Can get rid of the meticulous care of the old lady Fang Jin is also just finished eating and is being mischievous in the courtyard

Fang Yu clenched his small fists and made up his mind. Although he can’t use modern science to brighten up ancient life, he can do his best to lead the girls in the family to live a better life.
Studying, taking the imperial examination, becoming an official, step by step, Fang Yu goes higher and higher until one day Suddenly found that he has accomplished a lot of great things.
Content Tag Commoner Life Traveling Through Time and Space Search Keyword Protagonist Fang Yu Supporting Role Fang Family Sister Fang Jin Old Lady Liu Qinshu Other Word Introduction Then start from around us and bring warmth and light to those who love us It took about half an hour after he fanned the boy on the kang to wake up leisurely, fifth sister, are you tired, don’t fan me, stop and have a rest Fang Yu felt very uncomfortable seeing this little girl serving her like this. Fang Wuni didn’t stop laughing and said to her cousin that I’m not tired, which is much easier than the work of other people in the family.
Fang Yu also wanted to say something. Shouted Wu Nier, is your brother awake? Fang Wuni hurriedly replied, “I woke up, my grandma just woke up, and you didn’t tell me when you woke up.
” The old lady walked into the house from the outside and brought a bowl of sweet pears from the stove Tang Nai’s good grandson, come and drink this pear water, it’s good for your health, grandma and sister also drink the inner core, Fang Yu, who is in her twenties, listens politely and politely to her golden grandson, this ancient cheap grandma will immediately Touching Fang Yu’s forehead and saying good boy, grandma doesn’t like this sweet soup, neither does your sister, you drink it, just wake up, your mouth must be dry, hurry up and sweeten your mouth, the old lady of the Fang family feeds Fang Yu with sweet Litang Fangyu had no choice but to obediently opened her mouth and looked at Fang Wuni who was standing in the corner secretly swallowing her saliva, sighing inwardly at this fucking patriarchal ancient times Fang Yu was originally a young woman in the 21st century As soon as the college student took the final exam, he suddenly transmigrated into the ancient times. At the beginning, Fang Yu still couldn’t accept the reality.
He lay on the kang for a few days in a daze, which scared the elders of the original body.
Everyone surrounded him, the tears streaming down almost drowned Fang Yu, who was still trying to accept the reality of time travel, at least it was later that Fang Yu found out that the little boy in his original body was the only male among his grandchildren, or was he born seven years old? Fang Yu, who only hoped to come after a girl, didn’t want so many people to cry to him every day. It would be unlucky to be transported to the ancient times without anything, and then it would be even more unlucky to be cried like this. Yu has completed self-comfort.
As the saying goes, if you stay in the green hills, you are not afraid of no firewood. No matter what time and space he is, he will live well.
Maybe he will wear it back one day. In ancient times, Fang Yu was still called Fang Yu, but his family rarely called it With this scientific name, he also has an extremely festive nickname called Fuwa. The first time Fang Yu heard this nickname, Fang Yu almost choked on the bitter medicine soup in his mouth. The baby has hit her name. Now the old lady of the Fang family is calling Fang Yu, Fuwa, what do you want to eat tonight? I will tell your third aunt to prepare for the meeting now. Cheng Nai will let your third aunt go out to buy you tofu and cut some meat for you. When she comes back, old lady Fang doesn’t feel sorry for Qian Fangyu, who feeds her grandson to make up her body. Fang Yu is afraid that he will make the farm poor. Looking at the old lady’s skirt, she said that I ate meat yesterday and I won’t eat it today After more than a month, he understood the position of the original owner in the family. He is simply the sun of the Fang family. The old lady of the Fang family lives in Linghe Village and has three sons. It’s a pity that nearly ten years have passed and there are only a bunch of granddaughters in the family.
When the old man of the Fang family left because of this matter, he said he was ashamed to see his ancestors.
It wasn’t until the second daughter-in-law of the second family gave birth to a third child that they gave birth to a pair.
The Fang family has no separate families. The whole family lives in the same courtyard. The best main house is definitely for the old lady. The east room is the second best.
After the only grandson, the old lady made the decision to change the first house and the second house.
No one in the family dared to speak out against it. The eldest daughter-in-law was very dissatisfied with this, but it was a pity that her stomach was not up to date, so she did not dare to speak hard and could only talk to her family behind her back. The man muttered a few words, but Fang Da was a filial old mother, scolded his daughter-in-law a few times, and said angrily, “It’s because you can’t have an eldest son and grandson, or else why our previous house would have been exchanged?” The daughter-in-law went to sleep with her head sullen. Since then, the eldest daughter-in-law Fang dared not say anything even if she was being commanded by her mother-in-law like a cow and a horse. The old lady feeds him herself.
In front of the grandparents and grandchildren, there is a small bowl of steamed eggs, a solid bowl of stewed tofu, a plate of green vegetables, two small dishes of pickles, and a bowl of white rice.
Other people’s rice bowls on the table are not so rich.
The woman’s bowl is porridge mixed with coarse grains and a spoonful of tofu, and the girl’s bowl is some gruel with crushed tofu and porridge. There are many old ladies in Fang who don’t want their family members to be hungry.
The old lady Fang in Linghe Village is really not mean. She is even a very reasonable old lady to a certain extent. Calling them vigorously is different from modern times, this is simply a basic operation in ancient rural areas