Brother Xie Yu Xie Yu was also very surprised Su Yao you two know each other that would be even better Grandma Dai slapped her

Gu Ze told Su Yao just to let you experience what it means to be unstoppable, black-bellied and vicious-tongued.
Lu Ming met Qiao You, and then Lu Ming’s persona collapsed. The small theater Qiao You went to the supermarket to buy an imported biscuit, the more delicious it was, went to the supermarket and bought several packs. When Lu Ming came back, he went to Qiao You After eating a piece with my hand, I accidentally glanced at the box, which reads dog food in French.
The content label is rich and powerful, a family made in heaven, a sweet marriage, and love.
In summer, most senior high school students will tell you that the summer after the college entrance examination is especially true for Su Yao, who was admitted to a top university in China. Freshman Survival Handbook and the Orientation Handbook issued by the School of Computer Science, Su Yao flipped through it and added it.
On the first page of the Orientation Handbook, the welcome group of the School of Computer Science, Su Yao’s button was named Little White Rabbit Eating Carrots. When Su Yao joined the group Only one person, Su Yao, politely sent a message: I am a big brother, welcome to my junior sister, Xiao Mu, and finally here is a junior sister, I am the most handsome in the world! What did I find? I am the most handsome in the world.
Gu Mensao, I said why did you secretly change your name? I am the most handsome junior sister in the world. Before you even showed up, you started attacking.
You really wanted to punish the big bad wolf who ate the little white rabbit.
The big bad wolf who ate the little white rabbit played yesterday. I am the most handsome in the world and they changed it We are the most handsome, we are bachelors for thousands of years, no need to be wary of Gu Mensao, I am a big brother, but it is Gu Mensao who hurts all the boys in our college to be single, saying that they were raised by him, and I am also a handsome and beautiful man.
It’s the senior sisters, you guys are just jealous of my most handsome little junior sister in the world? Are you still in the whole world? I’m the most handsome in the whole world.
Calling my junior junior sister, I’m a senior senior brother. It must be because you scared away my cute little junior sister. Return me to my junior junior sister. I’m the most handsome in the world.
Little White Rabbit’s Big Bad Wolf changed his name to I am the senior brother, changed his name to the Minister, changed his name to Su Yao, took a fool and successfully disrupted a pool of spring water, and then went offline irresponsibly because Su Qi came back Su Qi is Su Yao’s younger sister Two years younger than Su Yao, she is studying in high school. I heard that your admission letter has arrived. You hear it before you arrive.
Su Qi just arrived.
Su Qi flipped through the table and picked up the welcome brochure.
Wow, this handsome guy looks good Su Qi Pointing to the photo in the middle, I can see it in a group photo of dozens of people.
The one Su Qi sees is a promotional photo of the School of Computer Science. Because the photo has been compressed, the pixels are not high.
It can be vaguely seen that the other party’s temperament is outstanding, Su Yao doesn’t show any face The child’s whiteness, she will look at the handsome guy at a glance Su Qi is fussed when she hears this There are several requests to add friends in the group message, all of them are Su Yao in the computer group, so Su Yao added people, and the last message popped up Xie Yu Xuemei, you are the little white rabbit eating carrots from Qianshui Middle School, yes, thank you Yu, I am also my senior brother covering you in the future, Su Yao returned a cute expression Da, as a top university in China, every year the students who are admitted to the university will be named on the honor roll of Qianshui High School The only champion in science.
Even now, many teachers can’t help talking about the leader’s speeches in large-scale school events every year. When the leaders look back on the glorious history of previous years, they still have to take out the only champion in science. Therefore, In Qianshui, Xie Yu has always been worshiped by the students as a great god. There are very few students in Qianshui who don’t know that Xie Yu’s first conversation with the legendary god, Su Yao was very excited to reply to the news. She couldn’t help but want to think about it carefully. It can reflect her worship of the great god without being too dog-legged.
It can shorten the distance with the great god and show restraint. Su Yao responds to messages very slowly. As a great god of computer science, Xie Yu sends messages very quickly. Xie Yuxue Girl, what’s your name Xie Yu I live in the urban area, schoolgirl, where do you live Xie Yu, do you start school at the end of August? Is Xie Yu schoolgirl gone? Su Yao couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. As expected, the god sent messages at the speed of a god. Su Yao had no choice but to delete all the edited text and send it back to him.
Ah, then let’s continue talking about the little white rabbit eating carrots Xie Yu on the other end of the phone scratched his head, junior girl, are you an automatic reply? The chat started very strangely, but after the chat, they unexpectedly got together Su Yao and Xie Yu exchanged contact information and they made an appointment to go to school together. Yu helped Su Yao reject Su’s father’s proposal to send her to the imperial capital.
The two set off from the city at around ten o’clock in the morning. In the afternoon, they arrived at the School of Computer Science where Su Yao is located in the imperial capital.
The school bus to welcome new students at the Daxi District Railway Station only went to the east campus of the university, but not to the university.
The distance between the east and west districts is not far, and there are school buses running between each campus at a fixed time every day