Called Yuan Xiangyi Qiu Wantongs body froze he was very familiar with the name Yuan Xiangyi they were on the same level in the school

The young master’s frozen sour plum soup is here.
The girl walked slowly under the big tree while talking. She squatted carefully and stretched out her left foot to hook the table that was already exposed to the sun.
A boy in a yellow shirt and white casual shorts is lying on a recliner with earplugs in his ears, humming a song while knocking on Erlang’s legs, closing his eyes and feigning a book casually on his chest, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, as if immersed in this beautiful afternoon girl I tried several times, but the table was not set. Sweat was dripping from my forehead in a hurry, and it was running down my fair but reddened cheeks. Master, help me.
The girl was very difficult to ask the boy under the shade of the tree for help, but she brought earplugs.
The boy with his eyes closed didn’t notice at all that the girl was concentrating on fiddling with the table with her feet.
The left hand lost her balance first. The glass jar began to tilt, and the sour plum soup inside poured out.
Going to the recycling side, I put my attention on my left hand, and my right hand started to go wrong again.
The snacks on the big plate began to slide slowly.
When the girl found that the snacks on her right hand started to slip, she hurriedly adjusted it, but it was already a small dish too late. It fell on the gravel and shattered. The exquisite dessert inside fell to the ground and rolled into the grass. The girl was dumbfounded. The boy was finally startled by the girl’s movement. When he opened his eyes, he saw the plate and the snack falling. On the floor, the sour plum soup in the glass jar in the girl’s left hand was poured out one by one. On the table, young master, I’ll pour it. The girl grabbed the glass in her hand to make up for her clumsiness just now. No need for me.
The young man took the glass and poured a cup of sour plum soup for himself. The girl sat down on her ass. On the grass in front of the table, I looked at the young Qiao Xiaoyan with satisfaction.
How many times have I said that I can take as much as I want? It’s okay to run twice. Every time, the young man frowned and looked at Qiao Xiaoyan with a headache. I just want the young master to eat at the same time. While drinking the frozen sour plum soup, Qiao Xiaoyan pouted a little aggrievedly and said, “Then you don’t need to get into trouble, what time did you fall on the ground when you were halfway?” Turning your head and staring at the dim sum that rolled to the side in a daze, when the high school entrance examination results came out, have you checked? The teenager asked while eating the dim sum. Qiao Xiaoyan didn’t answer, but her face turned redder for a long time before she said that the young master succeeded.
I didn’t pass the exam.
Qiao Xiaoyan was angry at her I began to deeply understand that I really don’t have much talent in learning. Obviously, I worked very hard in the third grade of junior high school, but after the high school entrance examination results, I still couldn’t get into the school that the young master applied for. Is this the gap? Qiao Xiaoyan thought a little depressed I study until midnight every day, but I have never seen the young master work hard, but the young master The grades are the first in the school, but she is only just enough to be admitted to the key points of ordinary high schools.
That is a dream.
Many times, Qiao Xiaoyan also wonders whether this is the inequity in life. From birth, he is the young master of the Qiu family and she is their servant. Yes, he is Qiu Wantong, the only son of Qiu Dawei, the chairman of the Qiu Group. She is the daughter of their driver and maid. It’s the young master, she’s the maid, she’s the companion, he’s the number one in the school, she’s the most admired, she’s the last one, she’s left out in the corner, few people notice Qiao Xiaoyan’s fantasies more than once, if their family’s background is similar to that of Qiu Wantong’s, maybe they are They are kissing sweethearts, but now it is only the relationship between the young master and the maid.
The more she thought about it, the more Qiao Xiaoyan felt wronged, tears fell down Qiu Wantong looked at Qiao Xiaoyan crying, thinking that she was sad for her grades, and hurriedly said that she failed the exam. It’s the same if you didn’t get into ordinary high school. Didn’t you want to go to school with me for a long time and be my companion? I went back first, so I turned around and left. Qiu Wantong looked at Qiao Xiaoyan’s performance with an inexplicable expression, but thought that Qiao Xiaoyan was always acting weird, so she didn’t pay much attention to Qiao Xiaoyan, who turned her back at this time, and the young master couldn’t see her, and she shed tears even more fiercely. Although she sometimes lamented the unfairness of fate why she was not reincarnated into a wealthy family to live the life of a princess, but since one day in the third year of junior high school, she suddenly found that she had a kind of expectation for Qiu Wantong. When she wanted to see him every day, her thoughts changed.
She felt that maybe she was the Cinderella waiting for a prince like the young master to rescue her, so she wanted to be admitted to the high school that the young master wanted to go to. When I was in high school, I had a chance to be with the young master.
Now everything is over. She knows that there is no chance, and it is time to end this ignorant infatuation. They are not the same kind of people.
Long pain is better than short pain. She is so busy that she hardly goes back to the villa. Mrs.
Qiu usually only comes back during the Chinese New Year when she is abroad, so Qiu Wantong lives alone in the Qiu family’s villa. Qiao Xiaoyan’s mother, who lives in a small bungalow not far away, cleans up the room every day.
Soon, when Qiao Xiaoyan intentionally killed the time, she was very easy to be satisfied, just like seeing Qiu Wantong every day, she is already very satisfied. It’s written in a soft leather notebook that’s her secret