Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

There is also a woman in the face control industry. Mother Su has paid great attention to the extra points for her daughter’s maintenance since she was a child. After taking a bath, Su Yao’s lips are bright red and her cheeks are even dyed with the best rouge. On the long and curled eyelashes With a drop of water on it, it flickered with Su Yao’s blinking movements.
Her eyes seemed to have been washed, and her wet hair was beautiful and pure.
Gu Ze’s Adam’s apple rolled for a while, and the color of her eyes became darker, Su Yao Looking up, I met Gu Ze’s burning eyes, especially those deep eyes, which seemed to see the prey. The falcon was so focused that it was almost scorching hot. The key is that she still fouled.
After a while, he walked towards her with long legs, took her right hand, which was a little overwhelmed by his sudden approach, and then walked all the way to the bedroom.
Su Yao’s face can no longer be expressed by scarlet letters. It’s not what she thought, right? She, she, she doesn’t want to sell herself yet, so Su Yao raised her rosy face and stammered, go to the bedroom, why did Gu Ze stop? Su Yao, who looked like a cooked prawn, was nervous and overwhelmed, her long legs approached a little more The string called Calm flapped its invisible wings and flew away Chapter Chapter Gu Ze continued to lead her to the bedroom Su Yao grabbed the door frame in desperation and swallowed with difficulty I, I, I think it’s too fast I still need time, Su Yao stammered for a long time, her expression is so cute, Gu Ze turned her head and chuckled, looking back, she still looked serious, don’t you want to catch a cold? Her hair is obedient.
Let’s go to the bedroom to dry her hair. Su Yao’s messy mind suddenly became quiet It’s convenient to blow the hair on the back, and then Su Yao felt her waist vacated, and then it landed on Gu Ze’s lap.
Gu Ze was satisfied with the evaluation of this position. It’s really convenient to eat tofu. Su Yao’s little resistance didn’t make a difference. She sat on Gu Ze’s lap anxiously. From time to time, she turned her head to ask Gu Ze behind him if she was alright.
It’s a little hoarse, don’t make trouble, all the good writing is in Jinjiang Literature City, Su Yao is innocent and wronged, who is making the trouble, finally the hair is blown, Gu Ze and Su Yao both heave a sigh of relief, what Su Yao thinks is that the blowing is finally over, finally Don’t be nervous and sit on Gu Ze’s lap, what Gu Ze thinks is that it’s finally over, and finally he can press the primary school girl on the bed to do whatever he wants in Jinjiang Literature City.
With a stretch of Ze Chang’s arm, she was pressed down on the bed Poor Su Yao just soothed her little heart for less than a second, and then immediately thumped and overloaded with work.
Su Yao’s breathing became more and more rapid, and she was ravaged by Gu Ze’s changing directions and methods. Waiting for Gu Ze to finally let go of her, it was already half an hour later. The infinitely good essays are all in Jinjiang Literature City.
Su Yao’s lips are numb from being sucked. Even her neck was not spared. Gu Ze planted a few small strawberries, Su Yao.
Staring bitterly at the hair dryer by the bed, this is really a disaster caused by the hair dryer. The culprit Gu Ze adjusted his clothes with a smile on his eyes and brows.
What would you like to eat for dinner? Su Yao couldn’t help but wonder if you can cook? Gu Ze told the truth, but I can learn from it, because it is said that it is said that it is rare to see a snowstorm in more than ten years. It is basically impossible to travel far.
Help him fill up the refrigerator with a lot of ingredients. Gu Ze grew up with rich clothes and fine food.
There were several cooks in his family.
Even after his mother passed away, Xu Weihua only dared to trip him up in the dark. In life, he never dared to treat him openly.
Naturally, there is no chance to cook.
Gu Ze is the first time to take charge of the spoon. Su Yao’s movements of chopping vegetables with his hands are clumsy, but there are no mistakes, especially his gestures are taken for granted, as if he is a top cooking show.
It gives people a feeling that no matter what he does What he did was right and he should do it. You can only worship the illusion. Of course, the taste really makes people only worship Su Yao. The chopsticks in his mouth are difficult to swallow. The beef feels like a mouthful of seasoning and this The taste of the seasoning is really indescribable.
As soon as the chopsticks went down, Su Yao felt that her taste system had gone on strike. She took a few sips of the drink, and even the drink turned into a seasoning flavor. In an instant, she felt that she was poured half a glass of water after a mouthful of the seasoning.
The diluted seasoning is really unlovable. Gu Ze’s method of spreading the seasoning at that time was very pleasing to the eye. Su Yao watched the whole process and didn’t think there was anything wrong. Now that I think about it, Gu Ze was performing the seasoning all the time.
Gu Ze also came out at this time Seeing Su Yao’s expression, he asked what’s the matter. Gu Ze’s expression didn’t seem to have changed, he was still calm and calm, but Su Yao could see a trace of nervousness from it.
Was Gu Ze nervous because he was afraid that the food he made wouldn’t taste good? Su Yao couldn’t tell the truth anyway.
This is Gu Ze. In Su Yao’s eyes, it is impossible for the mountain to collapse. Gu Ze, who is nervous, is actually nervous now.
Su Yao feels that the burden on her body is so heavy.
Can God face? It’s up to her to protect Su Yao, so she coughed, her eyes fell on the two dishes on the table again, and she said bravely, “I just suddenly thought that these two dishes contain green onions and garlic.