Brother Tong you seem to be in pain Lin Kang caringly squatted down and wanted to help Liu Tong get up welloff don’t touch me

Almighty Diva System One day in mid-August, the sun shone hotly at noon on the ground.
In front of the gate of the Moluo Mountain Scenic Area, 30 kilometers away from Los Angeles, a dozen tourists wearing sunhats were hiding in the shade to take pictures while There is no one in the scenic area, only the auntie at the ticket office staring at the gate with a mournful face to take pictures of tourists who refuse to come to buy tickets.
The Moluo Mountain Scenic Area has just opened for less than two months.
A while ago, when it was free, it was barely booming. A few days after the official fee was charged, few people came to see it. At this moment, in front of a stream halfway up the mountain in the scenic area, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy is carefully stepping on the stream. The boy next to the rock bent down and put his hand into the crevice of the rock. The boy fished out a golden ping-pong ball from the crevice, held it in front of his eyes, and observed carefully. The surface of the ball is extremely smooth without any flaws.
It makes people doubt their own. What are the eyes? The young man weighed the golden ball.
The weight of the golden ball seemed to be hollow. It seemed to be hollow. Xiaotong, stop playing in the water and continue walking up the mountain. On the steps of the mountain road more than a hundred meters away, a burly man is waving Hearing the sound, the young man raised his head and waved his hands at the big man. He replied loudly, Dad, wait for me, and I will leave right away.
The young man hurriedly dried the golden ball and put it in his pocket, then carefully stepped on the stream. The stones in the middle returned to the steps of the mountain road, and the white hiking shoes on his feet were still soaked by the stream water a lot.
This boy named Liu Tong is a student of No.
1 Middle School in Los Angeles. After this summer vacation, he should be a sophomore in high school.
Liu Tong’s hobbies During the summer vacation, he really wants to stay at home and play games all day long.
His League of Legends has already reached the silver rank.
He really wants to hit the gold rank.
However, because his father likes mountain climbing, it happened that the unit gave me two Moro cards.
For the ticket of the mountain, he was dragged by his father to travel to Moluo Mountain.
For Liu Tong, the scenery here can only be regarded as ordinary.
At the beginning, he breathed the fresh air and looked at the green mountains.
He thought it was good, but it took a long time.
The slightly repetitive scenery made him tired of walking up the mountain road. Liu Tong took steps along the curved steps of the mountain road to catch up with his father. It didn’t take long for Liu Tong to feel out of breath. The mountain road is very long and the mountain looks high.
Liu Tong really wants to turn around and go back like this.
If I knew I was so tired, I wouldn’t have come. Xiao Tong, hurry up, you’re too slow, Dad’s voice came over again, Dad, take it easy, wait a minute, and I’ll be here. Liu Tong responded loudly, and again I sped up my pace a little bit to climb up, but my legs felt a little sore, my feet were disobedient, and I walked more and more slowly. Although Liu Tong has exercised at school, his physique is still far worse than that of his father, a senior travel friend.
In fact, if he hadn’t suffered.
Dad’s aggressive method, he won’t come here to suffer, picking up a good thing is not a waste of time, Liu Tong thought to himself and touched the golden ball in his pocket a few minutes ago, he saw the stream beside the mountain road There is a golden flash in it, so curious, I went to the stream to find out I even touched a strange golden ball. Although I don’t know what it is yet, but the perfect surface is very attractive, and the color makes Liu Tong feel that he has picked up a good thing. Dad, what the hell is there? Climbing up, Liu Tong continued to climb along the steps while making complaints He can’t see his dad anymore, and the rugged mountain road can’t see the end, Xiaotong, I’m waiting for you, hurry up, dad’s voice came over, it didn’t sound too far away, but Liu Tong knew he still had to go His legs have been sore and swollen for a long time.
Liu Tong really wanted to sit down and rest for a while, but he didn’t want his father to underestimate him, so he insisted on walking up because his legs were sore and panting.
He simply climbed up with hands and feet, and finally climbed over the steep slope after a few minutes. Liu Tong’s mood improved a little.
He has a spirit of not admitting defeat since he was a child, and he was also taught by his father as a good model. As a man, he must face difficulties and persevere. Not giving up is his strength and also his weakness.
Dad just used the aggressive method to get Liu Tong to follow him to Moluo Mountain to receive climbing experience and climbed a few hundred meters. Liu Tong really couldn’t climb anymore. I called out with all my strength, Dad, why don’t you stop and rest for a while, Xiaotong, hurry up, we are about to reach the top of the mountain Panting and looking at the endless mountain road, my mood became a little depressed. I persisted and climbed for a few more minutes. There were dozens of steep steps in front of me.
Liu Tong was startled, gritted his teeth and climbed up with his hands and feet. After climbing ten After a few steps, Liu Tong became a little out of breath.
He still insisted on climbing up, but because his hands were a little weak, a step was not properly supported, and his nose directly hit the step. It hurts so much, woo, clutching his sore, numb nose, Liu Tong found that the nosebleed was not only bleeding, his hands were covered with blood, I fucked, Liu Tong cursed, then reached for a tissue in his pocket, but he only found a circle Just when Liu Tong touched the ball, a warm current spread from his palm to his whole body.
Then a crisp sound rang in Liu Tong’s mind.
Welcome to the Almighty Queen system. This system will be valid within the activation period. Help the host become a qualified all-round queen. What the hell? Liu Tong looked around and didn’t see anyone.
He couldn’t help but calm down and touched his ears. The sound just now seemed to come from his mind, which made him feel very uncomfortable. Did you knock in fear?