Cai’er almost burst into tears hearing these words Courageously shouted Daoming brother is not a waste he will come later and beat you bad guys

Name Dao Ming, Gender, Male, Age, Level, Realm, Acquired mid-term strength, root, bone, dexterity, understanding, spiritual skills, longevity skills, proficiency at the level of endless boxing, proficiency at the level of Bagua palm, proficiency at the level of equipment, golden gloves, times of lottery Long curator, don’t sleep. Those people from Bangzi Kingdom came to kick the hall again. I saw a girl in exercise clothes running in.
Watermark advertisement test Watermark advertisement test Take a closer look at the girl’s bulging body due to years of practice.
He has a head of black and smooth hair, which is simply tied into a high ponytail by the girl, which makes the girl more youthful and beautiful.
The person lying on the bed was suddenly awakened by the girl’s voice, and a bunch of strange memories emerged in his mind.
Daoming was stunned for a few seconds. I initially understood my situation and sent this strange girl away for safety’s sake.
Trying to recall the girl’s name, I said to the girl, “That’s Caier, go tell them the owner of the gymnasium.
I just practiced badly and need to adjust my breath. Let them wait a little bit.” For a moment, curator, hurry up, Caier replied, but Daoming seemed to hear something muttering in her mouth when she turned around, curator, this big liar, he is obviously not awake yet, why did he practice his kung fu and go astray? Looking at the girl’s back, he showed a helpless smile.
After the girl left, Daoming slowly sorted out the memories in his mind. The owner of the martial arts gym, and he just took office for less than a month, the cause of death is because he lost his temper because of his practice, and he didn’t catch his breath.
As for his own cause of death, it should be Daoming who died suddenly while playing games all night with his college roommate Bao Ye Touching his nose in embarrassment, after a while, Daoming began to think about the environment he was in now.
This parallel space is martial arts. There are martial arts masters that only appeared in the martial arts in the previous life, and he is now in the White Eagle Federation.
This country originally originated from the East. People from the ancient Chinese country traveled across the ocean to the White Eagle Federation to open a martial arts gym in order to spread Chinese martial arts to the world.
Unexpectedly, this martial arts hall declined more and more in the hands of future generations until Daoming’s generation even had a small martial arts school from the Bangzi Kingdom.
The fact that the gym can be bullied comes to the door. It has to be said a month ago. Originally, Daoming’s Changsheng Wuguan in this area is the only one.
Unexpectedly, a group of people from the Bangzi Kingdom also wanted to get a hand here and opened one on another street. The Taekwondo Hall has been enemies since ancient times.
The Taekwondo Hall is naturally envious of the business of the Changsheng Hall. Last month, Daoming’s cheap father lost to the owner of the Bangzi Kingdom. He was seriously injured and died. Passed it down to his son Daoming the dead ghost, but Daoming the dead ghost never liked to practice martial arts since he was a child. The people from Bangzi Kingdom came to provoke again every day, causing people to leave the Changsheng Dao Hall in a panic.
In the end, only the dead ghost Daoming and Caier were left. It’s not that miserable. The dead ghost Daoming suddenly became enlightened.
The next day, he practiced without sleep and forgot to eat and drink, and finally went wrong today. At this moment, Daoming knew what happened to his predecessor who hit the street, and suddenly felt sympathy. He secretly swore in his heart that his ex, Daoming, you can go at ease, and I will avenge you.
After the service, an interface appeared in Daoming’s mind. It looked like the martial arts web game that Daoming played in his previous life. There was a personal interface on it.
Gender, Male, Age, Level, Realm, Acquired early stage, strength, dexterity, comprehension, spirit, assignable attribute points.
As an internet addict, Daoming naturally understands the meaning of these things. Sure enough, he has the necessary benefits of a traverser, and he is also the most powerful cheat system. Daoming then excited Click on the other interfaces and find that there is a solitary exercise in the exercise interface, and the other interfaces are blank.
Send a novice gift package to the package, please host Daoming. Hearing this, he opened the package interface and found that there is indeed a novice gift package.
Open the gift package and take a look.
Congratulations to the host for acquiring the Baguazhang skill point and three primary experience points. One Daoming will naturally take the Baguazhang book without any hesitation.
A look at the Gongfa interface shows the proficiency of the Longevity Kung Fu layer, the proficiency of the Fist layer, the proficiency of the Eight Diagrams palm layer, and the skill points. The proficiency is the normal practice of these martial arts in reality. As for skill points, you can directly upgrade your martial arts to a higher level.
Daoming added the skill points to Baguazhang without hesitation, and trained Baguazhang to the first level.
Next, Daoming took out the primary experience pill, which is like candy.
Daoming casually tossed it into his mouth, um, it’s pretty sweet, the host swallowed the primary experience pill, gained some experience level, raised a level, gained some free attribute points, Daoming understands that the primary experience pill can only provide some experience, so how can Daoming add some points? Pursuing the strategy of adding points on average, why? Because Daoming believes that the principle of wooden barrels makes sense The body is full of strength, at least twice as strong as before.
After finishing everything, Daoming walked out of the room calmly.