Brother weve had enough fun well send you to reincarnation as soon as possible you tell him where the stinky old man is hiding believe

Ye Qingyutian had a sudden disaster, Hao Jian, a personable and handsome guy, is actually a poor dick. He just went to hell in a daze like this, and ended his short, miserable dick life. The worst thing is that he fell asleep at home. If you fall asleep, you will go to hell, and you will be a dog.
Could it be that the old man Hades is lonely and wants to pull brother down to have a chat? So he transformed himself into a high-weight in the underworld.
By chance, he got a super-intelligent magical machine.
Past and present games.
The space layer pretends to slap face, one person, one machine, and fights invincible all over the world. See how Hao Jian gallops through hell, turns the world around, plays the game of evil spirits, defeats the big villain, and reaches the pinnacle of life.
My stomach is hot, it’s hot, and the severe pain in my abdomen spreads all over my body, which makes me feel so uncomfortable. When I’m drinking, there are so many people, and when I’m drunk, it’s so painful.
No one cares about several bottles of high-concentration alcohol. My stomach is constantly churning and stirring, it is even more noisy than a grandson monkey making trouble in the heavenly palace. I unconsciously rolled on the ground in pain The smell rushed from bottom to top and stimulated my throat, mouth and nose, as if something was about to gushe out of my mouth, so I suddenly turned over and sat up, facing the ground. Facing the sky, okay, I can’t make it up anymore, actually, I just vomited violently on the floor, and the memories flowed slowly into my brain like a fleeting moment. Last night, I was in the private room on the second floor of the Guose Tianxiang Bar. Hua Zhou, Yongkang, Shangguan Yunfei and his brothers were instigated on a whim, raised his head, blew on several bottles of whiskey, and gulped down his stomach. The smell of alcohol was strong all over his body.
On the surface, his mouth was stiff, but in his heart, he was quite reluctant. It’s okay to drink too much.
It hurt my body, well, my brother’s skills are not as good as others.
I recognize it.
I blame Fatty Wang for insisting on playing that kind of truth or dare.
In the end, I lost, and they poured several bottles of white wine one by one until I vomited.
They almost splashed them all over. Who is young and not frivolous? Who was young and frivolous and didn’t have so many friends who were doing immoral things? I was drunk last night. I was completely drunk. I vaguely remember that I was staggering in the chaos He rushed to the stage and snatched the microphone from the fat man’s hand, then yelled madly, “Today, Mr.
Hao, I will show you a song. Thank you, Lennon, for my dear hiccup.
I was choked by alcohol and hit me unconsciously.” Hiccup, where did I say something, and then my brain didn’t know whether it was caught by the door or something short-circuited, and the words in my heart just burst out. Dedicated to my dear Hao Jing, I love you, I love you, I love you three This word quickly spun and echoed in the private room.
My voice was originally bold and rough.
For a moment, everyone in the audience was stunned.
Brother, I burst into tears, snot and tears flying around, I took the microphone and swayed wildly with the music Come on, brothers, hurt each other, start singing after a big scare, sang word by word into my heart, I can’t tell Are there tears or snot on the face at this time? If you sing in a mess on the stage, then you are heartbroken. After all, his name, his life is ordinary. No one knows whether his past, his future success or not, this is exactly what it is. His own voice, well sung, good brother, keep going, don’t stop, the audience is cheering, Hao Zi, we understand your heartache, haha, pain, no one understands love, it’s useless, I’m just as useful, what I think, no one understands, no one sings praises Someone will always be touched. Anonymous actor, whether there is an audience or not.
Thank you Lennon.
I still vaguely remember that after I stepped down, my brothers took turns patting my shoulder. He sighed and smiled and comforted Hao Zi.
Unrequited love for a single flower, this is Fatty Wang, right, Hao Zi, what kind of girl you want, you can call him Brother Shangguan, he will introduce you to a bunch of crushes, loli, you can choose, she is much more beautiful than Hao Jing How many of you guys say it’s right? This is a bitch.
Yes, yes, this is Da Bo’s agreement.
Big deal, no one wants brother.
I’ll introduce my girl to you.
Let’s not cry! It’s also about two hundred catties, right? You’re not trying to help him, you’re trying to harm our brothers Hao Zi, Lin Hua, Zhou Yong sighed, that’s not as good as being single for a lifetime, so it’s better to have something than nothing, Hao Zi, say it yourself, I guess I will never forget that scene for the rest of my life, those smiles are so meaningful, embarrassing, embarrassing, my brother’s life is completely ruined, and now I think about it, I can’t wait to find a hole to turn in. I said that drinking was a mistake, brother, I’m still not here If you don’t listen to the old man’s words, you’ll suffer in front of your eyes. Later, I vaguely remember that everyone was having a good time. I was drunk, my stomach was overwhelmed, and I was laying on the sofa and throwing up. There was a crackling in the private room. After I finished vomiting, I was so drunk that I was unconscious He looked up and was dumbfounded for a moment. What happened to them? Why are they all convulsing epilepsy on the ground? Zhou Yong’s shoulders sneered in a daze, hahaha Huazi, Kangzi, you two also vomited from drinking, but a bald man appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of me, asking, boy, did you yell at Hao Jing just now? The woman who dared to snatch me Wu Ding, you don’t want to live, hahaha Wu Ding I pointed at the bald man and laughed loudly, Brother, you said your name is Wu Ding, this name takes seconds