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At that time, the earth was a civilized society with a population of 7 billion. Science and technology were changing rapidly.
Human beings were full of ambitions, as if they could pierce the sky of the universe in another thousand years.
Songming was the complete opposite.
Exhausted like a dog, at night, in the virtual game world, he hugs the wind and the rain, embraces him, and enjoys the life of an emperor until one day, Song Ming is forced to participate in a routine class, and the wheel of history rolls forward with a puncture. I don’t know when the homeroom teacher appeared beside Songming like a ghost, with a big hand behind him, he suddenly took away Songming’s mobile phone which was concentrating on playing games, smashed it to the ground with a bang, and said coldly to you Going to college is to play games, you plan to move bricks for the rest of your life, and you will be muddled all day long. The game life is a puddle of mud and cannot support the wall.
A mouse poop spoils a pot of porridge.
Social dregs like you are better off dying in the game. The students look at each other and the atmosphere is embarrassing Zhiji Songming drooped his eyelids like a normal person, leaned on the back of the chair, raised his legs, slowly took out a yellow grass root from his bosom, and held it in his mouth carelessly, as if bringing the force from the game into reality. A certain state of ecstasy replied leisurely.
What happened to my life of moving bricks? What happened to my game life? Goddesses who are tired of playing games, don’t tease Lao Ban. For someone like me who has no talent, life is just a garbage game.
The fairness and simplicity in the game is my real world, so I won’t die in the game world.
I want to In the game world, the class teacher Yongsheng’s face froze, and he was speechless because of Song Ming’s sudden middle two lines, and even had the illusion that even his glasses were about to be shattered by the sound waves, and there was no sound in your classroom. The cold female voice like a machine fell from the sky and instantly enveloped the classrooms, campuses, mountains, deserts, lakes, seas, and even the whole earth, clanking like a death knell, low and desolate, the warning system was revealed, and the self-destruct program was activated immediately. Song Ming suddenly found that the head teacher had collapsed directly in front of him, no, no, it was not the kind of collapse you thought, but the body particles scattered and turned into a quicksand collapse. The whole person was like a sand sculpture, pouring down and turning into a puddle in the blink of an eye.
Song Ming was stunned by the data, and what made him even more surprised was that the classmates who collapsed together with the class teacher were also classmates, classrooms, campuses, cities, villages, forests, deserts, lakes, oceans, and even quickly spread to the entire earth and all the universe visible to the naked eye. The entire world was transformed into data in a blink of an eye. The vast sea of ​​code flows and churns, light and shadow flashes, illusory like flowing dreams, desolate like ruins, desert pine sings suddenly like a solitary boat in the waves of the sea of ​​data, with dull eyes and a bewildered face, the yellow leaves of grass fall from the lips, this is masturbation What puzzled him more was that his five senses and logical thinking were as clear as usual, and he carefully Recall whether you have recently experienced lightning strikes, car accidents, cancer, airplane accidents, falling off a cliff, or jumping out of a computer with a blue screen, but it doesn’t mean that this is not a dream, nor is it time travel, nor is it heaven or hell.
This is the bloody reality.
Could it be the world itself? It’s just virtual. Thinking of this, Songming gasped. I just said it casually. It’s a fucking secret. Well, even if the world is virtual, the problem is that since the virtual world has collapsed, why am I still alive? The icy mechanical female voice resounded through the sky again, and the host confirmed the casting of the flesh body. Welcome to the real world.
In a blink of an eye, the sea of ​​data in front of him dissipated. The blood is flowing clearly in the body, the fine hairs all over the body are standing on end, as if being numbed by static electricity, every pore is as cool as if he can breathe, and at this moment he is in a post-explosion earth pit.
In the center of the earth pit is a mobile phone. The super-large mainframe that has been completely blown up is mixed with crackling electric sparks. There are some black fragments with complex textures scattered around it. There is a cold light blue flame floating on it.
It looks like it just exploded not long ago. This is me. Although I have no regrets in my heart in the world I have been living in all this time, there is still a touch of bitterness on Song Ming’s face. I destroyed the world and saved myself. One has to say that the bitterness is fleeting, and Song Ming’s eyes froze. His heart, which has been bewildered for a long time, gradually became excited. I hope this world will not be as boring as the last one.
The pine forest looms in front of him.
The pine trees are as tall as a building, covering the sky and covering the sun, rolling like waves in the strong wind. The slender clusters of pine needles are so green and blue, rustling in the wind, and the huge pine nuts are as big as lotuses, hanging down from the branches one by one.
The blue is a bit purple, and the pine nuts are swaying in the breeze, and in the depths of the pine forest, the wind dies down. Unknown wild flowers and grass poke out their heads on the soft ground to bring out the mud. The sweet vines crawl like snakes and intersperse among them.
Hearing the hissing sound, Song Ming’s eyes widened in astonishment, Lin Feng brushed and brushed his short messy short hair, what he saw, what he heard, what he heard, what he smelled, what he smelled, what he felt in his skin, all the details were real It feels as if the tulle between people and things has been removed, and it seems to have touched the connection between heaven and earth in an instant. The faint sixth sense of the pine song bends down comfortably and grabs it casually.
Hold a grass leaf in your mouth to get through the addiction