But Ye Su is under the bellshaped shield as stable as a rock the brush in his hand has never stopped the food is delicious

This is an innovative anthology of online games, immortals, heroes, urban prehistoric myths, infinite flows into one pit, and you need to be cautious when entering the pit.
The world-wide online game Xianlin is about to start, but Ye Su accidentally got a mythical version of the online game helmet from the heaven. Put on the helmet and walk to the pinnacle of the strongest mortal life. Befriend the Great Sage as brother and brother, and Erlang God, accept Nezha as a younger brother, let the fourth prince of the Dragon King become his pet This is the first game jointly released by the world’s three major game companies. Hundreds of millions of online game players in the world have chosen Xianlin this year. I am Zhiling.
I am waiting for you in Xianlin.
What are you still hesitating about? You don’t need it.
You only need a Xianlin online game helmet to take home. In reality, the Internet is full of advertisements for Xianlin all the time.
As a pure game lover, Ye Su is very familiar with Xianlin, a worldwide online game. The jointly developed online game was developed by 30,000 professional online game R&D personnel in five years and at a cost of hundreds of billions.
A cross-age online game has been under the overwhelming publicity in the world, no matter which country it is, from an 80-year-old man to a five-year-old child It’s like everyone knows everyone.
According to the previous three major companies’ announcement that the server will officially open at 8:00 p.m. Thinking of this, Ye Su subconsciously looked up at the time. It is now 1:35 p.
m. About half an hour, but these have nothing to do with Ye Su, because the game helmet he ordered online will not be shipped until three days later.
After all, Xianlin is too popular. The pre-orders are all gone. By the time it is Ye Su’s turn to order, it is already a step late.
However, there are people who are more unlucky than Ye Su.
The latest helmet release time is one month after the service is launched. Didi, when Ye Su’s mind is full of wild thoughts, the mobile phone Suddenly received a message.
Ye Su came back to his senses and looked down.
It was sent by Chu Xia.
You don’t need to click on Ye Su to know what message this guy sent him.
The reader specially sent a message to remind you to update this early summer is a reminder to be more crazy. I send a message at two or three o’clock in the middle of the night to ask you to get up and code words.
After hesitating, Ye Su still reluctantly clicked on the message and read it.
Chu Xia Xianyu brother, hurry up and update it I haven’t updated a single chapter today.
Are you going to be a eunuch? Ye Su looked at this message and sighed in his heart, but the reader is God, whatever God says, Ye Su immediately sent the information to my dear Reader, the first three o’clock this evening, he did what he said, and then Ye Su directly threw the phone aside and turned on the computer for a while.
In the dimly lit room, there was the clacking sound of the keyboard.
Ye Su’s ten fingers were quickly touching the keyboard, and rows of words appeared on the screen. Three hours later, the dimly lit room finally Replying calmly, looking at the word displayed on the screen, Ye Su also showed a relieved expression, then Ye Su lightly breathed a sigh of relief, rubbed his eyes and said slowly, it’s finally completed Relying on his own luck and persistence, relying on the Internet to earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, he rents a single apartment and lives comfortably without a girlfriend. Then Ye Su checked it carefully and revised it two or three times. Just a typo and uploaded it directly.
At the end of the third watch, Ye Su turned his head and looked outside the house. There was already a ray of sunshine. Ye Su looked at the time, it was already six o’clock, according to his habit, now Ye Su should go for a walk and exercise.
When I was about to get up, my phone suddenly rang and I looked at the caller. Dad, for some reason, Ye Su hadn’t contacted his family for two or three years.
At this time, his father suddenly called him. Ye Su was still a little confused. Exhale, took a deep breath, Ye Su finally pressed the answer button, and then a familiar voice came from inside.
I am retiring, and I will give you three months to come back to inherit the family business.
Although the words are very simple, there is indeed something in them.
An inexplicable majesty has not waited for Ye Su to say anything, but the opposite party has hung up the phone. This is not like a conversation, it is more like a simple notification. Ye Su is used to this tone. Slowly lying on the chair, Ye Su’s eyes are a little dazed. Mumbling to himself three months and three more months of freedom Ding dong ding dong I don’t know how long it took Ye Su was suddenly brought back to God by a doorbell ringing Although he didn’t know who it was, Ye Su still got up and opened his mouth to slap the door As soon as Ye Su opened it, he saw a courier standing at the door with a box in his hands. Hello, sir. Are you from the tap water in 1982? Your courier has arrived. However, seeing the pen handed over by the courier brother, Ye Su subconsciously reached out to take it, signed his name on the courier slip, and after accepting the courier slip, the courier brother immediately handed the box to Ye Su, looked at his hand The box Ye Su seemed to come back to his senses and shouted immediately, but before Ye Su finished speaking, the figure of the courier brother had disappeared from sight, looked at the courier in his hand, Ye Su thought for a while, and finally returned. When I got to my room, I opened the box to reveal a helmet, which is an online game helmet that Ye Su is very familiar with.