Calm down Wang Dabao is really enjoying Ming Rudao at this moment Chu Xiaoxiao is playing a girlfriend game with him but he doesn’t really

But this villa has already lived in three beautiful tenants, a policeman, a teacher and a naughty college student. The three beauties are skilled and extremely cunning. The Complete Works of Apartment Author Tomorrow Fuming Chapter Ten Million Villas Inherited These are all mine Wearing a sweat-stained white sweater and gray trousers, wearing a pair of worn-out leather shoes Wang Dabao looked at the information bag on the table He swallowed hard and rubbed his disheveled hair, then stared at the middle-aged lawyer named Li Qiuping wearing glasses in front of him.
Not bad, Mr.
Wang never married and had no children.
Originally, your father was his first son.
A legal heir, but your parents have been missing for more than five years, so you are his only legal first-order heir Every inheritance will be as pleasant as this young man, Mr. Wang, but this villa is not just given to you for free, Mr.
Wang, there are still conditions, Li Qiuping said again, Wang Dabao was taken aback, and said, what are the conditions? The simple thing is that Mr. Wang must earn enough 100 million yuan in this year, otherwise you will no longer have the legal inheritance right of this house, and this house will be handed over to a charity organization, 100 million yuan, especially the 100 million yuan. The words have been raised by an octave.
That’s right. Mr.
Wang’s will is like this. You can take a look at it in detail.
Li Qiuping seemed to be prepared for Wang Dabao’s surprise. At this time, he pushed his eyes calmly and handed a document to Wang Dabao. Wang Dabao took it over and looked at it carefully.
It was written in great detail, and there was also his uncle’s autograph below. As for whether this signature was real, he didn’t know. After all, he had never even seen this uncle’s face before, let alone this. Is it true that the signature is 100 million, and I didn’t give me any start-up funds? Wang Dabao looked up at Li Qiuping, Li Qiuping shook his head, and said, Mr. Wang only left you a card, which didn’t have a penny in it. One year later, today is August 28th, you have to deposit 100 million yuan in this card, and you don’t even have any start-up funds. Where can I go to earn 100 million yuan and rob the bank? Wang Dabao is going crazy now. Mr. has devoted his whole life to charity. In addition to saving 100 million yuan, you must donate 100 million yuan to charity, otherwise the property rights of the villa will be taken back.
Li Qiuping took out another document. Wang Dabao’s face turned green and he stared at Li Qiuping, gnashing his teeth I said there are no other conditions, but this will be told after you have completed the goal in a year.
If you don’t complete it, then there will be nothing. I rely on Wang Dabao to swear. I also have a one-year residency right. At most, I will move out after one year. Mr.
Wang, if there is no problem, please sign and I can complete mine.
I have already accepted your uncle’s entrusted lawyer’s fee beforehand, your uncle has already paid in advance, well, Wang Dabao happily signed his name on the document, now why do you care so much, anyway, there is a year to live in the villa, thank you, Mr. Wang Lawyer Station Get up, shake hands with Wang Dabao and say yes, Mr.
Wang, I also want to remind you that although you are the owner of this villa within this year, you have no right to sell this villa, then turn around and leave with a smile The last one is hope that Li Qiuping’s words will be completely broken.
Wang Dabao really wants to cry without tears. This uncle is also really good. If you give me a villa, you can do it generously and come up with such tricks. Two hundred million is still there.
How is it possible to earn this in a year? Wang Dabao is 25 years old this year. Before the age of 19, his life is very good. His parents run a small company, which is considered a small amount of money, but he was cheated by the son of a local official. After losing a large sum of money, not only did the company be fully cultivated, but even the family house was sold to solve the problem.
Wang Dabao’s father was angry, but he stabbed the son of an official three times. After serious injury, he ran away with his wife and became an online fugitive, probably because he was afraid of causing trouble to his son. The two have never called Wang Dabao since then.
Wang Dabao was very worried about his parents at first, but after a long time he also I am used to living alone, at least knowing that my parents are just running away and still living in this world, then one day I will be able to reunite with my parents. When my parents ran away, Wang Dabao was in college and suddenly became lonely. The homeless person also completely cut off his source of income. Originally, because the family conditions were good, he didn’t take his studies seriously, so he was an incompetent master, but at this time he no longer had the incomprehensible capital and could only rely on part-time jobs to maintain his education.
University, but after graduating, it is even more difficult to find a job It’s easy to find that housing prices in Pingyang are very high. Generally, high-rise buildings start at 7,000 to 8,000 square meters.
How much does this 600-square-meter villa cost? Conservatively, it’s worth tens of millions.
I went from a pauper to a multi-millionaire in an instant. But this millionaire does not only have one year to paraphrase Zhou Xingchi’s line, the joys and sorrows of life are so exciting The document just signed Wang Dabao also has a list of inheritances on it Besides this villa, there are other things A piece of jade pendant and a bank card. This made Wang Dabao feel very strange.
The uncle kept nothing but a piece of jade pendant. This jade pendant must have something special.