Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

It can also ensure a sound sleep and a full sleep. Su Yao went to the classroom and found a small corner where there was no one. Su Yao was drowsy, half asleep and half awake. Su Yao felt as if her head had been moved by someone, but it was more comfortable to lean on.
Su Yao slept very peacefully this time, she didn’t hit her hands or knock her face.
When she woke up, there was no one in the classroom. Su Yao wondered why she slept so hard today, then she turned her head and met Gu Ze’s eyes.
Yao was dumbfounded, Gu Ze, Gu Ze, why is he here, and he seems to be leaning on the other’s shoulder in embarrassment, Su Yao raised her head and sat upright, trying to look as if nothing had happened, just fell into a deep sleep Hahahaha Gu Ze didn’t answer, Su Yao Continue to talk about why you came here to experience the legendary divine lesson.
Gu Ze looked at Su Yao and said meaningfully. Sure enough, Su Yao and the two packed up and went out. Gu Ze drove Su Yao back to the West District on a bicycle. Su Yao suddenly thought of you Why don’t you skip Su Yao? Well, she also skips occasionally, so you are not afraid of roll call. He won’t call me.
Su Yao wonders why an acquaintance, he asked me to choose a class to help him improve his attendance.
Su Yao can still play like this Su Yao is indignant Gu Senior, you betrayed your lust Gu Ze chuckled and said that everyone is not superficial. In Su Yao’s dormitory, three roommates are huddling together in front of the computer screen. The first reaction of the three of them was to quickly rush forward to cover the computer screen, and then move away under Su Yao’s puzzled eyes. Hehe, it’s actually nothing. The title of the post is that the whole world owes me a bicycle. The high-definition big picture of Gu Ze carrying Su Yao through the campus Gu Ze is wearing a blue shirt, Su Yao is wearing a denim skirt, and at a glance, the two look like they are wearing couple outfits.
Pouting in dissatisfaction, it looks like you are acting like a baby. The picture is very beautiful.
Everyone is still licking the screen in the first few floors, and it is getting more and more crooked. First, a certain boy had a whim to drop Gu Ze’s face and put his own face on it to match the words hehe Riding with the school beauty. Once there is the first one, there will be the second one after another. Some people will post photos of themselves or acquaintances and post them with lyrics. At first, everyone was more reserved. Celebrities from the broadcasting agency also participated. Peng Yang of the broadcasting agency put himself on the back seat of the bicycle and joked that the president could actually let me drive me in his lifetime.
After Peng Yang posted it, Zhang Ning, a flower of the economics college of the same broadcasting agency, also posted a picture.
When they came out, everyone was out of control. The boys were happy to drop Gu Ze, and the girls were happy to drop Su Yao and put themselves up. Even the three people in Su Yao’s dormitory were there to join in the fun.
After reaching multiple floors, someone said everyone Have you noticed that no matter who is with Gu Ze, there is always a strong sense of disobedience? Everything depends on appearance. Who makes Su Yao the school girl? Zhang Ning and Tang Xin, their appearance The value is also very high.
I think it’s because of the wrong expression.
Everyone is too excited and not reserved when they see Gu Ze. Zhang Xuanxuan’s photo is also very reserved but it’s even more out of line. I think it’s a matter of temperament.
Zhang Xuanxuan’s temperament is too tough. Zou Huanhuan is a cute girl when I go upstairs, but I can’t stand the aura of God Gu who raises his eyebrows and smiles at all.
That’s the aura. The posture is wrong. Zou Huanhuan’s posture is particularly twisted. People from Ze came out, Gu Ze people were wrong, the building was quiet for a few seconds before someone responded Lou oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh I think the tone of voice is very similar to Lou Dashen, Dashen, please take a photo, ask for autograph, Lou is amazing, the god Gu himself exploded out of the building, am I the only one who smells a strong sense of adultery? Take a scoop to drink, oh well, aren’t the two Su Lou brothers and sisters? It’s a rumor, right? How could it be so bad? Besides Su Yao, have you ever seen Gu Dashen get close to a girl? I hope that lovers in the world will eventually become brothers and sisters. When Su Yao turned on the computer, she happened to see the speech of a person named Gu Ze. She sent a message to Gu Ze by accident.
News Senior Gu, I saw someone pretending to be you on the forum.
Gu Ze is me, Su Yao, Su Yao.
Then why do you say that? It’s easy to be misunderstood. Well, what Gu Ze misunderstood is of course a misunderstanding of our relationship. Misunderstanding that I am in your mind Zhong is special, but Su Yao has no backbone and didn’t look back.
Ze waited for a while and didn’t wait for Su Yao’s news.
He touched his chin and replied, you can misunderstand that Su Yao rolled around on the bed at night and then had to face it Facing a reality, she has insomnia and keeps replaying the sentence that Gu Ze said in her head, you can misunderstand it for a while, so shy that she wants to cover her face for a while, then she thinks it must be Gu Ze’s prank, so she deliberately said it so vaguely and obscurely. If she deliberately asked him about this matter, given her understanding of Gu Ze, Gu Ze would definitely say, “I thought you misunderstood at most that we have a good relationship.
I didn’t expect you to think so, ah, ah, Gu Ze, this vicious guy.
” He just wanted to cause her insomnia on purpose, she must not let him succeed Su Yao thought angrily that the next day Gu Ze would call Su Yao to have breakfast as usual The phone in the dormitory rang, He Jia picked it up, and shouted at Su Yao, Su Yao, your brother Gu’s phone number