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When you stare into the abyss, the abyss will return to stare back.
Chapter 1 The real doomsday game. Christianity has the final judgment. There is an indescribable feeling of fear, obsession, panic, and excitement.
This may be related to the self-destructive tendency in human beings’ own genes. The history teacher Lao Li on the podium said so much that the things he said have already strayed far from the textbook. This is also true.
The reason why he is nicknamed Li Dabaihua is already the last class. Shen Feng is sitting in the classroom listening to Li Dabaihua nonsense while nodding his head frequently.
Shen Feng, a fan of doomsday, resonated with him. Suddenly, the small broken Mi phone in Shen Feng’s pocket vibrated. He carefully took out the phone, and saw a message on it.
The real doomsday game welcomes you.
Shen Feng was stunned. What the hell is this garbage ad? The name of the game sounds like that kind of one-knife level. Brothers come and chop my garbage. The current mobile phone background data collection is too horrible. How does it know that I have a doomsday complex? Shen Feng thought about it. After checking the information, I was about to delete it.
I didn’t expect that just after I pressed it, an icon appeared on the phone, but it was a giant blood-red eye, and then it began to display the installation of a fucking rogue software hijacking. What the hell is this? Shen Feng couldn’t help but get angry. He immediately pressed and pressed the icon to delete, but he didn’t expect any response at all, and then another message popped up, the loading device level is too low, and the device environment was modified by himself, and then the mobile phone suddenly went black.
The price is cheap, but he was willing to buy the phone after saving money for a long time.
Just when he was about to dig out the battery, the screen of the phone lighted up again and returned to normal, but the real doomsday game now shows that it has been installed. Is it an illusion? The performance seems to be smoother, and Shen Feng looks puzzled, but he finds that the real doomsday game still cannot be deleted.
Let’s see what it is first. After clicking on it, a selection interface similar to ordinary mobile games immediately appears.
Not even a cutscene is a garbage page game.
Undoubtedly, the selection interface is pitch black, there are only two options: start and load, not even about us. Fortunately, there is a paragraph explaining that players in this doomsday world are welcome to the real doomsday. After the game selection starts, you can enter a random doomsday world for experience and complete tasks.
Obtaining rewards Different doomsday worlds have different disasters and different levels of danger.
They can be roughly divided into elementary doomsday worlds, intermediate doomsday worlds, advanced doomsday worlds, and black death doomsday.
I hope players play carefully to avoid permanent death.
Novice players can unlock world stone statues in the doomsday.
Shen Feng can’t help but hey. With a smile, this broken game is as real as it is. The copywriting is quite bluffing. If you are really awesome, can you make the game interface better? At least invite Zha Zhahui to make an advertisement Tell me, the strength of the doomsday complex of human beings is strongly related to the overall social atmosphere of the world.
When the economy is positive and the optimism is strong, the doomsday complex will be weak. When the economy is in a downturn and pessimism spreads, the doomsday complex will also spread. Well, after class, Li Dabaihua’s words just left the classroom. Immediately there was a lot of noise in the school, the students packed their schoolbags and went out, Lao Shen, be careful when school is over, I heard that Li Chang and his group are waiting for you at the school gate, it seems that you beat them last time when they robbed the juniors of their money Wanting to take revenge, a short and fat boy came to Shen Feng and whispered that it was his buddy, Ji Xin, Shen Feng’s eyes froze, then he patted Ji Xin’s shoulder with a smile and said, don’t worry, Old Ji and these bastards can’t do anything about it I, Shen Feng, carried my schoolbag and pushed my bicycle along the crowd to the school gate.
Sure enough, I saw Li Changzheng standing there sneakily with a dozen people, looking for him in the crowd. Shen Feng put on his hat and lowered his head, pushing the bicycle. Quickly rushing to the school gate, just as he was about to pass by Li Chang and the others, he jumped into the car, turned his head and laughed, and scolded Sun Thief, waiting for your grandpa, Li Chang and the others have not reacted yet, and Shen Feng has already run away on a bicycle. Shen Feng, wait for you. If you can run away today, you won’t be able to run away. Tomorrow, you will have good fruit. An exasperated cursing sound can be heard vaguely from behind.
Shen Feng can’t help showing a happy smile.
A few minutes later, Shen Feng had arrived at a barbecue stand next to the rental house. Brother Hai, Brother Wang, Brother Zhou, and a group of shirtless men were moving out the oven, tables, chairs, and meat skewers to start grilling. The signboard of a skewer was blackened by smoke.
Xiao Feng is here, haha, our chef is here, hurry up and put on the chef’s shirt. Several men laughed and a strong man wearing glasses came to Shen Feng with a white apron and helped him put on this strong man.
It’s the owner of a string of barbecues, Brother Hai, Shen Feng, who has been working here for more than two months. Originally, he was helping to dress the meat. Once, the barbecue master, the boss, Brother Hai, couldn’t get out of bed because he drank too much. Turned on his talent for grilling and became a chef since then.
These days, he also gets along with these rough men.
He really likes everyone’s boldness and unpretentiousness.
After closing the stall every day, he grilled a few skewers and drank a glass of draft beer. It’s a hot summer.
A big treat. The guests have already started to serve. While chatting with a few regular customers, Shen Feng kept grilling skewers of pork belly, mutton, lean meat, beef, ribs, small waist, heart tube, bone marrow, beef tongue, and chicken wings. The old gourmets came to the barbecue stand with friendly smiles and sat down with a bucket of draft beer, salt water, peanuts and edamame. They started with a scone or a bowl of chaos at the end.