Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

Blushing and looking at Gu Ze, Su Yao probably still doesn’t understand her lethality at this time Come over, the design of the wedding dress makes it very convenient for Su Yao to expose a large area of ​​her skin.
Gu Ze has his hands up and down.
Su Yao is made soft and panting by Gu Ze after a while. When Gu Ze let go of her, Su Yao’s cheeks were flushed. The watery lips were even kissed so red that you don’t need to put on makeup.
Gu Ze thought of her and said that Su Yao gave him an annoyed look at him.
He got cheap and behaved.
I have never seen such a thick-skinned person.
Gu Ze originally wanted to let it go. She was caught by her captivating stare and pressed her against the wall to continue putting on her makeup. When Su Yao and Gu Ze came out of the fitting room, the wedding dress on Su Yao was already wrinkled. Su Yao was so ashamed and annoyed. Gu Ze But I don’t care about changing another one.
Su Yao’s action was very fast this time.
After changing the wedding dress, she dragged Gu Ze out in a hurry and didn’t dare to stay in the store.
According to the description in the script, at the end, the two of them appeared in the wedding after graduation.
The heroine in the bridal shop is trying on the wedding dress, even if it’s over, but the director is still telling everyone to continue filming, Gu Ze obediently cooperated with Su Yao, naturally, she didn’t dare to have any objections until Su Yao changed several sets of intimate actions with Gu Ze under the director’s instructions. After changing a few sets of locations, Su Yao finally couldn’t help but ask Gu Ze why I don’t feel like we’re shooting a wedding photo instead of a film.
You guessed it right Gu Ze said that Director Li was famous before he became famous in commercials Wedding photographer Chapter Su Yao She thinks she has fallen into the pit again Gu Ze is simply too insidious, shouldn’t she be informed in advance of this kind of thing? She is also the heroine after all, is he afraid that she won’t cooperate? If you meet her, she probably won’t cooperate.
But since the filming has already started, let’s finish it. Su Yao came out after changing another wedding dress.
Gu Ze thoughtfully helped her adjust the whole dress, her eyes were always calm and calm. The consciousness that she didn’t do anything bad at all is really Su Yao clenched her small fist and slowly let go of her small fist under Gu Ze’s interested eyes. Gu Ze’s joy is endless. The above is Su Yao’s history of blood and tears summed up in the past half a year. Although she has lost her behavior, she can’t lose her momentum.
Su Yao snorted coldly. I can’t bear such a beautiful wedding dress.
Gu Ze smiled.
Well, I can’t bear to bear such a beautiful bride. Su Yao’s face turned red, in order not to let Gu Ze see it, she turned her head away from him. Hmph, don’t think she can forgive him by saying a few nice words. The director captured this scene by the side and said excitedly, the bride’s expression is amazing. With a blushing and delicate appearance, Young Master Gu, hurry up and read the infinitely good articles in Jinjiang Literature City Gu Ze’s smile deepened and he said, “Let’s go and see Su Yao protesting quietly, they are all from Gu Ze’s gang.” The villain Su Yao was manipulated and changed several sets of wedding dresses. Gu Ze also changed a lot of wedding dresses, especially one of the wine red suits.
It is rare for Gu Ze to be dressed so coquettishly. At first glance, he is completely overwhelmed. She is ascetic and enchanting. Su Yao also changed into a corresponding red wedding dress.
The red wedding dress made her even more enchanting and gorgeous. Standing together, it looks like two goblins even directors.
They all looked straight at it and said that I have never seen two people who are so good-looking and well-matched in their careers for decades. If they debut, those little fresh meats will have no way to survive. Su Yao is wearing a complicated wedding dress and is stepping on high heels Gu Ze was afraid that she would be tired, and when changing scenes, he picked her up and carried her into his arms. Su Yao exclaimed, peeping around in a panic, and found that everyone turned their heads, picked up the machine, and left without looking at the two of them.
He was relieved when he stayed on his body, and stared at Gu Ze dissatisfiedly. Gu Ze was in a good mood today, with a rare smile on his face all the time.
When Su Yao stared over, he lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. The wedding dress was put on now. I’m just shy, isn’t it a bit late? Su Yaohum. Su Yao was tired and paralyzed after the day’s work. She went back to the dormitory and lay down on the bed. Said in a vague way, her face was burning hot, she couldn’t say that she and Gu Ze went to take wedding photos, right? She drowned and covered her face.
Just when the college students were all looking forward to the new big promotional video, the wedding photos of Su Yao and Gu Ze came out first.
Gu Ze hung a big one-inch photo on the wall in the middle of the living room As soon as you enter the door, you can see in the photo that Gu Ze reached out and hugged Su Yao from behind. The background is blue sky, white clouds and lush grass. Su Yao is holding a large bouquet of roses. Her eyes are bent into crescent moons and her smile is like a flower.
Just looking at it makes me feel warm and happy. I also saw the photo of rushing over and trying to reach it.
Two front paws are trying hard to lie on the wall.
Enough, enough? Is it enough to slide the front paws down and lie under the wall? Wronged and pitiful, like a child abandoned by unscrupulous parents She wagged her tail twice and glanced at Su Yao, she looked depressed and sad, Su Yao’s heart softened, why don’t you bring Duoduo to take a group photo next time, Gu Ze smiled, so I listened to you, and then greeted my son Duoduo to come back, Duoduo came here with joy, where’s the melancholy Where is the sadness? Su Yao feels that she has been cheated by the father and son again. The latest promotional video of the college near June is finally online.
The story of the protagonists meeting each other on campus, knowing each other and falling in love, but as the camera moves slowly, from Su Yao, a childish girl who is pulling a suitcase, to Gu Ze, a young man standing under a plane tree holding a book, everyone is just yelling all the way Just look at it and exchange ideas online