But if the old slave has the slightest dissatisfaction let the old slave die badly you will die badly in the first place the emperor

Avoid him, she is shocked, avoid him, she suffers, avoid him, she wanders, avoid him, she has no branches to rely on I wrote the message book, the class got together for dinner, took the diploma, and graduated like that. The friends in the dormitory all left or chose to go home or found a job, and Yi Xin decided to live in the dormitory until the last day. The graduates finally leave school.
There is still half a month left. Yi Xin’s university major is Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. She thinks Mathematics is quite interesting.
I didn’t expect that this little bitch in Mathematics will turn his back on him after entering college and become unreasonable and incomprehensible.
The little bitch who likes to change her face gets involved with her relationship. Yi Xin didn’t take the postgraduate entrance examination and didn’t choose a related industry, but there are too few options for her to choose.
The name of the company is Seven Dimension World. If you are curious, please click in. Company profile Seven Dimension World belongs to the Great Thousand World category, and under the jurisdiction of Three Thousand Small Worlds, it is mainly responsible for managing the daily operation of Three Thousand Worlds and collecting suggestions from viewers for relevant world modification. This recruitment Target nanny department members This department adopts a wish scoring mechanism.
Full score and pass score are counted as passing scores. Complete the task evaluation task.
If you fail the task, you will lose your player status. After completing the task, you can apply for completion. Players will return to the real world.
For the rest of the information, please enter the task and understand yourself. Job responsibilities and responsibilities Take care of the task object to ensure that they have a happy life. Complete the audience barrage request. Random and variable salary.
You can take any item from the small world as a reward for this task. The value of the item is not limited. What the hell would someone go to such a strange company? Just about to click to exit, I suddenly heard a kawaii voice. Meeting is a fate.
Welcome to join the seven-dimensional world.
The evaluation task is about to start. Players, get ready.
Yi Xin hasn’t reacted yet.
After a while of darkness, Yi Xin wakes up in a daze, his eyes are dull, his eyes are dull, he looks at the whiteness in front of him, and the related memory is still being transmitted, it is still that kawaii voice that sounds inexplicably, so frightened Yi Xin has not had time to make countless movements The picture appeared in front of Yi Xin’s eyes, Yi Xin’s heart was pounding, as if the whole space could only hear his own heartbeat, and suddenly a lot of information about some memories of the seven-dimensional world appeared in his mind. After a few minutes, Yi Xin reluctantly accepted it. My current situation is just my head still a little unclear, like a dream.
Is it possible to start the evaluation task? Everything in front of me is so real that Yi Xin dare not make any resistance.
I am afraid that if I disagree, I will be obliterated. The novels I have read before It is written in this way that the white environment has turned into something like an LCD screen. It seems that the interface of the game Yi Xin used to play is sending the evaluation world. fair skin and beautiful eyes Ruo Xingchen is tenacious and tenacious, the standard type is poor, the family has four female protagonists, the male protagonist is the domineering president, the underworld forces, the genius standard Tom Su, as for Yi Xin, he has a rather dramatic background The configuration happened to get the scene of the background board.
The younger brother is Yi Cheng Sui Gao.
He is indifferent and looks perfect.
The figure is perfect. The standard male supporting configuration, but he did not take the wrong role. He liked the heroine, was warned and suppressed, and finally died when he saved the heroine.
Yi Xin just wants to know why. The same parents look different, even if they have different IQs. They both go to the same high school. According to common sense, it is the kind of study where good grades and rich people coexist. Fortunately, Yi Xin belongs to the latter.
She really doesn’t want to work hard. After a third year in high school, Yi Xin is sitting in English class, listening to the teacher’s fluent English accent, most of the things she didn’t understand. The phone vibrated slightly.
It’s very close. When did Yi Xin’s event start? Shouldn’t the plot start after Yi Cheng’s senior year in high school? Someone saw them go to dinner together Yi Xin Yi Cheng had lunch together today Yi Xin quickly sent a message to Yi Cheng She knew from the information that Yi Cheng lacked love since he was a child and grew up lacking calcium, so Xu Xiaoxiao was sick one time I took the initiative to give him medicine, so my heart throbbed slightly as if I was poked by something.
This sentence is not from Yi Xin, but from the information in the information. Tell your parents about your relationship.
Yi Xin qualified to play a vexatious older sister. What are you talking about? See you in the small cafeteria at noon. Fortunately, after this English class, it will be lunch time. Right after class, Yi Xin rushed to the door of Yi Cheng’s classroom Seeing Xu Xiaoxiao walking this way, it is obvious that she knows Yi Xin, Yi Xin, are you here to look for Yi Cheng? Leaning on the door, yeah, finally Yi Cheng packed up his things and came out Xu Xiaoxiao said, Yi Cheng, why are you always so slow to let me and your sister two girls wait for you to eat? I mean, we want to eat together. Yi Xin looks up at the sky, who? Said that this is a little white lotus, it depends on how well she can talk, she graduated from university, she is not as good as others Ah, I can eat several meals in the big cafeteria for one meal.
Xu Xiaoxiao muttered dissatisfiedly that the saved money can be used to do something meaningful. Yi Cheng looked at Yi Xin again. Xin said coldly