But at this moment Yu Ning made him dizzy he smiled relaxedly but he knew in his heart that he didn’t have much leeway you

Prologue The day when Yu Ning went to meet Yan Keming, the city was experiencing the most violent snowstorm in the past ten years. The bus station was still a long way from Yan Keming’s house.
Move forward slowly. The down jacket was bought a few years ago.
It is really not enough to resist this kind of weather. The gloves and scarf are not matched because there is no replacement. After repeated use, the color fades to some extent.
Yu Ning desperately thought that if this job got her first month’s wages, she would have to buy a pair of warmer boots first. The sheepskin was densely packed with soft wool up to her knees. At this time, the cold north wind was still entangled.
Snow flakes like goose feathers brushed over the head and face like a knife cut, and stuck to the only exposed eyebrows and eyelashes. If it wasn’t for brushing it off from time to time, it would have turned into ice ridges and caught it in an instant.
She was holding a small piece of snow with the address on it. When the ink on the top was slightly blurred, when the house number was right, the snow still kept flying into the eyes.
Yu Ning had to keep his eyes wide open and silently recite the words one hundred and forty one one hundred and forty-three when it finally stopped at the mark It was only in front of the house at No.
195 that Yu Ning realized that his hand to ring the doorbell was already very weak. Fortunately, someone answered the door soon, entered the gate, and walked across the entire yard, although it was not a short distance.
But when she thought that the warmth was just around the corner, her footsteps that were about to freeze quickly quickened up unknowingly. The man who answered the door was a man in his fifties, dressed in a neat suit and with a serious face, which made Yu Ning stupid for a moment.
Luckily, her face had been frozen for a long time, so she didn’t show too much surprise.
She had already reported her identity before. The man nodded slightly, looked at her clothes unobtrusively, and said politely that Mr. Yan was waiting. Please take off your coat and give it to me.
It’s already very warm in the porch, compared to the harsh winter outside. When she took off her coat, she was even a little reluctant to hand it over. For a moment, her hand accidentally touched it. The opponent’s hand Yu Ning realized how cold her hand was, which made her sigh in embarrassment, then lowered her head and said in a low voice that she was sorry for snowing and walking on the road for too long.
The man just smiled and helped her The half-worn down coat was hung up, and then led Yu Ning to walk into the house. Yu Ning caught a glimpse of the shiny marble floor, and hesitated for a while whether to take off his shoes. In two or three seconds, the person leading the way had already stopped and turned around. Miss Yu, she didn’t want to show too much embarrassment and hesitation in front of strangers, just happened to see the leather shoes on his feet, so she hurried up and followed along the stairs on the side of the entrance.
She took a quick look around and the first thing she saw was a huge, tacky and even eye-catching crystal chandelier. Even in this really dark weather, it still shone with dazzling light. Every corner she saw was magnificent. At this moment, Yu Ning suddenly became uneasy and thought that the person who was about to meet might become a scene that could only be seen in movies or fashion magazines. A week ago, Wei Xuan approached her and asked her if she was going home during the winter vacation. If not, would she be willing to work as a part-time assistant for a period of time? According to her original words, it was painting. Sex is definitely nothing to you. Ever since she was in college, Yu Ning has been living on a tight budget. She does all kinds of part-time jobs, but most of them work in places like fast food restaurants and coffee shops, where the hourly wages are not high.
It’s not easy. After working part-time, I’m exhausted and exhausted.
So when Wei Xuan mentioned the job, she briefly talked about the salary.
Yu Ning agreed without hesitation. It’s a good thing to ask Wei Xuan again, what is the artist’s name, what kind of assistant do I need for oil painting? Yes, but to be precise, he is a stage designer. I recently lost my hand and couldn’t hold a pen, so I wanted to find someone to help him. In fact, he is my cousin, my aunt’s son.
I call him Sange.
He is looking for someone. I was the first to think of you.
Let’s see if you’re willing. Yu Ning and Wei Xuan learn painting and sculpture together, but they entered the school in the same year and took a lot of public classes together.
In addition, there are too few girls majoring in sculpture.
They take classes together to prepare for exams.
We have a lot of friendship.
Wei Xuan and Yuning are all together. The girls in the dormitory are familiar with each other, and Yu Ning and Wei Xuan, who never miss a single class in any public class, have been best friends for more than two years. Wei Xuan knows a little bit about her family background. This is a rare opportunity, so naturally I thought of Yu Ning immediately, since she is Wei Xuan’s relative, Yu Ning has no other worries, and she agrees to it. Although she had some feelings about Wei Xuan’s family background when she was in school, It wasn’t until today when I saw the Yan family’s room that I really understood that the students’ private voice of Miss Wei was not just a joke. For a moment, Yu Ning’s mind was full of thoughts, thinking about Wei Xuan’s behavior at school, and thinking about living here. What kind of artist could Yan Keming in Zhong’s house be? While thinking, let the housekeeper take her upstairs and through a long corridor, and finally came to a door.
He opened it for her.
Miss Yu, please wait here. As soon as Mr. Yan came, the corridor just came was covered with a thick scarlet carpet, like the remaining makeup on the cheeks of a woman who stayed up all night. Along the way, there were marble imitations of Roman gods and empresses. On the walls, there were Waterhouse and Al. The imitations of Victorian painters such as Ma Taitema are unfortunately not very clever, and then there are crystal lamps every few steps, and the whole corridor is intertwined with a luxurious and frivolous pink tone. Yu Ning has never heard of Yan Keming’s name before.