Calm down first she went up and told her son that he had already rushed up to beat someone and when she saw the two

Duan Jingchen was originally a general of the Soto Galaxy Federation Army. Once he died in battle, he transmigrated into a half-developed emotional urban romance novel and became a wealthy bully in the entertainment circle who did all kinds of evil.
He was bound to a cheating system. When I came here, I beat a woman. After beating, I told him that the woman was pregnant with his child.
The original owner’s design was so bad that he couldn’t survive. He did a big thing, got full points, forced him to untie him, ran away, ate dog shit, and was hit by him.
Duan Jingchen said indifferently, don’t want me to wipe his ass. The system is so good that he can’t die. Although this fact is unacceptable, it can’t be untied. Even if the face was smashed and covered with blood and bruises, it can still be seen that it is an extremely beautiful woman. Duan Jingchen raised his eyebrows and asked if he was alive.
He loves raising cold-blooded animals.
He is only interested in mechs. No matter how beautiful or miserable a woman is, she can’t arouse a trace of pity in front of him.
If he hadn’t been sure that this person was just knocked to the ground by himself, he wouldn’t have asked any questions and just left indifferently. If he is alive and dead, what does he have to do with him? It hurts so much that the electric current in his brain is not stable, and the cheating system answers.
The woman on the ground has already given the answer, and she has the answer. Her pale little face is wrinkled together, her forehead is sweating, and her fingers are clasped on her abdomen. Clenched tightly, it looks extremely painful Duan Jingchen glanced blankly, since he is not dead, he turned around and left, host, you can’t go, the strange electronic sound with noisy sound quality rolled over his brain again, guarding the fortress outside the Milky Way for eight years, implanted in his brain The receiver of the terminal has a distorted voice. Nothing is worse than this. Duan Jingchen is not happy.
What else do you want to say? According to the setting of the plot, you should save her. If I don’t, the system is bound.
Even if the system allows you to change the setting of the plot due to special circumstances Definite rights, but the general trend cannot be changed. The key plot is in front of you.
Duan Jingchen frowned. You want me to wipe the ass of the original owner. The original owner is extremely poor, vile, violent, and distorted in human nature. Not following the system plot led to today’s irreversible situation. He forcibly obtained points and untied him. Passing through the system layer by layer, only you have the ability to correct the system plot and calm down the disorder, otherwise you will die with me, and you will die with me. I am not in the habit of voluntarily binding, and I have no habit of wiping people’s ass. But after unbinding, you can freely choose to leave nonsense.
Where did he come from? Duan Jingchen was displeased, but his expression was light and did not show that he didn’t like being manipulated by others. In the last life, this life will continue like this, but because of a person who has already More than half of the development of the mission and the system ruined the reincarnation later, it is not worth it, not to mention that it is really not easy to be a male lead. In his last life, he was the military anti-terrorist general of the Federal Government of the Soto Galaxy Sixteen-Star Joint Security Council. The strongest army in the galaxy was brutally framed due to the suspicion of the Federation.
The enemy died in battle on the capital star and the third galaxy. Death is willing. If he wishes, he knows that this conspiracy has not been dismantled and has not been evaded.
Duan Jingchen was born as an orphan.
He was nurtured by Mr.
Su, the leader of the Federation, so that he can achieve what he is today. His life and glory are all given by the old man. Cheng Huan’s mother was kidnapped by the cheating system Duan Jingchen, who thought his life would end here, was stunned at the moment of his death.
A force propelled him to wake up on a young man younger than himself.
His body was white and tender, with slender arms and legs.
It was very awkward to move. There were blisters on the ground, as if it had rained during the day.
He wanted to walk over to see his face. Just as he took a step, the light of the water reflected a knife light.
Behind him was a body rushing towards Duan Jingchen, you go die.
His voice was full of hatred. His movements can be considered quick, but who is he? He graduated from the most advanced military academy in the entire galaxy since he was a child.
He is a hundred-armed general who has experienced hundreds of battles and is invincible. He has come behind the person, pulled his leg with one hand, lifted the woman’s waist, as if broken, the knife in his hand fell to the ground, fainted to death, his strength was too weak, he raised his hand and moved his wrist, his physical condition was too poor to affect his performance Look at the bruised woman on the ground Trying to think back to make sure I was just sneaking up on her and throwing her on the ground The wounds on the woman’s face and body weren’t his cause Why did he die because she hates you Suddenly there’s a nasty electrical sound in her head Duan Jingchen’s wrist movement stagnates in the sound, who is it?