Came here to be harmonious for a while then less than half an hour later Dian Wei changed back no matter which table he was

Zhao Feng was confused when he heard the shouts of killing coming from outside Zhao Feng slowly got up and walked to the door, the goal was that there were still stumps left on the street, blood and soldiers shouting shouts of killing everywhere, Zhao Feng thought to himself Ma, is this filming? It’s so realistic. Why don’t I have any memory of filming and how I got here? I remember my last memory is that I was shot.
I should be in the hospital now, brother Zhao Feng, you’re awake. Can you act now? The sudden voice interrupted Zhao Feng’s thoughts. He told me who you are and what’s the situation now.
Brother Zhao Feng, what’s the matter with you? I’m Zhao Tiezhu! If you can still move, come with me to kill the yellow turban thief, if you can’t move, hurry up and hide in the house The situation is what you say, but what you want is ideal. Is it really filming? I woke up and even arranged the tricks. Is this a new arrangement from my superiors? When you get to the yellow turban thief, cut to death, don’t be like yesterday, you fainted before you start beating, Zhao Tiezhu thinks that two people are better than one, and said patiently, although I don’t know what it means to be fainted yesterday, but it doesn’t sound like it It’s a good word, I randomly picked up a relatively complete hatchet knife on the ground, waved it twice, said to lead the way, go to see the situation first, the two ran to the place where there was a shout of killing, trotted all the way for 200 meters, and turned left into an alley I only saw six people with yellow turbans on their heads and tattered sackcloths and five people in better sackcloths fighting each other.
There were still a few dead bodies lying on the ground, and I saw that the five people in better sackcloths gradually failed Shouted to kill, then took the lead and rushed over. Zhao Feng looked at Zhao Tiezhu and rushed over. He followed Zhao Tiezhu’s example and yelled to kill. Facing the sudden shout of killing, the six wearing yellow scarves on the opposite side panicked. After a while, the five who were wearing better sackcloth obviously fought harder. In less than six snaps, Zhao Feng and Zhao Tiezhu joined the battle.
And the knives are all aimed at the vitals of the opposite person, because Zhao Tiezhu’s brave number is also six to six, and the people on his side have basically stabilized. We can kill all these yellow turban thieves without a cup of tea, five men in better dressed sackcloth, one of them shouted loudly in the middle of the day, Zhao Feng thought it was just a film, as for working so hard? The box lunch is not Zhao Feng’s waste, but Zhao Feng now completely thinks that he is filming a movie, so he doesn’t use much strength to kill the Yellow Turban Thief Slashing and one knife is more ruthless than one knife, so it seems that Zhao Feng is more embarrassed to resist Zhao Feng’s resistance. The four people who were suppressed at the beginning also chased the three people wearing yellow scarves on the opposite side and slashed fiercely.
After a while, Zhao Tiezhu suddenly roared, then jumped up and slashed at the neck of the man dressed in yellow scarf opposite him.
Unable to resist, the hatchet slashed into the neck of the man dressed in yellow scarf. I don’t know if it’s due to the strength, the hatchet, or the angle. Anyway, the head was not chopped off, but it was cut in half.
It should be blocked by the spine. Zhao Tiezhu took the hatchet Draw the knife along the throat, then chase the other three yellow scarf thieves and kill them, watching the blood of the yellow scarf hacked to death by Zhao Tiezhu spurt out from the arteries, and the hacked yellow scarf covered his neck with his hands and let it out from his mouth The voice of the forehead does not know what he wants to say. Zhao Feng was stunned. He really killed a person.
He was not filming a movie. How could he really kill someone? Should he be so cruel? Feng’s distracted knife slashed at Zhao Feng’s neck fiercely. Because of distracted Zhao Feng’s horizontal knife resistance was obviously half a beat slower and not strong enough.
The yellow scarf thief’s fierce knife was blocked by the hatchet in Zhao Feng’s hand. It didn’t cut the neck at all, but it didn’t cut too far. It cut Zhao Feng’s left shoulder, and the blood had already left. I didn’t have enough strength to resist, but now I was suppressed, so I had to stretch out my left hand to touch the back of the knife to help resist.
I haven’t figured out what is going on now. If my left arm is really crippled, my life will be crippled, so the two of them stalemate like this Zhao Feng’s left shoulder was injured. The opponent’s blade is still in Zhao Feng’s left shoulder. Every time there is a confrontation of strength, Zhao Feng’s left shoulder will be injured. Zhao Feng’s left arm is hurting more and more.
At the critical moment, there were a few screams.
The yellow scarf was obviously distracted and looked back.
Zhao Feng took the opportunity to use all his strength to move the opponent’s knife out, then squatted down and landed directly on the spot. After getting up, he found that the opponent of the Yellow Turban Bandit started to run away. Only then did Zhao Feng have time to observe the situation.
It turned out that the screams just now were from the Yellow Turban Bandit. They are all dead now.
Zhao Tiezhu ran over with five people and asked. Zhao Feng, are you all right? I got a little injury on my left shoulder. The problem shouldn’t be too big. I just tore a piece of cloth into the sackcloth and started to bandage it up. If you persist for a while, waste