Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

Gu Ze has always been efficient in doing things, but today he was distracted by his phone several times. It would be absolutely impossible to put it in the past. The screen saver of Gu Ze’s phone is still the picture of Su Yao who just woke up. Her hair is disheveled but she looks very soft. In her eyes It’s a sleepy day when I first woke up, how cute it is. Gu Ze rarely sees Su Yao’s Moments just updated when he swipes through Moments once.
In the photo, Su Yao and a boy had a good conversation, although Gu Ze felt that he had done it. Compared with other boys, Su Yao definitely doesn’t like it, but it doesn’t mean that other boys can stare at Su Yao naked like this when he can only look at photos.
Gu Ze directly dialed Su Yao’s phone, and Su Qi picked up the phone. Glancing at the notes, Gu Dashen should be a classmate, right? Su Qi thought about saying hello, a nice man’s voice came from the opposite side, who are you, Su Qi, and who are you? You haven’t answered my question yet, the tone is so irritating! Su Qi wondered when her sister met such a powerful character, she wanted to kneel down and sing over the phone line to conquer Su Qiqing I cleared my throat, the handsome guy on the opposite side, my name is Su Qi, Su Yao’s younger sister, Gu Ze, pondered for a while and said, I’m your brother-in-law. A more imposing sentence, go back, purse your lips, be silent for a while, and then say, why should I believe you, Gu Ze still speaks in a leisurely tone, Fairy Ears, The Legend of Boruroki, and the limited edition collectible figure of the little fairy that you recently fell in love with These hobbies and hardcover collection sets will be sent to Su Qi in a few days.
Su Yao will say a few words from time to time.
I’ve changed my words obediently, I’m not being polite, I’m buying Gu Ze, saying that if the buying is not successful, I’ll cancel the order. It’s definitely a success. Su Qi hastened to say that there’s only a limited edition collector’s edition in the world. It’s said that the workmanship is very exquisite and luxurious, and ordinary people can’t buy it.
Even the big fat guy in their class who is said to have a rich family only bought a figure of a small person from someone else, and he was still in class for a long time. Su Qi is very kind.
You want to ask about that photo, right? Sister’s high school classmates met and chatted a few words. My sister, I know best. She is slow and passive. It’s useless to chat with them for thousands of years.
Brother-in-law, you are amazing.
Said to ask your sister to answer the phone Su Qi raised the phone and shouted at Su Yao her brother-in-law’s phone number After talking, Cheng Yan looked at Su Yao’s coquettish expression and didn’t understand anything.
Su Qi came over to Cheng Yan and said handsome guy, don’t stare at my sister, look at my sister now has a master, I am also very good Cheng Although Yan has always heard that Su Yao has a maverick My sister didn’t expect that the two of them have completely different personalities. One is shy and introverted, the other is bright and flamboyant. The only thing they have in common is that they are both good-looking.
Su Yao came back from the call with a flushed face and said goodbye to Cheng Yan. Su Qi, my brother-in-law, dragged Su Qi away. Who is it? Handsome or not? Are you ashamed to call your brother-in-law before you know it? If you want to be ashamed, you are also ashamed, right? Su Qi said, and I don’t believe your eyes? I saw the photo Su Qi was surprised, it was the most powerful Su Yao you said who would blind me I want to think so, but the fact is that I took him down, but he took me down. It’s not the same. After a while, Su Yao is not allowed to tell my parents.
Now I heard from my brother-in-law Su Qi that I will go back and join my brother-in-law. I went to WeChat to ask my brother-in-law what Su Yao said. Whose sister is this? Not only does he work overtime every day, but he also forces everyone to work overtime with him.
Although the conditions Gu Ze agreed to are tempting enough, his small body cannot withstand such a long-term oppression.
After being squeezed by Gu Ze for several days, Xiao Mu finally couldn’t help it. Yao sued her school girl, hurry up and take care of your family, Gu Ze is so frantic that he lives in the company as his home and works overtime every day, and he pulls us to work overtime together. It’s unhealthy and immoral.
Su Yao, yes, I really need to persuade him. Xiao Mu saw Su before he had time to feel relieved.
Yao continued to reply that it would be enough to leave it to you to work overtime in the future. I advised him to go back and rest. Sure enough, Xiao Mu stayed with Gu Ze for a long time. The kind-hearted schoolgirl before that had turned bad. Su Yao stayed at home for two days to recuperate. Mom asked the two sisters to go out together to shop for New Year’s goods, but Su Qi refused.
Su Qi took it and stayed at home and refused to go out. Su Yao was surprised that you used to go out every day, but now you have changed.
Sister, you don’t understand that my life is still there On the way to me, I want to stay at home and check it immediately. Su Qi happily said that the infinitely good articles are all in Jinjiang Literature City. Fan had some strange idea, what are you thinking? Su Qi said angrily, sister, why did you become so evil? Could it be that her brother-in-law, Su Qi, was covered by Su Yao’s hand before she finished speaking? You give me Shut up, Mother Su just opened the door and came in. What are the two sisters hiding in the room, what are they talking about? It’s nothing, nothing. Su Yao smiled and pushed Mother Su out.