Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

Can she catch Gu Ze? They’re still so young.
Gu Ze is very interested in Su Yao now. Naturally, his feelings are good, but in the future, Papa Su thinks so and says so.
In front of Gu Ze, he prefers to treat him as an equal. Rather than pretending to be an elder, infinitely good articles are all in Jinjiang Literature City Gu Ze said that some people live their whole lives and don’t know what they want. Feelings have nothing to do with age, but with people. There is no doubt that he is young, but he is not stupid. He always knows what he wants.
What do you want and Su Yao is what he wants most? From young to old, from 20 to 120 years old, he and Su Yao are the most suitable for each other. The new year in the imperial capital is more lively than the city and also more traffic jam than the city. It was even worse. After getting off the plane, the driver came to pick it up. Su Yao asked Gu Ze, did you buy new year’s goods? Aunt Zhang should have bought them. Gu Ze replied that he didn’t have the heart to cook these.
Red lanterns sometimes buy some fireworks.
The traffic jam happened to be a big shopping mall. Su Yao pulled Gu Ze’s men out of the car.
The joy of the New Year is to sweep the goods.
I usually want to buy things but haven’t bought them during the New Year. I can find a reason to let my parents I don’t care if you buy it, you have to compensate me. Gu Ze went back to the car and took her down jacket and scarf and wrapped her up. You can buy whatever you want.
Going shopping with Gu Ze is a very novel experience for Su Yao, and it is even more so for Gu Ze. Yao pushed the trolley and went straight to the discount area to see if there were any discounts. Gu Ze held her back.
You don’t need your husband to be rich.
Yao blushed with embarrassment and glared at Gu Ze. She stubbornly pushed the small cart over there to increase income and reduce expenditure.
A prodigal like you doesn’t understand, well, I don’t understand. With increasingly hot eyes, Su Yao pushed the small cart faster and faster with an embarrassing face.
Even the words “discounted goods” that have always looked the most pleasing to the eye are also disgusting. They are all Gu Ze’s accomplices who bully her Su Yao every year If you want to go out shopping with Su’s mother, you know how to shop around and find out which one is the most affordable.
It’s almost like a treasure. In the end, the two of them bought a lot of food in big bags and small bags.
It only cost a few hundred yuan. Su Yao proudly told Gu Ze How about showing off? Am I very powerful? Well, very powerful.
Gu Ze couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss her on the lips. After that, I’ll make money. Your housekeeper. There are people coming and going in the shopping mall.
Staring at him with dissatisfaction, the eye movements are more like expressive eyebrows. This scene was photographed by passers-by and posted on Weibo.
Today, when I was shopping in the mall, I saw a couple who were so beautiful and loving.
As a result, the netizens saw that this is not Gu Ze and Su Yao.
The male and female protagonists of the latest promotional video did not expect that they are also a pair of fans in reality. They are so happy. Gu Ze and Su Yao relied on that promotional video to become popular There are countless fans, but Gu Ze’s Weibo is not managed by himself at all, only occasionally his assistant posts a few posts.
The company’s recent publicity or announcement Su Yao’s Weibo has not been verified by netizens so far. The enthusiasm of the fans has nowhere to vent, so they can only watch and chat with the promotional video repeatedly for comfort. Unexpectedly, for half a year After that, I finally saw the news of the two of them again, and the fans felt so happy when they came here. The shopping mall was overcrowded for several days. The fans wanted to have a beautiful encounter with their idols, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. This small video was taken down.
Netizens repeatedly forwarded it and made it a hot search on Weibo.
In the end, Mr.
Gu, who was lying on the hospital bed, saw this video.
It was purely a coincidence that Mr.
Gu would see this video.
The housekeeper Li at home was afraid that Mr.
Gu would be alone as the New Year approached.
Lonely and euphemistically asked Mr.
Gu what he meant, and then brought his grandson here to live for a few days, making him more angry.
Butler Li’s grandson likes to browse Weibo. When he saw Gu Ze and Su Yao on the hot search, he clicked on it and was seen by Butler Li. When they arrived, the housekeeper Li gave it to Mr.
Gu. Mr. Gu also saw the video. It was only a short second and it was shot from the side.
Gu Ze was holding shopping bags in both hands, his brows and eyes were all smiling.
Before the girl could react, he suddenly leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Take a sip, because the shopping mall is full of people, the video is not very clear, but even so, you can still feel Gu Ze’s good mood and the sweet love between the two through the screen.
It seems that even the air around is sweet Gu Ze.
It has been so many years since Ze’s mother passed away.
This is the first time that Mr.
Gu saw Gu Ze smiling so genuinely and vividly. When he brought me the girl’s information, Mr. Gu told Steward Li to say yes, when he left.
I was stopped by Mr.
Gu again. Forget it, Mr. Gu sighed.
Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren.
I have never dealt with the two parents. I firmly disagree with separating the two of them. Xu Weihua is his proud disciple and his right-hand man.
The Gu family didn’t expect it to lead to a tragedy, his health was getting worse and worse, and he trusted Xu Weihua more, so he released Xu Weihua’s authority and personally helped him open up contacts. Killed his own daughter and later suppressed Xu Weihua and almost caused Gu Ze to be controlled by Xu Weihua’s drugs.
He had scruples and dared not touch Xu Weihua easily.
Gu Ze’s mother had a grudge against him, so Gu Ze wasn’t close to him.
Now that Gu Ze talked about his girlfriend, he also looked away from him.
Now he doesn’t ask for anything.