But at this moment a cold voice came from behind the group of people and the momentum oppressing Wu Xie and the group dissipated in

Su Jing travels through the tomb robbery comprehensive world opening inheritance Wudang King Ye Wudang King Yee one of the Eight Miraculous Skills Fenghou Qimen successor Taijiquan Yin hand soft strength Yang hand strong and soft combined with boxing invincible Fenghou Qimen I am the direction I am The good and bad world is in the grips Turn me into a king Sign in to the various ancient tombs Female ghost Zongzi pushes me all the way My name is Su Jing, a mediocre man with billions of dollars and nothing Tomb Raiders World is located in an open-air breakfast shop next to Wushanju.
A young man in a casual shirt is burying himself in a bowl of tofu.
Although he is casually dressed, it cannot hide his handsome appearance. After eating breakfast, he took out a sheet. Wiping his mouth with a paper towel, the young man turned his gaze to Wu Shanju who was facing him.
He didn’t know when Ah Ning would come over.
I didn’t expect that I would travel to the world of tomb robbers and become Ah Ning’s childhood sweetheart. What a fucking dog blood curled his mouth.
The young man couldn’t help complaining A young man named Su Jing paralleled the world in the 21st century, a good young man chasing dramas. After seeing A Ning die, he yelled at Ye Qingjie and smashed the computer with a fist, and then he was stunned. Unexpectedly, when he woke up, he appeared in a The Stranger Place is also bound with a Golden Finger template called Tomb Raider Sign-in System. Proper time-traveling protagonist template Wuhu Feifei As a senior reader of the novel, Su Jing quickly accepted the fact of time-traveling.
Besides, he said he was an orphan again.
I didn’t have much nostalgia in my previous life, so I quickly adapted to my new identity.
A graduate student in the Department of Archeology is still an orphan, but the system also told me that it also arranged for me to have the identity of a childhood sweetheart, Ning. I can only say that the system is better than the system through inquiry. After seeing the current timeline, Su Jing non-stop came to Hangzhou from Kyoto to find Wu Shanju, not only to meet Ah Ning and Wu Xie, but also because the system issued a novice sign-in task. In the world of tomb robbers, strength is the most respected, but without strength, how can we enjoy it? With strength and power, the beauty is still at hand. Su Jing turned his head and lit a cigarette. The boss took out his mobile phone to scan the money on the boss’s WeChat, and went directly to Su Jing. He got up and walked towards Wushanju. Originally, Su Jing wanted to wait until Ah Ning came over to meet her before entering Wushanju. Su Jing was sure that the next check-in place that the system would send him to was either Tamutuo or Xiwangmu Palace.
Even if you get the reward for signing in, it is impossible to find this place. Even if you know the plot, it will be different if you follow the big army.
Isn’t it more inclined to follow A Ning than Wu Xie and Su Jing? After all, he is his brother, isn’t he? What’s more, the main reason why I want to follow Ah Ning is to make up for my regrets.
I will never be Ah Ning’s end point in Snake Marsh.
The system has already told me that Ah Ning will come to Wushanju today, but I have been waiting for a long time.
Su Jing is too lazy Waiting for advanced Wu Shanju to sign in and waiting for A Ning inside is not a big problem, but just after paying the bill and turning around, I saw a man in black The color sweater covered half of his face with a hat, and the figure with a black gold ancient knife wrapped with black cloth behind his back stood in front of Wu Shanju’s gate and looked sideways at the ancient house. Just by the background, Su Jing knew that this was a tomb robber in the world. Zhang Qiling, who is a legend with a mortal body comparable to gods, saw the corners of his brother Su Jing’s mouth and couldn’t help but slightly raised the corners of his mouth.
Now that my brother is here, Ah Ning naturally wouldn’t take a long look at my brother Su Jing, then turned his head and looked around. In the far corner, I saw a tall girl wearing a black dress and a high ponytail with an exotic style.
It was Ah Ning, a rose with thorns, but it could arouse men’s desire to conquer even more. Su Jing squinted his eyes slightly, and the corners of his mouth held back. Can’t stop rising, there is a man wearing sunglasses and wearing a black leather jacket, nodding and bowing beside her Brother Zhang Qiling obviously noticed that someone was following him, and he looked back at Wu Shanju.
The two of them quickly disappeared from Su Jing’s sight. How did the two centenarians fight? Ah Ning, the woman, watched the two leave and walked directly to the gate of Wushanju. Seeing this, Su Jing also walked slowly to Ah Ning’s side. Brother Jing turned his head and glanced at Ah Ning, and couldn’t help but exclaimed. With a loud voice, he rushed forward and jumped into Su Jing’s arms, Ah Ning.
It’s been a long time since Ah Ning’s half-armed Liu waist reached out and patted her on the head. Su Jing smiled and said, “Brother Jing, aren’t you a graduate student in Kyoto? Why are you here, Su Jing?” The identity is directly arranged by the system, so naturally there is no flaw. The memory added by the system to me, Ah Ning, her younger brother Jiang Zisuan, and myself all met from the orphanage.
I can be regarded as the biggest one in the orphanage.
There is nothing wrong with calling me brother.
Although the three of them have gone on completely different paths, the connection between them has not been broken.
They get together several times a year. I didn’t contact her in advance and suddenly appeared in front of her.
Naturally, this girl will be surprised why she is here because It’s just a disobedient woman who said that Su Jing gave A Ning a meaningful look, and she couldn’t help but startled her. Could it be that if Brother Jing knew something, even if he knew something, then how did he know my course of action? Although I told him that I was helping A big boss works, but he didn’t reveal anything else. You really think that those things you did before, I don’t know, it’s your fate if you don’t die, but this time it’s different.
I cast a glance at A Ning, and then Su Jing paused at her.
Looking at it with surprised eyes, he continued to say that this time is more dangerous than before.
If I don’t come, you will die.
Hearing this, Ah Ning couldn’t help but rolled her beautiful eyes.