But why did you change seats so please give me a satisfactory explanation Asuka is like a school bully with a sneer and one hand

Chapter 1 You said that your grades are already so good, why do you still hold on to these tomes and gnaw on them? Does this make us scumbags alive? Wearing a red knee-high skirt, blue and white shorts full of vigor The young girl in the school uniform with sleeved woolen sweater looked at her childhood sweetheart and complained. I didn’t say that I understood it.
I’m just pretending. You know, young girls always like to do something different Say something different to highlight your own differences to attract the eyes of peers of the same age and the opposite sex The boy who is dressed aside is not so dazzling, but if you have to give a review, then you can only give one word: comfortable and clean, no foundation, no extra makeup, hair is simply broken The root of the hair is smooth, dark and bright, but the eyebrows are sideways, but the ears do not touch the regulations of the school motto. The fair and healthy complexion is neither a healthy wheat color exposed to the sun nor a sickly pale boy.
He wears a pair of black-rimmed glasses.
Straight The curved mirror surface shows its identity as a flat mirror.
It is obviously not nearsighted, but it still stubbornly adds a troublesome burden to itself, just to add a quiet attire to the eyes of the viewer? The scorching eyes behind the reflective lenses are all for ordinary living, not prominent and unassuming, do you understand the analysis of dreams written by Freud? It’s just a trick, don’t tell me you’re going to be a psychologist in the future? The girl listened to the boy’s excuse, but she didn’t care at all. She flicked through the thick book in the boy’s arms and didn’t care about the defense of men and women anyway. Close family members have a family relationship like sister and brother.
After all, I have been neighbors for more than ten years, and maybe they will develop closer in the future. It is not necessarily a girl’s psychology. I have not said anything, but my defenseless attitude is already It makes people fascinated, especially the young girl with handsome short hair, awe-inspiring eyes, exquisite and small facial features and heroic temperament. Well, almost, my goal is to surpass Akali in Dongdong Magic Machinery Comprehensive Get in with a high score from the joint college, and then complete the qualification certification for bachelor, scholar, and teaching in two years, and then come out to become a well-known expert in neural networks across the continent.
Well, I know you will succeed, but you can use a little bit of encouragement. Are you saying this in a tone of voice? It’s obviously such an extraordinary event in life.
The short black hair over the ear swayed with the host’s complaints, dancing lightly like a wind chime in the wind, revealing the secret hidden inside from time to time.
After all, Xiaoyu has been a genius since he was a child, after all, there is nothing that can stop him, but he always pretends to be ordinary, it is so realistic that one really thinks that he is like one of thousands of parts a small gear In the future, it will only be inlaid in the place where it should be. Work diligently, but the machine that is combined and processed by many parts is not where it should be. It is like a gem, no matter how strong the material is. No matter how excellent it should be, it should be placed under the glass cover in the exhibition hall, covered with a thick layer of silk and satin, and then illuminated by the lights in the hall and refracted to the retinas of people who are eager to watch and watch greedily. Isn’t the words exciting enough? That was a rare time for me to say a long string of words. The young man scratched his head in a state of bewilderment. Also, although I don’t really care about it, don’t you think other people’s eyes are getting more and more As he said, he made an embarrassed expression like wiping sweat, he looked like a standard young boy, he was going to die, didn’t you say earlier, seeing how he was stuck in Xiaoyu’s arms, so the girl quickly jumped out of the boy’s side He stretched out his thin fingers and patted the young man’s shoulder lightly, although there was no actual effect at all, just like a newborn kitten stretching out its sharp claws to its owner in front of its eyes, it had no actual effect. This is Xia In the afternoon of the day, the sun is no longer directly shining down, only the wisps of the setting sun are warm red, and the slightly warm breeze is wantonly passing through the streets, rolling up and falling on the ground from time to time, a few leaves are thrown to the sky, and then tossed to the ground The students on the ground after school and the white-collar workers who get off the morning shift are enjoying the rare lazy and comfortable time looking at the stickers