreamer is lost, and even some people who are not dreamers will create some inferior dream cards, which can be exchanged for high prices in the market. In this case, the dreamer owns it. There is a strict hierarchy and management organization, and even dream cards and dreams are graded. The dreams created by the dream maker can be divided into many categories. Ordinary dreams, beautiful dreams, nightmares, and even embarrassing sexual dreams all have different functions and influences.
However, if you want to The requirements for becoming a dream maker are extremely strict. When the car arrived at the stop, Su Fu followed the crowd and got out of the car with his hands in his pockets. After a while, he came to a corner shop. It’s just the price difference. Su Fu has been working here since high school to support himself. After entering the store, many people looked at Su Fu. Fu has worked in this shop for many years. It is an old face. Su Fu smiled back stiffly. He is not good at dealing with people.
The fear in his heart made him unable to take that step, but gave people a cold feeling.
There is something deep in the shop. The small room is Su Fu’s working place.
Pushing open the door of the room, a splinter of broken stones shakes off the door and flies in the room.
On the chair, the chair made a creaking sound. On the table was an instrument with a cold metallic luster.
This instrument was specially used to process the original cards made of dreamstones, but it was an old instrument, and many parts were rusted. The rotating track is even more rusty, but the melting stone mouth and the stone slices are still brand new.
After all, Su Fu will carefully clean and maintain it every day to ensure the best treatment effect of the dream gathering stone. Su Fu’s job is not to make dream cards, but to treat Checking and recording the inferior dream cards made by others may be due to frequent nightmares. Although Su Fu is mentally weak, his brain activity and sensitivity are stronger than ordinary people. Checking dream cards is such a heavy and boring job that he can complete. Very fast, not even weaker than the dream maker Su Fu opened the drawer and grabbed a black dream stone from it.
This is a waste stone. In short, although it is a dream stone, it does not have the attributes of a dream stone.