But today but today Xia Gulin draws his sword very slowly but he doesnt do it to let Yao Ling see what his sword looks

It’s really embarrassing! Finally at the door of the house, she leaned on the wall with her right hand and panted lightly.
She rubbed the back of her left hand fiercely at the corner of her mouth.
The bright red residual blood was smeared on the back of her snow-white hand. The orange-red sunset shone on it, making it even more beautiful and eye-catching. She re-examined it. The neckline of my clothes was torn apart by those nasty dirty hands and rubbed so badly.
The hairpins were all broken from the middle, and only half of them were left loose and obliquely inserted in the bun.
Pathetically dragging on the ground like a rag, the white feather shoe that was still on the foot was also trampled dirty, and the feathers were almost gone.
Yao Ling stepped on the foot that was only wearing tabby socks on the foot that was wearing the shoe and rubbed it sore. Crying with sore knees, I knew that I would not wear such a gorgeous outfit to fight, and my baby clothes were spoiled by those beast brothers The door of my house is damned.
Are those people cultivators just now? Didn’t they say they were practicing martial arts? Why did they become gang fights? I feel ashamed of myself because I have been fighting for more than ten years, and I am too lazy to care about victory or defeat with them. It is a common thing in military affairs.
Thinking of this, Yaoling suddenly felt better. Her hand had already touched the door frame of the room, but her hand that was about to push the door stopped abruptly.
How could there be voices in her room? Fight here early and wait for the rabbit to ask the teacher to ask the crime. Calm down. Yao Ling held his breath and retracted the hand that just touched the door frame at the slowest speed. Before she had the intention of running away, every time she caught her facing the wall or copying the scriptures, the punishment was even stricter than when the master was still alive. You can’t run away! Yao Ling just took half a step back. She swallowed and felt that the sharp eyes of the senior sister were already like Like a sharp sword, it pressed against her eyebrows. After all, the senior sister’s angry appearance was a hundred times more terrifying than the ones she punished. Yao Ling shuddered and didn’t dare to go any further. Let’s go in honestly and admit my mistake.
Run away, monk run away No abbot, anyway, every time at the end, the senior sister will soften her heart and forgive her in advance, and then say a few good words, maybe she won’t even need to be punished.
Since she made up her mind to admit her mistakes, beg for mercy, and beg for help, Yao Ling felt relieved. With this relief, she couldn’t help but took a deep breath, her mind cleared up a lot, her stomach was hungry, and she heard the sound of smacking her lips coming from her room. Making such an indecent sound, could it be that a certain brother from the fight just beat Yao Ling, and it was not enough to break into her room to steal the delicious snacks she had kept in her possession? The short-handled thorn brush flew up to both hands, and the snow shone brightly, illuminating the room as crystal clear as a snow valley.
She was ready.
Awakened by the fierce battle, she showed full momentum. Anyone who wants to beat her can steal her snacks, but that’s absolutely impossible The two swords rushed over and rode on the man who was eating and swallowing with a click, almost never crushing the bed he was lying on, Yao Ling’s wrists flashed, the two swords rested on the man’s neck, and he was just like that.
Cough, cough, Yao Ling was sitting on this man’s chest, and he was coughing violently, and the scum of the snacks crackled and spewed out from his mouth. Which senior brother is so weak to do such a nasty thing as stealing snacks, yet he is so easily ridden on his body with a sword on his neck? Take a closer look, this person is not any senior brother at all! Look at him, he is wearing a suit of soot He was dressed in black handyman clothes and wore a silly cloth cap on his head. This outfit looks familiar. Where has he seen it before? Could it be that the waiter from Yangchun Hall, the largest tavern in the city, gulped down the dessert with a loud voice because The facial features that were coughing and tangled gradually returned to normal. The handsome, bright eyes and sparse brows showed some sloppy banter.
He coughed a few more times to straighten up his expression, with a hippie smile. The waiter from the restaurant came to bring you dim sum. Yao Ling loosened his guard and just pointed at him with a single sword and got off him. What is the waiter from the shop?