Butterfly demons voice was transmitted Come out to prevent the enemy from hiding in the group of monsters except for my cronies these casual cultivator

Lu Pingxi is an overly cautious person. He must bring three pens for every exam. He must bring three wallets for every trip. He must bring three suitcases for every travel.
The reason why he was able to survive till now this time he turned his attention to the Tower of Immortal Cultivation Chapter Chapter Is this the prudence of a top adventurer? The driver of a passenger car at the port stuck his head out of the window and yelled, who else wants to get on the bus? At this moment, a person in the distance suddenly called me in a moderate voice, and then the driver saw a strong man with a huge backpack walking slowly. Come over, his steps are very heavy.
Every step seems to consume a lot of energy. After all, his backpack is too big. Passengers looked at the man and showed surprise expressions. Why do you have to carry such a huge backpack? This car is getting ready. Almost all the people on the car heading to the Tower of Cultivation are adventurers, and they all carry very large backpacks, but compared with this person’s backpack, if their backpack is a level 3 bag, then this person’s backpack is a level 10 bag.
The driver got off. Car, he said to this man that your backpack is too big and can only be tied to the roof of the car.
The man nodded and said yes, this man is Lu Pingxi, a twenty-three-year-old top adventurer in the world, because of a certain accident, he became extremely cautious. Everything must be ensured before taking action. For example, after confirming that the car is really going to the Tower of Immortals, he slowly appeared. The driver came to the rear of the car and lowered the slide. He asked how many people needed to find? Can someone help you tie your luggage? Lu Pingxi said no need to say that, Lu Pingxi found a roll of rope from the backpack and tied it to the tenth-level bag, and then he climbed up the slide to the roof of the car.
The driver tried to move it.
The tenth-level bag, but under his full strength, the tenth-level bag didn’t move at all.
The driver was a little surprised, so heavy, he thought it was just loaded with some clothes, but he didn’t expect it to be so heavy.
Then he saw Lu Pingxi on the roof pulling the rope, and then easily lifted the bag. The level 10 bag was dragged to the roof of the car. The driver was speechless. He was not only surprised, but also began to admire Lu Pingxi. Lu Pingxi tied up the level 10 bag on the roof by himself. The driver waited patiently.
The reason why he was so enthusiastic and patient was that. It’s because the 10-kilometer journey alone can charge 1,000 yuan.
Consumers pay so much money.
Of course, his service must keep up. A moment later, the driver saw Lu Pingxi climbing from the roof of the car with a third-class bag on his back.
When we got down, the driver was suddenly stunned, why didn’t you leave this small backpack on it? The driver asked suspiciously, what’s the difference between this and the joke about riding a donkey carrying a schoolbag? I have to take off the important luggage and carry it with me.
The driver can’t do it. I’m an old driver.
The driver scratched his head and felt a little confused about this person’s personality. He didn’t know that with Lu Pingxi’s personality, it was impossible to keep all the equipment. If it wasn’t for any private boats on the roof this small The island will be sunk.
I’m afraid he will hire a yacht and drive three large trucks to take part in this adventure. This small island has been protected by the military.
No ships other than warships are allowed to dock. These adventurers are all audited by the state. The entry was only allowed later, so of course it was impossible for him to bring three trucks to the island.
Lu Pingxi didn’t like to talk, so he got in the car and found a corner seat by the window and sat down. The driver scratched his head helplessly, finally got in the car and started the engine. On the road, when Lu Pingxi got on the bus, many people discussed this trip to the Immortal Tower.
As the first batch of people who entered the Immortal Cultivation Tower, we are really lucky. Yes, we are the first to eat crabs.
If we get some benefits, we will become rich overnight.
The value of the Stupid Immortal Cultivation Tower lies in the hidden fairy grass and spiritual weapons and possible immortal cultivation secrets inside it, and the air in the tower has its own aura. We will improve if we stay in it for a long time.
Some people say about our physique that I heard that the United Army has already conquered the third floor. I just came to the first floor to find inspiration. It is said that the first floor is absolutely safe. The first floor seems to have nothing but aura, but for For us mortals, spiritual energy is also a great gift. I have brought the air collector and I will make a fortune when I go back. These adventurers around me don’t know Lu Pingxi.
After all, with his cautious character, he will never be exposed easily.
Lu Pingxi, who is a top adventurer, looks out the window.
At the moment, the sky is sunny and cloudless, which is a great opportunity for a trip. In front of the car, there is a huge tower soaring into the sky. The tower listens to the people who measured it.
It is said to have a diameter of at least 100 kilometers and a height three times that of Mount Everest. Because of the special force field inside the Immortal Cultivation Tower, any human detection method cannot be used in the tower. If you want to investigate, you must step into this terrifying place yourself And the car in the mysterious Tower of Immortal Cultivation stopped slowly after driving for several hours, and the people in the car saw an extremely huge sign saying that the adventurers on the car started to get off at the Tower of Immortal Cultivation. After the car, they were about to walk. Lu Pingxi was the last person to get off the car.
After he took off the ten-level bag on the roof, everyone else had already left a hundred meters away. After paying the money to the driver, he carried the heavy load.
The tenth-level bag started to move forward. Lu Ping walked west. Not long after, he saw a huge iron gate, and there were a few soldiers with live ammunition beside the iron gate.
The soldiers had already opened the iron gate and signaled the adventurers to go in. At that time, the soldiers were a little surprised because the huge backpack was too conspicuous. After entering the iron gate, Lu Pingxi saw the huge entrance behind the wall, and there was a faint light emitting from the entrance.