Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

Locked up the shoe cabinet, Zhao Kai stared dumbfounded, are these ugly shoes so precious? The next day, Zhao Kai went shopping with his mother and accidentally saw a pile of 50% off slippers placed at the entrance of the big supermarket opposite the mall.
Zhao Kai noticed with sharp eyes, isn’t there those ugly carp slippers? Zhao Kai walked over curiously, picked them up, looked at them, and touched them. The texture is exactly the same. That ugly carp is also ugly.
I can’t find an excuse. The infinitely good articles are all in Jinjiang Literature City. His cousin’s taste has become more and more strange recently. The staff standing at the entrance of the supermarket saw that Zhao Kai was well dressed and was very interested in this bunch of sale slippers. Qian You said that this gentleman has a good eye.
Don’t look at these slippers as ugly, but they are so ugly that they are valuable. For example, the pair you have on hand is a koi carp, which is very auspicious.
The pair on the right is one of the five auspicious beasts.
Suitable for wearing during the Spring Festival. The staff kept talking. Out of blind obedience and trust in his cousin, Zhao Kai bought all the slippers by mistake and asked them to send them back. In the evening, Gu Ru asked Gu Ze to come over for dinner at her house. Zhao Yi, who came here with Zhao Yi, looked at the pile of ugly slippers that suddenly appeared in the shoe cabinet, frowned and asked Zhao Kai what happened to the pile of slippers. Zhao Kai walked away with a pair of ugly gluttonous slippers on his feet.
Come here, I bought it at the supermarket today. Look, it’s full of auspicious beasts.
It’s auspicious and can ward off evil spirits.
It’s especially suitable for wearing during the Spring Festival. Even my cousin bought it, right? Brother Zhao Kai looked at Gu Ze for approval. I didn’t buy it.
Dao had a proud expression on his face, my daughter-in-law gave it to Zhao Kai, Gu Ze looked at the gluttonous slippers on Zhao Kai’s feet again, and said disgustingly, he said, you also buy such ugly slippers, my wife’s vision is much better than yours, Zhao Kai, what is this The pair of carp slippers are obviously much more ugly, how could gluttonous come so majestic? Zhao Yi glanced at the ugly gluttonous on Zhao Kai’s feet, and then at the uglier carp in the shoe cabinet, frowning, have all the younger brothers suddenly become mentally retarded and swollen? Su Yao opened her eyes and met Gu Ze’s burning eyes full of smiles. Her heart skipped a beat unconsciously.
Gu Ze said, “New Year’s gift.
” Su Yao looked at the diamond ring on her left hand, which was just the right size and style.
The way I like it is that there is no one like Gu Ze who puts the ring on her without even asking a single question.
Although she probably won’t refuse, there are no nine hundred and ninety-nine roses, no kneeling on one knee, or even It’s too bad to just accept the ring without even confessing. You didn’t even ask me if I would accept it. Su Yao muttered in a low voice, then would you accept it? Gu Ze asked, took out another ring of this pair and handed it to you Su Yao then stretched out her left hand, which was too perfunctory. Su Yao was dissatisfied, then reached out and took the ring over to put it on Gu Ze. Su Yao’s explanation for her behavior was that she had been put on by Gu Ze, and she wouldn’t give it to her. Wouldn’t it be more disadvantageous for Gu Ze to wear it? The smile on Gu Ze’s face became more obvious.
He stretched out his hand and clasped Su Yao’s ten fingers together. The two stood facing each other with their hands tightly intertwined. Under the reflection of the flowers, Gu Ze pulled Su Yao closer.
Amid the explosion of fireworks and the cheers of the crowd, the two kissed passionately together. Su Yao and Su’s father said that they would go home on the first day of the new year, and Su Yao specially stayed to accompany her. Gu Ze couldn’t make progress during the New Year’s Eve, so he could only send Su Yao to the airport unwillingly. Su Yao now has no card and no money to buy a plane ticket. Gu Ze can only do it for Su Yao. Gu Ze ordered his assistant to buy Su Yao the Imperial Capital and Round-trip air tickets to the city, return tickets on the eighth day of the eighth day of the lunar new year, all good articles are in Jinjiang Literature City, that is to say, Su Yao can only stay at home for about a week. Round-trip air tickets are relatively cheap.
The prodigal son is ashamed to say that he wants to save money, Su Yao curled her lips, I listen to my wife now, I want to increase income and reduce expenditure Gu Ze smiled and said Su Yao, she seems to have lifted a rock and hit her foot again, sitting on the plane back to the city, the sequelae of impulsive elopement finally came After seeing Su Yao, she felt ashamed of her father and fellow villagers. All the way, she was worried about how to deal with the interrogation at home.
When she got off the plane and saw Papa Su who came to pick her up, the embarrassing feeling was even stronger, but it was imagined. The cross-examination didn’t come.
Su’s father didn’t ask anything about her running away from home suddenly. Instead, he asked about the Gu family’s affairs, whether the elders get along well, etc. Su Yao answered one by one. Unknowingly there was a smile on the table, Father Su looked at the expression on his daughter’s face, and suddenly he sighed with emotion.
Su Yao blushed and turned her head to look out the window with a guilty conscience. The Spring Festival was as busy as ever and had nothing to do.
I am busy because I have to go to relatives every day.
I have no free time. I have nothing to do except go to relatives, drink tea and eat snacks.
Su Qi is completely restless. Most of the Lunar New Year movies released during the Spring Festival are relatively relaxed and cheerful light comedies. Most people come with their families or friends. Su Qi and Su Yao, who have a high attendance rate at the cinema, bought tickets online.
When I went to the cinema to choose seats, I found that the movie was unexpectedly popular. The adjacent seats were gone. The remaining seats were all single. Su Qi found her own seat. Next to her was a young man who looked about 20 years old.
Su Qi Discuss with him, “Handsome guy, let’s change seats. My sister’s seat is in front. You can change it for us.
I’ll give you a piece of chocolate.” Su Qi said, taking out a piece of chocolate from her pocket and stuffing it into the boy’s hand.
The boy came with his companion.
I didn’t plan to change, but when I looked up and saw Su Yao, I was stunned. Isn’t this Su Yao?