Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

The screams at the scene almost toppled the roof of the gymnasium.
Xu Ru’s face was very ugly.
She was accompanied by a pure-looking girl in a white skirt who was persuading her in a low voice, but the eyes that secretly glanced at Su Yao were also very unfriendly. So Su Yao raised her head and asked Gu Ze next to Xu Ru, do you know the girl next to Xu Ru? She looks pretty good and looks like a ladylike lady at first glance, especially when she receives Su Yao’s scrutiny and smiles at Su Yao, the smile can be called sweet, if it wasn’t for Su Yao who happened to catch her unfriendly eyes before, Su Yao They all thought this was a harmless girl. She was a more dangerous person than Xu Ru. This was Su Yao’s intuition.
Gu Ze had already pulled her to a seat, pulled her up and kissed the back of her hand. Don’t worry about her having me.
Under the eyes of everyone, Su Yao only felt that the place where he kissed was so hot that she quickly withdrew her hand and secretly stepped on Gu Ze’s foot, wishing she could dig a hole and bury herself in it, because the two of them were playing basketball just now.
The scene was quiet for a moment, and all the eyes of the audience were focused on the two of them. Xiao Mu coughed, hahaha, it’s not surprising that it’s too common, so Su Yao snatched the apple that He Jia had just bitten off like a conditioned reflex, and took Xiao Mu’s. With his mouth shut, Xiao Mu took a bite of the very sweet Xie Xuemei and rewarded Su Yao, He Jia, Gu Ze was very satisfied with the effect, the slightly raised brows and smiling eyes made the girls on the field want to scream instantly, and Jiang Weiwei’s expression also Some chapped eyes are even darker.
Many authors have something to say. Su Yao was pinched off by Gu Ze. Su Yao sent a love letter to a man with a guitar to confess his love. If you dare to make a shot, I think this article can be renamed to Chapter 1 of Gu Dashen’s Daily Life of Pinching Peach Blossoms.
After the basketball game started, the School of Computer Science attacked violently from the very beginning Morale soared, both on and off the field, and the sky turned upside down.
The second game started.
The computer side still had more offensive momentum than the defense.
The opponent caught the opportunity and scored two points. Then the two sides chased each other. At the end of the first half, the School of Computer Science Slightly better and only barely led by two points. In the second half, the School of Arts advanced by two points and instantly tied the score.
The School of Computers let go of harsh words before the game.
The score will be tied, which will greatly affect morale.
Several boys At the beginning, I was a little impetuous and lost frequently, but was overtaken by the other party. The morale of the Faculty of Arts was high. Xu Ru even blew kisses on the spot. The whistle in the basketball court kept ringing. Xiao Mu shook his head. It’s more stable if the other party has two junior veterans with them Children’s games, so Xiao Mu, who was eager to try, rubbed his shoulders and rubbed his heels. Xiao Mu, who was injured internally, tried to win back a victory.
If that’s the case, let them lose. I have the final say.
As he walked, he thought that with Gu Ze’s flat mouth, he could still catch up with his girlfriend. It’s smoke rising from the ancestral grave. Here, Xiao Mu changed his jersey and replaced a freshman boy on the court.
The opponent also changed a member. As long as Xiao Mu doesn’t stay with Gu Ze and stands alone, he is definitely an eye-catching existence, especially his pair of peach blossom eyes are full of power. The reason why he is not as popular as Li Mu and the others in the past few years is because he is looking for abusive places.
He and Gu Ze became brothers, and his identity changed from a male god to a male god. His buddy Xiao Mu put on a white jersey with a light gray wristband on his hand. He raised his hand towards the audience, and the screams from the audience immediately It doubled in size.
Su Yao felt that Xiao Mu had such a flirtatious side. Gu Ze pinched her hand in dissatisfaction. Su Yao immediately said without ambition, of course it’s Gu Xuechang who is the best to look at Gu Ze, so she put it on her face with satisfaction. After kissing He Jia and Zhang Feifei, they were forced to stuff their mouths full of dog food and silently turned their heads.
After Xiao Mu came on the court, he scored a goal himself.
He was not violent, but his command was good, and his morale was also boosted.
These few members on the court are actually good at basketball. They played well. The frequent losses just now were entirely due to the impact of mentality.
After a few back and forth adjustments, the School of Computers tied the score again. Then the teammates made persistent efforts and scored a few goals. When the game entered the countdown, the School of Computer Science had already taken the lead. There is no suspense.
After the game, everyone proposed to go to the opposite side of the school to drink beer and eat barbecue to celebrate. Su Yao, as one of the heroines of the event, can’t be absent.
Gu Ze’s company has something to do with Su Yao to watch the game. It’s time to squeeze out Su Yao. After a few words, Gu Ze left and Xiao Mu followed.
The two of them registered a company together and now it’s in its infancy.
Xie Yu is also there to help Gu Ze and the Gu’s consortium with many trivial matters. After the game ended, Xu Ru kept a cold face. Jiang Weiwei said a few words to her, then pulled her over to say hello to Gu Ze, but Gu Ze bypassed the two of them and went straight out. Gu Dashen, who looks down on all living beings but I am the only one who is the only one, He Jia hit her, Su Yao is still there, you are a nympho, take it easy, Su Yao, you already own Gu Dashen, don’t allow me to be sexually obsessed, you won’t be so stingy, of course you will be Su Yao sighed because I only dared to be obsessive. In the eyes of the two people who were very sympathetic and hated iron and steel, Su Yao added, but I can wait to be possessed by him, and then I will be beaten to the ground by the envious and jealous two outside the west gate of the school. There is a whole barbecue street