Can I kill his brother too Be careful son Sina Fey replied Drizzt DoUrden is your target You put all your attention on his death

Introduction to the original translator Zhu Xueheng Xu Qingwen The first homeland of the Dark Elf Trilogy Go to the dark and mysterious city of Menzoberranzan This is a dark underground city with a huge experience and also the hometown of the dual-knife ranger Drizzt.
Growing up in a perilous environment in the region, and in an unscrupulous society, he has a strong sense of honor.
Drizzt is faced with a dilemma.
Can he survive in a world that rejects justice and justice? The intricate labyrinths in the region are opening their mouths to devour every uninvited guest.
Drizzt and his magical black panther Guan Erfa broke in here.
Drizzt, who escaped from the hometown of the dark elves, must fight the infinite maze in the Underdark. Fight monsters hard to survive, but at the same time, behind Drizzt’s back, his relatives are hunting with swords.
Forgiveness is not the nature of the dark elves. The third part of the dark elf trilogy. Drizzt’s sojourn left the brutal Underdark A new life begins in the surface world The two worlds are so different How does Drizzt adapt to being accepted as a dark elf by others How does he get rid of the shadows of the past and face all about learning to live on the surface Translator Zhu Xueheng Xu Qingwen Catalog Homeland Author Introduction Introduction Translator Prologue Chapter 1 Power and Position Chapter 1 Menzoberranzan City Chapter 2 The Fall of the Defo Family Chapter 3 The Eyes of a Baby Chapter 4 The First Family Chapter 5 Parenting Chapter 2 Master of Martial Skills Chapter 6 Hands Chapter 7 Unknown Secrets Chapter 8 Same Family Chapter 9 Chapter Family Chapter 10 Blood Stains Chapter 11 Gloomy Preferences Chapter 3 The Price of Victory Chapter 14 Proper Respect Chapter 15 The Dark Side Chapter 16 Blasphemy Chapter A Different World Chapter 21 Wishing to Pleasure the Goddess Chapter 22 Dwarf Evil Dwarf Chapter 23 A Clean Strike Chapter 5 Zak Nafein Chapter 24 Understanding Our Enemies Chapter 25 The Strong Chapter Twenty-six An Angler in the Underdark Chapter Twenty-seven A Clear Conscience Chapter Twenty-eight The True Master Chapter Twenty-nine A Brief Introduction to the Author Salvador was born in Massachusetts, USA in 1959 The love story between El Salvador and fantasy and literature began fairly early on when he was a freshman in college and he got Token’s The Lord of the Rings as a Christmas present so on a whim he put Changed his major from Information Science to Journalism in 1981. He earned a BA in Communication and later a BA in English from Fitchburg State College, Massachusetts, USA.
Since 1982, he has devoted himself seriously to writing. Wrote drafts of what would become the Echoes of the Fourth Magic novel. His first published novel was The Crystal Shard in 1988. Since then he has written numerous novels including The Halfling Gem, Homecoming, and Bloodline.
It is also the first hardcover novel written by Salvador.
During the first year of writing, Salvador changed many jobs. Finally, very lucky for us, he decided to become a full-time writer in 1999. Salvador is the most famous and most famous. The most worshiped is the dark elf Drizzt created by him.
His works have sold more than three million copies worldwide and have been translated into many languages ​​and audio books. Salvador has written the Dark Elf Trilogy and the Icewind Dale Trilogy.
Qu and the Priest Pentalogy and Bloodline Starless Night Dark Army Assault on the Road to Dawn Dark Elf Trilogy are currently available in the United States in a hardcover collector’s edition. The Silent Knife is the sixteenth novel he wrote for him in 1999. In the fall of seven, his letters, scripts and other works are collected in the Salvador library of his alma mater. In the gap between writing in El Salvador, he will participate in the three children’s hockey games, equestrian shows and fencing competitions. He and a group of eighteen years have been fixed in the The Sunday party friends still see each other every week and play everything from GoldenEye to expert Dungeons and Dragons games.
They even recently started their own company, Seven Swordsmen.
In 1999, they also launched their stand for Ice Wind. An adventure mod written in this area of ​​the valley, Tower of the Damned. Salvador’s interests include softball, ice hockey, and music.
Playing Mozart loudly, especially in traffic jams on the highway, is his favorite. He and his wife, Diane, live in Masai.
His three children in Massachusetts are Brian, Gino, and Gitelin. They also live with the dog Pudo and a Siamese cat, Guan Haifa.
Guided by Zhu Xueheng Although many publications in the Forgotten Kingdom series do not have Chinese translations But the author hopes that through this article, domestic players can have a preliminary understanding of the whole world and then easily enter the world without feeling too unfamiliar. First of all, for many masterpieces of role-playing games because The Forgotten Kingdom may be a brand new world for players who entered this world with Baldur’s Gate and the expansion pack Legend of the Sword Coast, but in fact, the Forgotten Kingdom entered the computer game world as early as the eighth year. At that time, it was the same as Genesis.
One of the main axes of the Golden Box series, which dominates the role-playing game industry side by side with the Witchcraft and Might and Magic series, and the other protagonist of the Golden Box series, which was shoulder to shoulder with the Forgotten Kingdom at that time, was the game of the Dragonlance series. Kingdom Let the author here first answer the questions that every player who enters the Forgotten Kingdom for the first time must have questions. What is the Forgotten Kingdom? The Forgotten Kingdom is a paper role-playing game designed by the company. Give