Cai Jing and Gao Qiu felt relieved and called out to His Majesty Shengming Yunyun the first month of the new year has passed can

Before dawn, Bianjing, the capital city of the Great Song Dynasty, which was prosperous to the top of the world, is not quiet at all.
Earlier, people near Gyeonggi saw a shooting star wishing fish and meat.
Somewhere, first, the flames exploded into the sky, and then half of the capital’s military patrols almost gathered in one place Gaofu Gao Fangping opened his eyes and found that he had shrunk. With a body of this size, he should be fourteen or fifteen years old, but I have already graduated from university. I found a white-collar job and lived a life of eating and dying.
Thinking about it, Gao Fangping found it very strange. The weirdest thing was that he was wrapped up like rice dumplings. The house was full of men and women wearing ancient clothes like servants and maids.
The existence of Ya Nei woke up, a more mature servant shouted and ran out, Gao Fangping heard them say that Ya Nei had no hope, in his impression, all Ya Nei are almost cockroach-like annoying existences, everyone wants to kill him While thinking about it, he looked at the youngest thirteen-year-old girl in the room, the little girl, who was trembling, knelt on the ground and cried, saying, Lord Ya Nei, please spare Gao Fangping. Trying to say, “Forgive me, you don’t want to pursue it.” Everyone in the room couldn’t help but look at each other.
They were all wondering about the wonderful changes in Ya Nei. Gao Fangping was not as flustered and curious as those first time travellers.
Those guys are acting stupid, who can tell me what’s wrong? Gao Fangping asked calmly. Only then did he realize that besides his body changing, his voice also changed. Reporting back to Ya Nei, there was a guy with a mole on his mouth. Auspiciousness happened to fall in the Gao Mansion, God’s gift, the movement was a little louder, some houses were overturned, and some people were injured, but fortunately no one was killed, especially under the command of the Ya Nei, the fire was brought under control. Gao Fangping interrupted and said first, where are the people looking at each other badly? Ya Nei became stupid after being injured. The black mole replied in a low voice, this is Bian Jing’s house, Bian Jing, the capital of the Song Dynasty. It landed not far away, followed by nothing, and I don’t know anything.
Speaking of which, the place where the meteor landed was also Bianjing, but it was Kaifeng in the year of AD. After being pushed away, a middle-aged noble man came in followed by two guards.
The guy’s overall gestures were still a bit like that of a military general. The middle-aged man didn’t talk much, waved his hand slightly, and the people in the huge room left in an instant. He was clean, he walked over to the bedside with some joy, sat down, and said, “It’s good that the imperial doctor has come to see me, but my son just didn’t see it.
I wake up, but I’m so anxious. Even though I still don’t know who this guy is, it’s definitely not a simple person who can take care of the imperial doctor to see a doctor. Seeing my precious son’s eyes rolling around, the middle-aged man asked softly, does he feel something different in his body? It feels like he is the kind of treacherous official with the appearance of a murderous aura but Gao Fangping is not that noble.
At thirteen years old, he lost his parents and remarried an unpleasant white-faced man without fatherly love. Gao Fangping is I grew up with my uncle, so now I have a cheap dad who cares about me. I can’t say I’m moved.
I’m crying, but Gao Fangping doesn’t reject this feeling at all.
It’s still kind of warm. Why don’t you talk? Father, ask if you have any body problems.
The middle-aged man asked with a frown. Dao Dad, I’m in so much pain, woo woo Gao Fangping actually doesn’t hurt, just seeing himself wrapped up like a rice dumpling, he thinks he should cry out for pain Middle-aged people listen to the baby’s son’s voice is normal but the grammar is strange, and he doesn’t care if this treasure is normal someday It’s strange that you’re still you, there’s never been a normal middle-aged man who showed some literati and elegance, touched his chin beard and sighed as his father once had his own son, and was sent down by the official’s family to be a blessing officer After talking about these sad things, turn to say that you are frivolous, stupid, ignorant, useless, but you are the only person in my heart who can speak sincerely, as a father, I don’t expect you to be successful. In fact, the entire court can surpass this old man in terms of judging people.
I don’t know much about you. You’re not expected to be an official, so my father doesn’t ask you to be able to keep the family wealth and live a happy life. It’s not bad, as long as you make troubles, you’re careful because even though I have a thick waist, I’m always going to take the blame for you.
Gao Fangping moved his eyes, rolled his eyes, and cried on purpose with a wow sound, “Dad, dear dad, please don’t ignore me, I can’t live on, don’t cry anymore, the middle-aged man shook his head and sighed, this is a real treasure.
” There is no other way, but to be honest, listening to this good-for-nothing call out a few times to kiss dad and add to my heart is very comfortable.
At least this good-for-nothing has learned to make the old man happy. It’s a good start. Thinking about it, the middle-aged man got up and said me My son rests at ease, the rest is my own responsibility to preside over things like Lin Chong for my father, and I must never show up again Those old foxes are more happy to see you as an ignorant bastard than you are a talent But this time You have gone too far with the issue of Lin Chong, the head of the imperial army, and you have gone too far Dad disappeared in a flash Lin Chong Gao Yanei Gao Qiu’s old son Gao Fangping finally knew that he was the Huahua Tai Sui Gao Ya Nei cheap dad was a big mouse Gao Taiwei Oh, it’s not a Taiwei now The official position should be some kind of work Gao Fangping calmed down and thought about what the treacherous minister’s father said was really stupid.