Can you help me The poor Shen Xiaoge can only grab Cai Shixuans arm and act like a baby How can you let her do

Han Dilong has already become a legend in Pingyang City.
His deeds are still talked about by many people after dinner. He made his debut at the age of fifteen. With his extraordinary forbearance and bloody methods, he quickly emerged in the underworld of Pingyang City for more than 20 years. After Zongheng, he was actually sitting on one side in Pingyang City. Some people said that Han Dilong was cheating his sister-in-law to sell his brother, but Chu Wenhao didn’t think so. It was so unbearable, at least after he knew that his daughter was in love with him, a poor and white person, he didn’t stop him from it.
Instead, he put forward a request from the standpoint of a father to give Han Yufei a one-year gift based on his own ability.
A 100,000 yuan diamond ring. Earning 100,000 yuan in a year is a bit harsh for Chu Wenhao, who has just graduated from university, but thinking about Han Yufei’s family background, this condition is not a condition at all. It was agreed that Chu Wenhao would not contact Han Yufei again for one year. In order to raise enough money, Chu Wenhao worked three part-time jobs. Twenty-four hours a day, he spent eighteen hours on work, even on weekends.
Chu Wenhao, a part-time worker in KFC, is not a hard worker, he will be tired, but as long as he thinks of the one-year appointment with Han Dilong, he will be full of motivation, because he can’t forget Han Yufei’s smiles and how many times the two of them spent together.
Qingqing, I, and I have pledged each other for three hundred and sixty-five days and nights.
Today, Chu Wenhao came to Dilong Villa for the second time, with a diamond ring worth 100,000 yuan, and with infinite expectations.
See Brother Long, do you have an appointment? Because of the excitement, Chu Wenhao’s tone trembled. You tell Mr. Han that I am Chu Wenhao. The security guard who has an appointment with Mr.
Han looked at Chu Wenhao suspiciously again, even though Chu Wenhao is all dressed up. The top and bottom outfits will not exceed two hundred yuan, but seeing Chu Wenhao’s nose and eyes, the security guards didn’t dare to underestimate them, and hurriedly dialed the internal number.
Not long after, a miniature sightseeing car appeared at the gate of the villa. The scenery inside the Dilong Villa is beautiful, but Chu Wen Hao had no intention of admiring him at all.
Now he desperately wants to get Han Dilong’s approval, and see Han Yufei who thinks about it day and night.
Two minutes later, Chu Wenhao appeared in front of Han Dilong.
Compared with a year ago, Han Dilong’s body seems to be bigger. In a circle, Mr.
Han Chu Wenhao nodded and tried his best to restrain his excitement.
I’m here to see you and Feifei’s Chu Wenhao. Han Dilong is walking his dog on the lawn.
He really can’t remember the name, but there is no one in Pingyang City yet. Dare to be sloppy in front of Han Dilong, since that person said that there is an appointment, it should be an appointment, that’s why Han Dilong let Chu Wenhao enter the villa, yes, Chu Wenhao is you, that is, at this time, not far away, a forty-something A middle-aged, beautiful woman with delicate makeup on her face, but somehow she gave the impression of being a bit mean. After she stepped forward, there was a sneer of contempt on the corner of her mouth. Didn’t I say I told you not to see you again? Feifei? Why are you here again? I made an agreement with Mr. Han.
Chu Wenhao knew that this person was Feifei’s mother and hurriedly explained that according to the agreement with Mr.
Han, if I can earn 100,000 yuan a year, I can be with Feifei. Together, Chu Wenhao took out a stack of documents and an exquisite small box and said, neither humble nor overbearing, this is the ring I bought for Feifei, as well as my salary statement and income and expenditure details for the past year.
After reading the information and the small box in Chu Wenhao’s hands, he said contemptuously, “Is a diamond ring worth 100,000 yuan good? Just you, a countryman, also want to be with Feifei.
The toad wants to eat swan meat. It seems that you don’t have enough understanding of your own position. I am clear.” Let me tell you that the money you have saved for a year is not enough to buy Feifei a decent set of underwear. Chu Wenhao bit his lip and turned to look at Han Dilong. Han Dilong finally remembered who the young man in front of him was. We are not in the right household. There are many things that you can’t win with your hard work. After finishing speaking, Han Dilong didn’t look at Chu Wenhao more and left with the dog. Han Dilong agreed with Chu Wenhao to give him a chance, but Han Yufei couldn’t do anything The only condition is that Chu Wenhao cannot contact Han Yufei within a year.
Han Dilong believes that a year can change a lot, but Han Dilong didn’t expect that Chu Wenhao would really return to Dilong Villa. No, I want to see Feifei. Chu Wenhao’s face is a little pale. You want to see Feifei, a beautiful middle-aged woman, turn her head and look in one direction, follow the eyes of the middle-aged beautiful woman, Chu Wenhao saw that familiar beautiful shadow, with the sweet smile typical of girls in love, but she didn’t As Chu Wenhao expected, he opened his arms and threw himself into Chu Wenhao’s arms, but walked towards a car that Chu Wenhao could not name, and beside that car stood a man who looked very handsome and handsome Chu Wen Hao’s body trembled, hope was as great as disappointment, and more than two years of longing for a whole year disappeared in an instant.
Chu Wenhao’s heart was nothing but pain, nothing but resentment, and nothing but unwillingness. At this moment, Chu Wenhao’s whole body seemed to be pulled out. The whole person seems to have fallen from heaven to a dark hell.
I have been thinking day and night for 365 days and nights.
I have been working at a restricted level for 365 days.
This is the result of waiting for a new dress. At this moment, Chu Wenhao has the urge to question Han Yufei face to face. This is what you call not marrying if you are not a king. This is what you call never being separated. After all, Chu Wenhao still has no impulsiveness.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but the few burly men standing beside him keep him the last trace of clarity in his heart. He knows.