Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

Fan Bo, the bully at school, wanted to play with Yi Yi very much, but every time he didn’t get close to Yi Yi, Yi Yi went with Gu Qinghan, and every time he deliberately approached Yi Yi, he was destroyed by Gu Qinghan. Over time, Fan Bo hated it Once Fan Bo took advantage of Gu Qinghan to go to the bathroom and blocked him in the bathroom with his slightly fat body in front of Gu Qinghan, threatening Gu Qinghan, you will let Yiyi and I play infinitely good novels in Jinjiang Literature City Gu Qinghan looked at Fan Bo He frowned and said that Yiyi likes smart and obedient classmates, if Yiyi knows what you look like now, thinking that Yiyi will ignore her in the future, Fan Bo quickly moved away Boy Bo has learned to be good.
Not only is he not mischievous in class, but he often helps the teacher with things. The class activities are also very active and infinitely good.
In Jinjiang Literature City, a month later, kid Fan Bo finally got the first little red flower.
Holding the little red flower is very happy.
I walked up to Gu Qinghan happily, I got the little red flower, can I play with Yiyi? As Gu Qinghan’s younger brother, I can finally play with Yi Yi.
Fan Bo was very happy.
He was riding on the back of the Gu family’s siblings. As long as anyone dares to provoke Gu Qinghan, Fan Bo’s little overlord will definitely bring someone back to bully him. As time goes by, no one in the kindergarten dares to provoke Gu Qinghan, but every time The first time parents were invited for bullying children was when Fan Bo was celebrating the 150th anniversary of Fanwai University.
Gu Ze, as a well-known alumnus, was invited back by the school to give a speech.
Giving a speech on the stage, the lecture hall was full of classmates from the university next door, and some students from the university next door sat on the steps in the aisle and took notes in a small notebook It’s a pity that when I entered school, he had already graduated. Even if he didn’t graduate, it’s useless.
His girlfriend is now his wife, but he was a big school flower at that time.
Their posts are still hanging on the post now. Wow, I can catch up with Gu Xuechang How beautiful is his wife like this? What’s the point of being beautiful? Next to Yao is also a girl.
Seeing the person in front of her chatting enthusiastically, she strikes up a conversation with Su Yao and asks what is your name? I don’t know if the campus is different. Su Yao continues to play sloppy eyes.
The people in the school are too weak.
It’s unbearable for you not to be on the school flower list.
But I always feel that you look familiar.
Fortunately, Gu Ze is on stage at this time. Eyes fixed on Gu Ze, the conversation ended.
After Gu Ze came to the stage, he looked down the stage and saw Su Yao sitting in the crowd like a good student, her eyes fixed. I really watched Gu Ze smile at her on the stage, Gu Ze’s smile was very lethal, and the audience exploded immediately.
The girls sitting in front of Su Yao said excitedly, Gu Xuechang just looked at me. But Yan Ting said to Su Yao, why do I feel that senior Gu is looking at you? Su Yao smiled and didn’t speak until Gu Ze finished his speech and left the lecture hall surrounded by a bunch of school leaders. Su Yao also left, Yan Ting suddenly reacted Wasn’t that girl Su Yao who came here just now? She said why she looked so familiar.
She actually talked to the wife of the president of the Gu family. The infinite good articles are all in Jinjiang Literature City. Su Yao went out from the lecture hall to the appointed place Meet with Gu Ze, because it is the school celebration, many people are back, Xiao Mu, Xie Yu, and a group of students from the student union, it is rare to meet now, and after meeting, I asked for a box in Sheng Jinxuan, and reminisced about the former vice president of the computer school, Cao Yu First of all, I said with emotion that Gu Ze heard that you have two children, it’s a pity that I haven’t even found a partner, it’s really unfair to God, Gu Ze raised his eyebrows, you know it’s good, Cao Yu’s president’s poisonous tongue really hasn’t changed at all, next to it Someone said that the president, we strongly demand to visit the cute baby, yes, can we find a partner in this life? If there is a baby, I don’t know if the president will fulfill our little wish. Gu Ze sits on the sofa and hugs Su Yao’s wife at home.
If my wife agrees, I agree with everyone eating dog food. Even those who have girlfriends and wives feel inexplicably embarrassed.
Oh, look, I even have the red envelope ready Cao Yu digs in the bag for a long time and takes out a crumpled red envelope. The strange thing is that the red envelope says happy twenty-eighth anniversary of being single Cao Yu rubbed his nose in embarrassment. Pay attention to see that even though there is such a small episode, Su Yao still calls to ask the nanny to bring the two babies here Han Han and Yi Yi don’t need to go to school today, they are learning the piano at home Han Han is learning the stave, Yi Yi is making trouble on the piano The little chubby hands with baby fat are pressing back and forth on the piano.
It’s fun to play alone.
The piano teacher is terrified, afraid that she will break this expensive piano by accident.
Aunt Zhang received it from Su Yao’s call came to find two little babies Yiyi heard that she could go out and play, she jumped down from the chair, she couldn’t wait to reach out her hand to ask grandma to hug Hanhan to be more cautious, she asked a few words, knowing that she was going out to find her parents, she obediently followed Aunt Zhang Another servant was called, and the two of them watched a child call the driver to send Han Han and Yi Yi to Sheng Jinxuan near the university.
Yi Yi was carried by Aunt Zhang to the box where Gu Ze and Su Yao were. When she saw Su Yao Stretched out both hands and cried out crisply