Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

Because it was still early in the morning, there were not many people in the dining room. The four of them found a seat with a good view by the window and sat down.
The position of Jiang Hui and Zhang Feifei was facing the entrance.
Every time a person came in, the two of them had to wait and see, which is a pity.
Those who looked pretty clean didn’t see any handsome guys. The two couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.
Just as the meal they ordered was finished, the two of them didn’t pay attention to the entrance any more and concentrated on eating until a slightly frivolous voice came from the beauty.
There is someone here.
Zhang Feifei raised her head and saw three boys standing shoulder to shoulder and talking together. The boy standing in the middle was wearing a light gray sweater and looking at them with phoenix eyes. The eyes couldn’t help but straighten. The best, the best, the three boys sat down on the table next to them. The restaurant was already full.
The place where they were sitting was that two tables could seat eight people. Just three The boys just asked if they could sit on the other side of the table connected to theirs. Zhang Feifei kicked the other roommates under the table and motioned them to look to the right.
He Jia was because they saw Jiang Da when they sat outside. The young lady also saw that she was eating with pretentious restraint while thinking about how she would hook them up. Only Su Yao was sitting in the back and by the window, so she didn’t pay attention, and as a family man, Su Yao was not like the others. The three of them are always paying attention to the movement here, still buried in their heads, feeling Zhang Feifei kicking her, Su Yao is a little confused Miss Jiang couldn’t bear to go to the toilet and said something Su Yao was eating. The three boys at the other end were ordering and raised their heads curiously when they heard their voices. You are the older Zhang Feifei sitting outside nodded. I just heard that Some of you call Su Yao the handsome guy with a pair of phoenix eyes and asked Zhang Feifei, pointing at Su Yao, do you know Su Yao? The big-framed glasses had to eat a few mouthfuls because the frames were too big, so Su Yao put her finger on the glasses Su Yao also raised her head under the gaze of the three people, because she couldn’t figure out the situation, her eyes were still a little confused. Although she looks good, how do you look at it The three young people looked at the little girl who looked like a high school student in front of them, it was a thunderbolt. Could it be that Gu Ze liked this one? I didn’t expect Gu Ze to dismiss so many beauties. He actually likes lolita and double ponytails and bowknots. Everyone has known each other for many years and has never seen it When it came out, Gu Ze turned out to be of this flavor.
Zhao Kai coughed lightly, picked up his phone and sent a message to Gu Ze, brother, I met my sister-in-law at the restaurant, Gu Zen, don’t hit her.
Zhao Kai clenched his right hand into a fist and put it in front of his mouth to block it. In case I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, Gu Ze thought everyone had the same taste as him? Su Yao really didn’t dare to compliment Zhao Kai in this outfit, so he euphemistically said that his sister-in-law is very unique, Gu Ze, thank you for complimenting Zhao Kai, Zhao Kai Kai put the phone away and greeted Su Yao, sister-in-law, hello, my name is Zhao Kai, Gu Ze’s cousins, they are my friends, and then introduced the other two boys one by one, and greeted them, Su Yao was embarrassed by the word sister-in-law first, and then An even bigger shock came. He turned out to be Gu Ze’s cousin. Does she count as meeting her family? But Su Yao thought about how she was dressed today, Su Yao only wanted that piece of tofu to kill herself, not Jiang Hui Yao said that she wanted to take off both the glasses and the damn bow, but felt that it was too deliberate, so she smiled reservedly and said that I am not like this at ordinary times.
Zhao Kai gave her a understanding look. It really takes courage to dress up like this.
Girls are thin-skinned, he understands, he understands, he understands, he secretly took a photo and sent it to his brother Zhao Yi, Zhao Yi sent the photo out, and after a while everyone knew Gu Ze’s unique taste Do you dare to spread it in private? Does anyone dare to speak in front of Gu Ze? No, everyone thinks they know Gu Ze’s great little secret.
Zhao Kai is very talkative. In the middle of Jinjiang Literature City, Zhao Kai answered a phone call, the three boys left with apologies, and thoughtfully helped them pay for this table. After Zhao Kai left, Jiang Hui was so excited that she almost jumped up.
Zhao Kai and Zhao Yi’s younger brother is handsome, his family background is very fond of racing, it is said that when he was racing, he was so handsome that Su Yao held her neck across the table and said viciously, Jiang Hui, I was killed by you, I will kill you Thinking that she had left such a first impression on Gu Ze’s cousin, she wanted to hit the wall, she had no face, goodbye tomorrow’s sun Folding back, I happened to see the scene of Su Yao pinching Jiang Hui’s neck, I couldn’t help being even more surprised Zhao Kai left Su Yao thoughtfully. She didn’t even want to see the sun today.
After returning to the dormitory, Su Yao sent a message to Gu Ze.
I met your cousin today.
Gu Ze replied after a while. Well, I know Su Yao, you don’t I know Gu Ze, okay, whatever you say, Su Yao After a while, Su Yao continues to send him texts You don’t know that today I wear those childish glasses and double ponytails and two oversized ponytails The key to the childish bow tie is that my appearance was actually seen by your cousin Gu Ze over there smiled and raised the corners of his mouth and replied that it would be cute sooner or later Su Yao would have to pay it back, she is not cute Gu Ze continued to say later