But he still didnt look at the person next to him but took the cigarette blankly and then stared straight at the thin man in

A certain archipelago in a certain ocean This archipelago is very well built, but this archipelago has never been marked on any chart, because the owner of this archipelago is a man who stands on the top of the world, and no one dares to disturb him nor Which map maker dares to be disturbed? He is in an exquisite wooden house on the archipelago at this moment.
Come here, dad, why is a teenager walking with his hands in his pockets to a middle school? You may not know that when you were still in your mother’s womb, our family made an appointment with your bandit uncle’s family. This year, seeing that you are fourteen and almost fifteen, I wonder if we Let’s go and see your daughter-in-law who hasn’t been married yet.
The middle-aged man asked if she was a beauty.
The child called Gangbi asked this yes. Press a button on the table in front of you, and a beam of light hits the wall next to the middle-aged man.
It can be seen that it is a picture of a girl. I went to this look and frowned. Maybe she will become more beautiful in the future, right? Her old lady was a peerless beauty back then. What I like is the beautiful woman with big boobs. The beautiful girl Gang Jun said with a wretched smile on her face. There are too many beauties in the world.
What you want What’s the end and son, do you have the strength to own a beautiful woman? The middle-aged man asked Dad, your son, I have a face of strength and steel, and said frightfully, you have inherited my genes, what face do you have to tell you tomorrow night? I’m going to find your future daughter-in-law and let’s have a meal together to enhance our relationship. Well, that’s it. You can go back.
Gangzhen curled his lips and didn’t say anything, but turned around and walked out of his father’s office. The next day, the master and the master ran away from home.
One of his subordinates stood in front of the old man who was a steel smith and said in a low voice, let’s go, anyway, my son is usually a middle-aged man who can’t die. He smiled and showed a domineering smile on his face. Where are we going, master? The length is about one meter.
About eight men pulled a small suitcase and asked the boy named Gangbi, of course he was going to pick up girls. Let me tell you that last time when I went with Aunt Ziyi, I saw a girl next to the Fuzhou Middle School. It was a girl. She’s pretty, let’s go play with her, go to the steel pot and say, just to pick up girls, Dashan said with a bitter face, if the master finds out, leave him alone, I won’t eat with my ugly fiancée, it will affect my appetite, I don’t know how much time passed The same day, the same room, the same scene, but this time Zhao Gangjun didn’t look very good.
There were many bruises on his face, as if he had been beaten.
The middle-aged man sitting behind the desk didn’t speak but was silent.
Looking at my son, my father gave me a sum of money, and then gave me a few people. After hesitating for a long time, Zhao Gangjun finally said, are you begging me? The middle-aged man smiled and looked at his son, I am not begging you anyway.
Just give it to me, I was beaten, I have to take revenge, Zhao Gangjun said, son, why did you get beaten? It’s true that the middle-aged man stood up and said that our Zhao family has always had revenge for picking up girls, but back then, even if I was picking up girls, I wouldn’t ask your grandfather for money and someone. Our Zhao family followed One principle is to pick up girls all by yourself, but I, Zhao Gangjun, hesitated to speak, did I realize that you are nothing without me? Anyone can bully you, if you don’t want the people you cherish to be hurt, if you don’t want to be powerless about so many things, if you want to be a master, if you want to hold peerless power, if you want to have untold wealth, especially If you want to have a goddess that others can’t have, then my son, you should take advantage of your most precious years to study hard, my son, I am waiting for you at the top, waiting for you to be like me one day Now looking down at you like looking down on me hahaha Zhao Gangjun was silent for a long time, raised his head and looked at the middle-aged man and said, Dad, I have to learn something, no problem, as long as you want to learn from me, I can teach you everything and your teacher will be this The best in the world, but the learning I can give you is not just reading some books and memorizing texts.
If you don’t pay attention, you will probably die with your so-called rich second generation identity.
Even if I am I won’t save you, do you think you still want to learn? The middle-aged man asked to learn.
Zhao Gangjun gritted his teeth and said seriously. Anyway, it’s better to learn to be famous for a lifetime.
Hahaha, it’s indeed my son. But you have to promise me one condition. When you have learned all these things, let me get your fiancée. This is an order.
Do you know whether a woman is good-looking or not? The fortune teller said that your fiancée is very prosperous. Let’s talk about it after finishing the study. New book Chapter 1 Please collect it Chapter 2 You are Zhao Gangjun Years are like running water Time rushes down Sunset Sunrise Flowers bloom and wither In the blink of an eye three years have passed April this is A cold and hot season is of course a very beautiful season, because this season is the time when the beautiful scenery of ten girls and nine silks appears on the road.
Wow, this is a strong man in high school who is about 1.
78 meters tall standing in the bright moon. middle school gate