Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

It is also everyone’s favorite place to visit.
Everyone picked a Li’s barbecue restaurant that usually comes the most, asked for a big box, sat down and started ordering.
Su Yao stood up and said, everyone, let me treat you. Although Su Yao’s family is not rich, it is It’s also a normal middle class Su Yao’s wallet is still quite ample, how can I let the junior girl treat guests? Cao Yu, the vice president of the student union of the college, first said that junior girl, you are a newcomer, and you don’t know that the activities of our college are all reimbursed by the president.
Su Yao, the wealthy president, was puzzled. A boy came over to explain the confusion. It was Gu Ze who thought that the student union of our college was also a temple for monks.
Our president Cao took a lot of effort to win Gu Ze over and offered to let him Out of the position of president, let Gu Ze come in as a shopkeeper, and then girls come in one after another The wallet might be under the control of the junior girl, yes, his wallet was bought by the junior girl. I saw him swiping the card of the junior girl in the cafeteria once, tsk tsk tsk tsk. So I brought the other two from the dormitory and introduced them to everyone. They are my roommate He Jia from the Department of Mathematics, Zhang Feifei and He Jia from the automation. I know the after-school answers of the Department of Mathematics. Instead of worshiping He Jiacao, such a great god, please accept my worship, so the topic was finally changed. Fortunately, the skewers and beer were served soon. He Jiacai finally got rid of everyone’s abuse. Little junior sister with teary eyes in front of Yao, do you still remember me? I am, I am senior brother! Let’s go to the computer welcome group, Cao Yu’s button name is I am a big brother, Su Yaohan who talked to you the day you entered the group, it seems that there is such a thing, Cao Yu is still stubbornly waiting for Su Yao’s answer, so Su Yao Said big brother, hello, Cao Yu continued to cry, what did I say at that time, Gu Mensao had an evil intention, and his intentions were to be punished. Sure enough, the dark and thin boy went on to say, in fact, our president changed the remark at that time to the name “Don’t Eat Xiaobai” The big bad wolf of the rabbit suddenly changed back in August.
What is the name? The big bad wolf that only eats little white rabbits Another person continued, it seems that Gu Ze planned to attack the school girl in August. The heart can be punished, so a celebration party suddenly turned into a crusade against Gu Ze.
It is not easy for their computer school to recruit a girl, and it is even more difficult to produce a beautiful woman.
As a result, the others were all caught by Gu Ze without even touching the corners of their clothes.
It was taken away, so why don’t others hate Cao Yu and took another sip of wine? In the end, we still didn’t strike fast enough.
Others took it for granted. In fact, it really wasn’t a question of whether the strike was fast or not.
Su Yao was very pertinent when everyone looked at her.
Speaking of which, the key is to look at the faces.
Su Yao, as one of the members of the etiquette team, came up at the closing ceremony of the Boys’ Games Su Yao was holding the box with the certificate and walked all the way with other members of the etiquette team. Coincidentally, she happened to be standing in front of the Faculty of Liberal Arts who came to receive the award. The representative sent by the Faculty of Liberal Arts was Xu Ru, and the wound on Su Yao’s face had healed. It’s scabbed, but the scratched area is quite large, and in the center of the left face, it really looks a bit disfigured Xu Ru, so she gloated at the school girl’s joke, Su Yao looked flat and said “Thank you” Xu Ru snorted coldly, that’s because of you Although the voices of the two of them are very small, everyone is paying attention with pointed ears.
This conversation was carried up to the first floor of the school verbatim.
The girl bumped into it? That girl is said to be the first to look at Xu Ru.
The third floor is more beautiful and the more poisonous. This is true. The fourth floor upstairs is wrong, right? Her mother’s junior high position must be worrying about her family education.
On the ninth floor, her father is not a good guy.
To be honest, I wanted to complain a long time ago. Xu Ru has a bad temper and a stupid brain.
The face is not bad, what is it about being a goddess? The twelfth floor really didn’t expect Xu Ru to be so vicious. I used to think of her as a goddess.
The posts got bigger and bigger. By the time Xu Ru saw it, there were already hundreds of floors inside. It is inevitable that there will be people who whitewash Xu Ru, but most people are criticizing her. Xu Ru’s temperament is already domineering and dissatisfied.
There are many people who are dissatisfied with her this time. When it came out, Xu Ru almost bit her silver teeth and threw her phone to the ground. She thought that the post must have been uploaded by Su Yao.
Su Yao was taking revenge on her. You can say what you like, you can say what you want to care about with them, won’t it be worthless, but Su Yao, if her face is really ruined, what capital can she compare with you? My brother waits for Su Yao to be really disfigured. Do you think your brother will care about her? Chapter Chapter After the sports meeting, all subjects are coming to an end Su Yao and He Jia made an appointment to go out to buy books on the weekend. There are a lot of reference materials in the old bookstore, and most of them are used by other people. Fortunately, there are notes and important points in it, because it is not far from the school.
The two walked there without taking a car. When they came back, they passed a small alley. Out of the corner in front of Yao came out five boys, the head of which was dyed bright red hair.
The hair on the temples was all shaved off, leaving only the top bunch standing tall. Two thick arms were covered with black tattoos.