But Liangmu Village still didnt respond at all obviously he was shot to death by the arrow just now thank you for helping me kill

At the beginning, he became a vegetative person and traveled over two years.
This backward parallel earth is so boring.
There is no entertainment at all. In a state-owned enterprise family area in a provincial capital city in the south of China, Zhong Tianye is bored lying on the balcony rocking chair after work and watching the outside world.
Drifting Heavy Rain recalled the wonderful world before crossing Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empires, Red Alert, I probably won’t be able to play it again in this life, and my favorite anime, One Piece Assassin Wu Liuqi, One Punch, Superman, Full-Time Man It’s not over yet.
I might never see it again. It’s all because this unlucky parallel world has only the same level of technology as the original world years ago, and the development of culture is completely different. Here, the four great masterpieces of Huaguo are not Journey to the West and Three Kingdoms.
It’s four books I’ve never heard of before. I’ve read them in the past two years.
I feel so ordinary.
It’s boring.
It’s boring. Tian Ye sighed.
It’s been more than two years since I traveled from the original world. Knowing that the current level of development in the world is only equivalent to that of the original world in 1999, Tian Ye didn’t think he could do anything amazing.
I used to be a bastard who spent every day in Internet cafes.
I don’t know any high-tech. The motherland, which is in the early stage of development, can’t do anything to contribute. Tian Ye sighs inwardly.
Isn’t there anything interesting and exciting in this world? Suddenly, an electronically synthesized female voice sounds in Tian Ye’s mind. Who is talking, Tian Ye suddenly jumped up from the rocking chair, because there is no one else in the family at this time, the mother went to a meeting in the field, and the father has not come back, just at this time, the billowing thunderclouds in the sky suddenly sent out pieces of silk like spider webs White lightning, and then all the lightning gathered into a powerful columnar current, which slanted down from the thundercloud and was about to be struck by lightning. At this moment, Tian Ye didn’t know why he could clearly see the thick lightning strike towards him and Has already hit his own chest, Tianye’s last consciousness is to face God tenaciously and hard, put up his middle finger and scold, what are you doing, why did you smash me? He opened his eyes and found himself in a chaotic space floating with gray-white mist. In addition to himself, there is a ball of light emitting this soft white light in this space. The electronically synthesized female voice who talked to him before is this ball of light. I am Infinite City.
The main god of war reincarnation space has detected your strong expectation in reality and officially selected you to be a reincarnation person in this space.
Thinking that I have traveled to the space of reincarnation again. Before crossing, I have seen a lot of infinite streams. I am no stranger to the concept of the main god and the space of reincarnation. Immediately, I have some understanding of my current situation, so I asked the main god, hello, what kind of place is this? Go to various worlds to perform missions to get rewards Transform your own samsara space? The white ball of light flickered a few times, and a paragraph reappeared in Tian Ye’s mind.
This samsara space is a city battle space. In addition to entering other worlds to complete tasks, the main thing is that the samsara person needs to develop as a city lord. My own base and military power are combined in the form of large-scale wars and personal armed battles to make myself stronger, so to speak, it is a mode added to strategy games, Tian Ye suddenly thought of the fact that he was struck by lightning, so he asked the Lord God Am I dead in the real world? Do I still have a chance to go back? After crossing into the parallel world, Tian Ye has the memory of two lifetimes.
Because of the experience of leaving home and being helpless when he was young, he cherishes his current home very much. He has never felt the love of a mother and a father, and it is the first time he understands family love. In the real world, if I die, I don’t know if my parents can survive. I have to go back before I can return to reality.
The words of the Lord God sounded again in Tian Ye’s mind. The reincarnation battlefield space is consistent with the time flow of the real world. The reincarnator can independently travel back and forth between the real world and the reincarnation space in a non-combat state.
But I was struck by lightning just now.
Does it matter? Answering this question, I suddenly said that your physical condition is abnormal. When you entered the reincarnation space for the first time, there was energy interference, which caused your body to remain in the real world.
You are now in the state of the soul. In the next novice guidance stage, the space rules will be based on your Consciousness creates a body for you. Temporary use will not affect your development in space.
Could it be the reason for the lightning? Then I have to go back and look at the field. I am a little anxious. My body is afraid of being hit by such a thick lightning.
It’s over.
It’s detected that the area you’re currently in violates the reincarnation space transmission rules.
You can’t teleport back to the real world.
What’s the situation? The territory that has been bound is the primary area code of the Northern Territory of the Reincarnation Battlefield. The Northern Territory corresponds to the European region of the real world, so if you want to return to the real world, you must reach the level of a senior reincarnation before you have the right to move the territory from the Northern Territory to the Eastern Territory.
Being able to return to the real world depends on the meaning. I was directly flown from the Asian server to the European server by the lightning.
Tian Ye suddenly thought of a solution. If someone brings my body from Huaguo to Europe, then I will You can teleport back, but no.
The Lord God replied that when you exit the reincarnation space, the place where you appear in the real world and the place you teleported into cannot be too far apart.