Brother reunion but it was a good thing after all she just thought it was a dream kept her eyes on Zhao Bin Zhao Bin

Chapter 1 Iron-Blooded Slaying of the Dead is as fast as day and night, but now day and night are the endless iron cavalry barbarian cavalry. They came from the depths of the wilderness and have successfully oppressed the ancient civilization to this southeast corner.
Next, they Accompanied by blood all over the sky, killing Chinese civilization, Xie Xuan is about to become the witness. As the commander-in-chief of the rear army, behind him is only the capital Jiankang, only the emperor, only the old and weak in his own family, only the same as them Unarmed common people, these foreign cavalry, no one knows where they come from Di, Xianbei, Huns, Dingling, Qiang Why do they hate the Han people so much? The Han people must shed their last drop of blood. When will the breath of death dissipate like the haze in the sun? These two or three years of hard work have made Xie Xuan see through his own life and death, and see through the life and death of soldiers. Since he is a general, he should die in battle, but when there are not many familiar generals around him, he knows that he is about to charge for the last time.
At the end of the prison, a big general flashed beside me. Although he was exhausted, his prestige remained undiminished. He was the only one with me. Xie Xuan lamented that the Xuanjia Army would rush with me again. The Xuanjia Army is the last essence of the empire. Although they are He is also the same exhausted general as Liu Laozhi, you see, he will charge again at the end, Liu Laozhi’s unstoppable momentum has come up again, you and I are the last generals of the country, where are you going to trap me? Xie Xuan’s voice is not good But Liu Laozhi understands very well that every word in it is the blood of tens of millions of soldiers. The general, if not this time, Liu Laozhi would have never begged Xie Xuan.
After walking around, there were only two or three hundred Xuanjia soldiers whose momentum was comparable to thousands of troops.
It’s a pity that I sighed why I didn’t practice more of this iron body in those years, so I didn’t have time to think about Xie Xuandong and Jinxi Road After the army, the general raised his sword vigorously.
It was a sword that pierced the sky and pierced fate.
It was a sword of unyielding resistance.
Killing Xie Xuan led the Xuanjia army and the soldiers who retreated from all walks of life to throw themselves at the iron stream on the opposite side.
There is no one on the riverside except Xie Xuan in white clothes. Probably the river brought him here, but what is the point of me being alive? Everything is lost. Xie Xuan looked up to the sky and let out a long cry.
Finally, he sighed, why can’t you go back to the past? Even if the guy goes back to the past, he still doesn’t have that kind of virtue. A voice sounded from the side. Xie Xuan was stunned. Although he walked through the pond of life and death once, his own eight-fold dragon vein was really clear. There was no one around. Where did the voice come from? Spray Xie Xuan sympathetically, let me tell you, you still have that kind of virtue, you never look down at others, if you want me to say that if you walk away again, you will die even worse, lower your head, Xie Xuan didn’t see anything Humans only have one tortoise shell, a huge tortoise shell. Xie Xuan recognized this.
He got it from the riverside four years ago, so it can be regarded as snatching it, right? It was you who said it just now, although Xie Xuan didn’t believe it, but you still asked. Do you think it’s a stone? talking Words? The stone is a lifeless tortoise shell. I probably forgot that it is also lifeless in Xie Xuan’s eyes. In fact, Xie Xuan wanted this tortoise shell just as a bench, a bench that no one else has, otherwise he wouldn’t bring it. I have been by your side for several years and you have a way to bring me back to the past I said a word and my mouth is broken, but I didn’t expect you to be able to speak.
Xie Xuan’s words are definitely true. Anyone who talks to the bench under his ass must be crazy. Anyway, you will only think about yourself. The shell doesn’t care whether Xie Xuan is right or wrong, it decides that Xie Xuan is sorry for it, well, Xie Xuan thought about it and wanted to bow to the tortoise shell. Say you want to go back to the past, right? The tortoise shell puts on airs, right, that’s right.
Xie Xuan’s eyes shoot out light, which is the light of hope.
Then tell me when you want to go back, you don’t want to go back to your mother’s womb, right? Turtle Shell talked for a long time and seemed to have few serious words. This is like Xie Xuan’s appearance in the past. Of course, he can’t start practicing martial arts from the mother’s womb. It’s not the best martial arts, and it’s Xie Xuan’s regret.
Don’t tell me you really started practicing from the mother’s womb The kung fu tortoise shell laughed. Although Xie Xuan watched it for a long time, he didn’t know where the sound came from.
It was really only the temper and personality brought out of the mother’s womb.
Xie Xuan couldn’t think of it. You can’t do it. The tortoise shell quickly shattered Xie Xuan’s fantasy, and the longer you have to go back, the more troubles you will have. Xie Xuan understands where to start? It was when my father started to force me to practice. I felt that it was good and bad to start from anywhere.
This really stumped him.
The tortoise shell can’t help it. Have you figured it out? How about I take a bath first? Xie Xuan felt it, it was four years ago, since the day I found you, the tortoise shell seemed to be stunned for a moment, you were fine when you found me, don’t you have feelings for me? Can I still find you? Besides, four years should be enough. Xie Xuan thinks that four years can change a lot of things. It might be a good thing for you, but not necessarily for me.
When this person has a bad temper, he would throw stools and other turtles at least three or four times by Xie Xuan, but since you want to sleep with me so much, I have no choice but to fulfill you. Now let’s start? Xie Xuan has never tried to travel through time and space.