Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

Su Yao pushed her long hair aside and dried her body just in case she brought in her clothes and changed them before tiptoeing out.
Gu Ze sat by the bed and waited for her to look up and see that she was wet Her hair, her big eyes are also glistening, her Adam’s apple moved, and she waved towards her. With previous experience, Su Yao didn’t dare to go over at this time, took a towel, walked to the bedside, picked up a hair dryer, and started to blow her hair.
Gu Ze didn’t make any more fuss. She took the hair dryer from her hand and carefully helped her blow her hair. Gu Ru waited downstairs, but she didn’t wait until Gu Ze came down, and she lost her mind to cook. She kicked Zhao Kai, what happened to your brother? It’s obvious.
Well, I have a sister-in-law Zhao Kai kept looking upstairs as he said that, you already knew, did you tell me everything you know, otherwise don’t expect to have pocket money next month Gu Ru threatened that Zhao Kai was wronged why every time They all threatened his brother, obviously he knew why he didn’t threaten Zhao Yi, classmate Zhao Kai didn’t even think about it, his brother Zhao Yi was already financially independent, obviously it wasn’t such a good threat, who made him a soft persimmon compared to his brother Zhao Kai, even though he was wronged Pocket money still had to answer, I don’t know much, I know that my sister-in-law is also from the Department of Computer Science, and her name is Su Yao, and she is also the campus belle of the University.
That’s why Zhao Kai hesitated.
Zhao Kai said in a difficult way and added, but I think my brother likes her. Gu Ru, who was a little depressed at first, became cheerful when she heard this.
Doesn’t she have a good taste in clothes? In that generation, all three were daughters, and the juniors who were born were all leading.
Her family had two sons, the second sister’s family had a son, and the third sister’s family had Gu Ze, a son, and a little princess. According to Zhao Kai’s statement, this girl grew up pretty. The taste is not good, which means that she is a person who pays attention to connotation. The little girls nowadays think they are great when they are pretty. Their tails are raised higher than the sky. They pay too much attention to appearance and lose their self-cultivation.
Gu Ze has been independent since he was a child.
Gu Ru prepared herself psychologically and sat on the sofa waiting for someone to come down. In fact, she also knew that the main reason why she did this psychological training was because even if she objected to Gu Ze’s willful nature, she would not listen to her. It would be better to be with her.
The girls get along well, maybe they can have more daughters to go shopping together in the future.
Poor Su Yao has no idea that the guests she wants to entertain have already arrived. Gu Ze said that his aunt’s family came to have dinner, so Su Yao automatically made up her mind They came here at five or six o’clock at dinner time, and now it’s not until four o’clock. She still has time to prepare. Su Yao has blown her hair, combed it carefully, and then looked at her clothes. There should be no problem. Su Yao has solved the image problem. Nervously asked Gu Ze what your aunt likes to eat, do I want to cook? Although my cooking skills are not very good, Gu Ze saw that Su Yao was nervous for a long time, stretched out his hand and pulled him into his arms without Su Yao taking a deep breath Let it go Calm down by yourself, put your arms around Gu Ze’s waist, they don’t like me, what should I do? Gu Ze said, kissed her on the forehead, you don’t have to please anyone, it’s enough if I like it, Su Yao lay in Gu Ze’s arms, calm down enough, finally remembered Ask Gu Ze the most important question, Auntie, what time will they come over? Infinite good texts are in Jinjiang Literature City Gu Zexiao has already arrived and is waiting downstairs for Su Yao Su Yao’s brain that just finished calming down is about to start to strike again Su Yao’s bosom is full of wind Seeing the elder, Xi Yi Shuihan opened the door of the bedroom with trembling nervousness, four pairs of eyes downstairs fell on her like searchlights, making her unable to stand still. Taking a step back, it was Gu Ze who supported her and said in her ear Look at their expressions, they have already been conquered by your beauty, Su Yao, the expressions of the four people downstairs are really dumbfounded, what Gu Ru thinks is this straight man’s aesthetics is not good, seeing that the girls are well dressed, Zhao Yi and Zhao Kai It’s no wonder Gu Ze has been there for so long. It’s Gu Ze’s idea of ​​changing clothes and looks for his little girlfriend. It’s good that they know it, but Su Yao’s appearance is really nothing to say.
Zhao Ting is Surprised that Gu Ze, this kid usually can’t hold back the words of the elders, and it’s rare to be able to listen to what the elders say, and there are times when he is gentle.
Say hello to Zhao Yi, Gu Ze followed her, when Su Yao was relieved and wanted to sneak into the kitchen to help, he grabbed her in time, looked at the bracelet on Gu Ru’s hand and said, “My wife is calling someone else, do you want to express Su Yao as an elder?” Secretly stepped on Gu Ze Gu Ze raised his eyebrows You see the elders are too stingy My wife is dissatisfied with me Su Yao Gu God, can you stop so much drama Gu Ru withdraw the bracelet from her wrist and hand it to Su Yao It’s rare that Gu Ze likes someone so much.
From now on, Gu Ze will rely on you to take care of Su Yao.
She’s only nineteen years old, ah, ah, ah, but she still keeps calm and smiles. Thank you, auntie, but this bracelet is too expensive. Accept it, Gu Ze said.
She knocked on the head of the elder’s gift, don’t refuse it, since Gu Ze has said so, then accept it, I will pay back the favor owed to Gu Ze later, Su Yao thought so, so she took the bracelet Gu Ru I put the bracelet on Su Yao with my own hands and said that this bracelet belonged to Gu Ze’s mother.
When I saw it, I liked it so much, so I asked her for it.
She refused to give it to my daughter-in-law. I kept it for my daughter-in-law. The Lord smiled gratifiedly after he finished speaking. Gu Ze experienced the things about his parents and was very disappointed with his father, so he himself is very serious about relationships and will not fall in love easily. Once he is determined, he must be very serious about Gu Ze’s affairs.