Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

I just hope that Gu Ze will be safe and successful in the future. This is what he owes their mother and son. At night, Gu Ze received a call from Butler Li.
The old man hoped that they would find time to go to the old house for dinner.
From time to time, I will go back to the old house to live for a while.
Butler Li said they were not he, and he must have known about him and Su Yao.
He wanted to see Su Yao. Gu Ze promised that grandpa Su Yao would meet sooner or later.
His attitude also prevents anyone from trying to embarrass Su Yao.
When Gu Ze told Su Yao the news, Su Yao was still happily playing with the new year’s goods she bought. In the restaurant, she changed into a festive fruit plate and put the big red carp couple slippers she bought. He took it out and placed it at the door. Under Aunt Zhang’s gaze, he blushed in embarrassment.
When Gu Ze went to the door to change into new slippers and bought them, he thought how could slippers look so ugly? Looking at Su Yao’s red face, he thought This pair of slippers looks quite pleasing to the eye, so let’s wear them from now on. Su Yao also put on the newly bought slippers and went to the sofa with Gu Ze to sit down. Four festive carps are lined up side by side. Su Yao smiled sweetly. Duoduo got jealous, took the dog’s head and pushed the carp on the shoes and sat down. Gu Ze said that Duoduo sat down aggrievedly. The reaction is quick because you don’t need to train Gu Ze replied that my family’s feng shui is so good that you will know when you get married This girl’s flirting skills are almost at the full level, and you alone Gu Ze replied.
Looking at Su Yao’s suspicious eyes, Gu Ze smiled lightly. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my old man Gu. He happened to ask us to go back to the old house for dinner tomorrow.
I agreed to Su Yao’s first Zhang Suyao thinks that Gu Ze is very good at giving her 10,000 crit points when she thinks the world is so beautiful. Gu Ze forced her to take him to meet the parents. Why should she meet him? Anyway, he is still at home, his aunt and his family are more gentle, but just the three words of the old man make people tremble all over, and the little ones are so difficult to deal with. The old man must have become fine, right? She can still be complete after entering. Did you come out? Su Yao felt sad in her heart Chenghe greeted Duoduo with tears in her eyes, son, your father is such a jerk, I want to take you away from home Duoduo looked up and looked at his mother and then sat on the sofa His father wagged his tail twice at his mother, still lay on his stomach, and did not move.
Infinitely good articles are all in Jinjiang Literature City, oh, oh, even Duoduo bullies her, she wants to abandon her husband and son, she wants to buy a plane ticket to go back to the market, of course Su Yao can only think I think it’s because she eloped with Gu Ze impulsively, didn’t bring enough money, and didn’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket? Will Gu Ze help Su Yao buy a plane ticket and let her run away from home? The answer is of course impossible, so Su Yao was still seduced by Gu Ze the next day. Coaxed down and got into the car going to the old house, the car left the urban area, turned left and right, and finally stopped in front of a house with a quiet environment After getting down, Butler Li waited in front of the gate early in the morning to see Gu Ze’s car driving in. He ordered the servants to inform Mr.
Gu, while going forward to open the car door.
Su Yao took a deep breath and pulled Gu Ze’s hand out to join Gu Ze. When you get out of the car and enter through the gate, you have to go around a quiet path full of precious flowers and plants for two weeks to come to the front door. Butler Li is leading the way in front with a very amiable attitude.
The time from the gate to the front gate has already been quietly inquired from Su Yao. Su Yao’s taste and then ordered the people around to prepare it. So when Su Yao came to the hall and saw the fruit she liked on the tea table and the servant brought her favorite scented tea, Su Yao not only did not relax, but instead Even more nervous, the servants are about to become fine, can the master be simple? In the midst of Su Yao’s nervousness, nervousness, and apprehension, Mr. Gu finally came out with the support of Butler Li. He was as serious as Su Yao imagined, but not angry. Wei’s image is different. Mr. Gu himself looks more kind than Butler Li.
Because of his poor health, his face is a little pale.
Wearing a dark striped robe, he is calm, wise, peaceful, and peaceful like every ordinary family.
The grandson’s grandpa doesn’t seem so scary. Su Yao slowly relaxed.
Once she gets along with Mr. Gu as an ordinary grandfather, she will feel more at ease. When chatting with Su Yao, she casually mentioned that many cities in the south love spicy food, and Su Yao casually said that she also likes spicy food. Butler Li specially prepared according to Su Yao’s taste when preparing lunch A few spicy dishes that Su Yao likes to eat, and they are specially placed in front of Su Yao. Gu’s chef’s cooking skills are top-notch, especially today, under the temptation of the bonus promised by Butler Li, the cooking skills are super-level, and the dishes are delicious and delicious.
Just looking at it makes people move their index fingers.
Su Yao watched eagerly and silently swallowed her saliva several times, but still reservedly waited until everyone moved their chopsticks before continuing to stretch out the chopsticks reservedly to a plate of chili fried pork in front of her Gu Ze stopped the chopsticks halfway, you can’t eat this dish, Su Yao stared at Gu Ze resentfully, even Mr. Gu couldn’t stand it anymore, put down the chopsticks to support Su Yao, said goodbye to him, you can eat if you want to eat, don’t need to imitate now some girls What does it look like to lose weight and only eat vegetarian dishes Our Gu family can’t afford Su Yao? She doesn’t seem to need Gu’s support, right? My daughter-in-law’s menstruation is coming and she can’t eat spicy Su Yao choked on a chopstick of meat in the bowl, even the steady Mr.
Gu coughed, but Butler Li reacted faster and ordered the servants to remove all the spicy dishes from the table