But as soon as he walked into the apartment Feng Xiaoyis thoughts started again big brother you said I didnt come to you did you

Chapter 1 Autistic Childhood My name is Chen Xiao My parents are murderers When they were seven years old, they were picked up from the bed by the police and taken away. I never saw them again, and soon I heard that they were sentenced to death. I have never seen that I became an orphan and no relatives would take care of me.
Everyone said that I was the son of a murderer. Later, I could only enter an orphanage. Those orphans in the orphanage excluded me. They mixed sand into my food and made nursery rhymes and called me a murderer.
The son of the prisoner, the song was spread all over the town. When I was in elementary school, junior high school, and even high school, there were people who sang and laughed together.
I even beat me. Even if the leader of the orphanage was present, they would not stop me.
However, the identity of the son of a murderer is like a stone, and no one wants to play with me. If any girl talks to me more, she will become the laughing stock of the whole school.
During that time, I became very inferior and slovenly.
I was sloppy and didn’t dare to talk.
Sometimes I couldn’t talk to people for ten days and a half months. The teacher also thought I was transparent, and my breath smelled even more autistic. At that time, I got depression, but the happiest time of day was peeping. Ye Qianqian was stuffed with candy by me Of course she didn’t know I once sneaked a glimpse into her diary and saw she called the mysterious person who stuffed the candy Prince Charming I was so happy I’ve never been so happy Ye Qianqian was my school girl in high school Beautiful, pure and sweet, she has two lovely dimples when she smiles.
She has good grades, is kind, and is polite to everyone.
She is very popular in class, and there are many people who chase her, but she is like a proud swan. I’m not interested in being compared to her.
I’m as humble as mud on a shoe. Although she never looked at me directly, I secretly regarded myself as her knight and silently protected her.
Once I heard a boy want to secretly film her going to the toilet. The photo was so anxious that I followed the man and suddenly stopped Ye Qianqian when he was about to take a sneak shot.
When he heard the sound in the toilet, he immediately became alert and rushed out of the toilet.
After that, I formed a relationship with that man, he would find someone to beat me up every time, but when I thought of protecting Ye Qianqian, my heart was sweet, and the time passed was hard and happy until one day I secretly went to Ye Qianqian I didn’t expect that she and some female classmates just went back to the classroom and smashed them on the spot.
Those girls burst into laughter. Ye Qianqian cried on the spot. She grabbed the candy from the drawer and threw it into the trash can. I slapped Ye Qianqian, her face was hot, I still can’t forget Ye Qianqian’s contempt, disdain, anger, and everyone’s ridicule. I am the Prince Charming, but she refuses to die because I don’t deserve it.
I know it’s just because she hates me. It makes people think that we are related, even if I stuffed her with so sweet candy, even if I saved her, I have never peeked at Ye Qianqian since then, and I swore in my heart that one day I would make her regret what happened that day After graduating from high school, I I left the orphanage and wanted to join the army, but my parents failed the political review. It happened that an old man named Qi Zhou found me. He said that he was an old friend of my parents. I hate everything because of the pain they brought me.
Besides, they are murderers and their friends are so serious. I never thought that the next day I would have two more companies with a market value of hundreds of millions. I was so inferior at that time.
Therefore, I feel very face-saving.
I feel that Qi Zhou’s career is strange, and I don’t get paid for nothing.
The money is hot, but I just don’t move the dividends given by the company. I insist on working by myself.
The last call came to my mobile phone and I was asked to go to the train station to join the army immediately. I was so happy that I found out after a long time that this matter was done by Qi Zhou. This kind of thing is a piece of cake for him because Qi Zhou is the richest man in Jiangzhou. I don’t have any sons or relatives.
I have always wanted to transfer my property to me. If I didn’t accept it, I ran to our company for three days, making our company commander very depressed.
I am not greedy for money, but no one in this life has treated me so well and treated me as real. Like a family member, I couldn’t hold him back until I finally agreed to accept the property and swore that I would treat him like a grandfather in the future and give him a pension until the end of his life.
He even burst into tears on the spot and was more excited than me.
It’s been four years since I returned to Jiangzhou again. I retired from the army in the next year. Qi Zhou asked me to take a position as a vice president in the company so that he could help him.
He also taught me how to do business. It happened that many of my high school classmates graduated from college and came to work in the Qi Group.
Ye Qianqian was one of them that day. I just returned to the company and it happened that she failed the probationary period and left the company.
When I saw her back, my heart skipped a beat.
So many years have passed, I can’t imagine that the former goddess has faded in my heart at this time, and I only have the point of adolescence for her. The throbbing and the unforgettable resentment, the HR manager saw me staring at her and asked if I would like to stay as a private secretary, but she is very poor in English, and her English skills are not good. Why are the current college students so poor? If I don’t I’m sorry to come to Qi’s to apply for a job, and I don’t weigh my own weight.
I shook my head and told the HR manager not to think about whether I followed the company’s regulations.
There is no need to confuse whether it is public or private.
Besides, she didn’t even want the sugar I gave me back then. I won’t do it again. I gave her a job with a hot face and a cold ass.
Then I heard that Ye Qianqian was having a hard time finding a job. The positions she applied for were all high-level, far beyond her ability, and those with lower abilities were unwilling to do it. Half a year has passed and I still haven’t found a job.
I haven’t seen her again, everyone’s level is different