Came directly from the airport Shen Feiyan asked Yu Xiang again looked at her looked at her smiled turned to look at Jiang Rong long

After walking a long way, I still walk home at noon. There is someone so nice at the door of the scorching sun. She will always be so gentle. How can the best years be so pleasing to the eye? In the end, she suddenly crossed the ocean with Yu Xiang and left behind the infamy of her cheating on Jiang Rong. After six years, Ms.
Shen suddenly came back and became a food columnist, but she was able to call the wind and rain before. A place in love has always been a battlefield. People take tea to cool down.
Shen doesn’t care if someone is trying their best and someone’s thinking is like a sea.
It’s none of her business. It’s just that she hasn’t waited for her love to come to fruition.
Her career has already begun. Her Chinese food level is okay to fool foreigners. Our extensive and profound eight major cuisines. She can only know one dish and two knives.
She has to learn more than packaging content labels. Stopped outside the apartment, a man hurriedly got out of the car, turned around and took out the luggage inside, rushed up the steps in a hurry, the driver called him through the window with change in his hand, he had already pressed the electronic lock and entered the door, he squeezed in before the elevator door was fully opened Unscrewing the door of the house, even the dust inside is quiet, he throws down the luggage, in a room with two bedrooms and one living room, he rushes to the bedroom and opens the closet, which is half empty, only men’s clothes are left, he turns around and rushes to the bathroom sink, there is nothing on the sink, he bends down and pulls out the trash can Even the trash can was empty, he rushed to the living room, picked up the phone and dialed a number to feed Juzi Feiyan and went back, didn’t he think about it? The voice of the person on the other side sounded like he hadn’t woken up.
Isn’t Feiyan at home? I wanted to say that she wasn’t going back He brushed his hair with his hands, showing a messy handsome look, and said where did she go, her clothes disappeared, even the bathroom was emptied, what on earth are you talking about or what did she do, how could she not see her over there? I just want to say that I don’t know that her phone suddenly stopped working. I went on a business trip to Turkey and didn’t follow up. I called her company this morning and said she had resigned.
As soon as his eyes stopped, he saw a card next to the phone. He picked it up, his eyes straightened, and he cursed softly, what’s the matter? He asked if there was nothing left, and wanted to throw the card aside to recover. She really didn’t go back. Now, she only has to go back to China. The choice is whether you lost people or you are the villain first. Sue you, what happened to Fei Cigarette? Yu Xiang couldn’t bear the high decibels and hung up the phone directly. He heard the busy tone and threw the phone on the hotel table. It’s not very elegant.
Bai lived in the UK for six years. Hanging up my phone, she looked to the bathroom, would he come back? No, he didn’t want to part with his job. The person in the bathroom answered Juzi and sneered. Why did you come back? He didn’t say you and Shen Feiyan came out of the bathroom with it in his hand. Wiping the water off his face with a towel, he picked up the watch on the table, looked at the time and laughed, saying that he got the news in the morning and flew back from the airport.
It’s exactly midnight at home and we don’t want to talk about what to do in the morning if we don’t want to talk about it.
Orange, take out the white round takeaway box in a plastic bag on the table.
Your favorite small wonton.
The smell is familiar yet unfamiliar.
Why is the smell a little different? The orange said strangely that there is no way. The price is too expensive. Now the boss is also struggling with business.
The price has risen and no one eats it, so I can only work hard on the materials.
Let’s talk about you.
Do you still have memories of six years? Of course, Shen Feiyan scooped one up with a white plastic spoon and ate it slowly without saying a word, savoring it seriously.
In the mirror, her face without makeup appeared, her hair was wet with a white bathrobe, and she stared at the orange. She looked at it and said that you haven’t changed much in six years.
Shen Feiyan looked back in the mirror and she ate another wonton and said that it was delicious too.
There are too many things I want to eat. I made a long list of oranges on the plane He sneered and said it was useless, take it out, let me see, maybe 90% of them are closed, Shen Feiyan took out a small black sheepskin notebook from the travel bag, showed it to her, and then laughed, the first one was closed 800 years ago The second restaurant has changed owners now and can’t eat anything.
After reading a series of books, she closed the book and said, “You know what is right and wrong, right? It’s just like you. You’ve been gone for six years, not to mention the restaurant is gone, even the people are not the same as before.
It’s the same as I said, what are you doing? She turned around and took out a book from the travel bag on the bed, put it on the table and took a picture. It was the hardcover book I published over there. On the cover was a photo of Shen Feiyan wearing an apron. Orange picked it up and looked a little excitedly said that you must be very popular over there.
You look like a typical oriental beauty. She stared at the cover and was reluctant to turn the page. Shen Feiyan smiled and said that their aesthetics are different from ours. It’s just that I can’t tell the age, no, no, tell me you are the popular gourmet column, how good is the beauty writer, Shen Feiyan, what is the beauty writer, let’s say, I know how to cook and only know how to cook, Juzi’s voice is unbelievable, then open it The book began to count along the table of contents Shen Feiyan looked at her in the mirror and said aloud when she saw you, so I remembered that when we were in junior high school, you were so stupid when you did your calculations. Baibu, you are good at math, the same, every time we take turns to be the bottom, Shen Feiyan drank the wonton soup with a smile, stood up, changed clothes, oranges and counted again, there is still no dish in the menu, she said, even if she only knows one dish