Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

She usually gets up at eight o’clock, so Gu Ze made an appointment with her at eight o’clock. Gu Ze said that at eight o’clock, I will go downstairs to wait for you. At eight o’clock, I will go downstairs to wait for you. At eight o’clock, I will go downstairs to wait for you. This sentence was played in a loop, and then Su Yao felt that she was going to finish. Su Yao saw five missed calls on the mobile phone at 8:10, 8:20, 8:30, and 9:30, and they were all pressed by her. Su Yao called Gu Ze tremblingly with her hands trembling.
Gu Ze’s voice on the phone couldn’t distinguish her emotions. She woke up and Su Yao shook her fingers and said pitifully.
I picked you up downstairs, then Gu Ze hung up the phone, Su Yao hurriedly ran to wash, apply skin care products, change clothes, pack up her things, and it was exactly ten minutes before she ran downstairs, Su Yao was out of breath, her eyes were foggy when she just woke up And the flush after exercise is like a little rabbit. Gu Ze smiled and walked over and rubbed her head. Let’s go. Su Yao was very uncomfortable at first when Gu Ze liked to touch her head, but now she can accept it very calmly. So getting used to it is a terrible thing. Gu Ze led her out of the east gate, walked around, and finally came to a small restaurant. Soup buns and a bowl of red bean porridge Su Yao sat down and sipped the buns and drank the porridge.
From the corner of her eye, she secretly looked at Gu Ze. She was two hours late. Gu Ze didn’t beat her, didn’t scold her, and brought her over for breakfast. Do you think it’s so unreasonable? Does Gu Ze have to scold her to make her feel comfortable? Only then did she realize that she has a tendency to be abused? The expressions on Su Yao’s face are brilliant. Su Yao was choked by the porridge and coughed so hard that her face turned red. This time, even Gu Ze was stunned. Gu Ze was stunned for three seconds, then walked over and patted her on the back to help her calm down.
Su Yao originally blurted out I was thinking why you didn’t scold me, but she was choked when she just said three words. When Su Yao came over and was about to continue speaking, she was stopped by Gu Ze. Gu Ze said to eat first, and then this sentence was blocked like this Because of the oolong incident in the morning, Su Yao has been anxious all morning and wanted to explain to Gu Ze, but it seems very deliberate to bring up a past matter, maybe Gu Ze has forgotten it by now, so he is so entangled When Gu Ze gave her a few questions, Su Yao walked away a few times. God Gu Ze tapped on her forehead with a pen, focus, Su Yao responded and then lost her mind. Gu Ze felt helpless and put the things on the table. If you have any questions, then ask me.
Su Yao nodded and returned to the dormitory. After returning to the dormitory, she couldn’t help but took out her mobile phone and sent a message to her younger sister, Su Yao Qiqi. Your sister is stupid again.
This weekend, Su Qi returned messages at home very quickly. Roll your eyes and tell me what did you do again? Su Qi explained in detail what happened this morning, especially after she accidentally said that very shameful sentence, she was so sad and angry that she wanted to hit the wall. This time Su Qi is separated. I haven’t heard back for a long time Su Yao Qiqi, are you still here? Su Qi sent a thoughtful expression and said, sister, you have so much inner activities, you won’t miss spring. Su Yao Su Yao Su Qi hasn’t cleaned up your itchy skin for too long, right? I told my mother Su Qi about the comic books hidden in your review materials, and I just casually said why are you so excited? Su Qi, you are sure you are not angry from embarrassment.
Su Yao, how dare you say that there are comic books hidden in your shoebox I want to tell my mother Su Qi Su Qi is such a big person, I am sorry for you, Su Yao, I am happy, Su Qi is heartbroken, such a person is actually my sister, let a handsome guy take my sister, Su Who is Yao’s heartless little fellow? The scholarship was all used to buy you comic books and figures of Su Qi’s Concentrating Thoughts. It’s true that those books were bought by you.
Mom found out that you did too.
The accomplice, Su Yao, lifted a rock and hit her own feet. It hurts. After a while, He Jia came back with her schoolbag on her back.
He Jia is one of Su Yao’s roommates.
I couldn’t stop saying Su Yao, you haven’t woken up yet, have you? In the morning, I saw your brother Gu Ze waiting for you downstairs.
Su Yao was feeling restless, so she didn’t pay too much attention to He Jia’s address, she poked her head out of the bed When did you go downstairs in the morning? He Jia thought about it.
It was 8:30.
I said you were still sleeping. I planned to go upstairs to call you.
He told you to keep sleeping, and then he left at 8:30, which means that Gu Ze is here. Downstairs waited for her for at least half an hour before leaving.
Su Yao felt that she had sinned deeply, and then Su Yao felt that she had to atone for her sins, but how could she atone? Please eat. People who want to invite him to dinner can line up from the west district to the east district to give gifts. Those who give him gifts every day will take care Ze’s mailbox, her mailbox and even Xie Yu’s and Xiao Mu’s mailboxes are full. Su Yao thought hard and did not think of a good solution. In the end, she sent a text message to Gu Ze directly.
When Yao almost forgot about it, Gu Ze called her.
Let’s go for a run together on the playground in the evening. Didn’t you say you wanted a chance? You just talk about it.
Although it is true, why does Su Yao think this sentence is a bit weird and the point? Isn’t it a redemption? How can it become an opportunity? It’s easy to be misunderstood, okay? Although Su Yao She made a lot of complaints in her heart, but she didn’t dare to say it in front of Gu Ze, so she obediently changed into her sportswear and appeared downstairs in the dormitory on time, then went to the playground with Gu Ze for a run. Su Yao’s sportswear was not hers. The reliable mother bought a pink rabbit suit