Brother Qin just be like this Its an investment please believe that I will definitely double your profit Qin Di is a little ridiculous he

Life is so hard, even in such bad weather with heavy rain, many people still have to go out to make a living, no matter how rich a country is, only a few people can live comfortably, most people have to work hard to make a living, but they at least You don’t have to worry about your own life every moment. On the margins of society, some people still live a bloody life. They tie their heads to their waistbands. For others, the price of a small mistake may be a scolding. For them, the price is life. A figure leans against the floor-to-ceiling windows pattered by raindrops, sometimes frowns and looks out of the gloomy window, sometimes glances at the notes in his hand.
The light in the living room is on and shines on the man’s face.
It’s an ordinary face, nothing special, just young. I don’t know if it’s because of the strong wind.
There was a slight pattering sound from the bedroom.
There was a sound of hunting, who squeezed out a harsh cold drink from the man’s mouth haha, as expected, he is indeed the leader of the high-ranking apprentice, and I was spotted by you even with such a slight movement. A short and fat man came out of the bedroom. Although he was bloated, he His movements are extremely light, like a civet cat, and he doesn’t make a sound.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an enemy. The man coldly glanced at the short and fat man, without any rain on him What’s the matter with you, the man doesn’t relax just a little bit because of the hippie smiling face of the short and fat man, even if his whole body is tense, like a bow and arrow that has been fully stretched, it may be ejected at any time, and the short and fat man gave a forced smile in his heart I smiled and said, Qin Di, don’t mess around, I’m the special envoy of the local travel team, and the cat specially assigned tasks to you, this is my token Lightly waved the golden object in front of his hand, glanced at his heart, he was concerned, his face remained unmoved, and it turned out to be the golden sword killing order of the organization known for its short execution time, so I don’t have much time.
He grinned without a smile and said, “This shows that the organization trusts your ability a lot, don’t you think so? The great leader, Linzi No. 1 Assassin, is quite unhappy in his heart, Lin Zi No.
1 barely passed the killer training.
” Why do the poor results occupy the ranks of the frontline fighters and rank first in the first nine parts? If you say that the old man is not selfish, who would believe it? A flash of anger flashed in Qin Di’s eyes, and he still said in a calm voice. I just came back from Amazon and told Asia. I’m not familiar with the situation, it’s probably inappropriate to arrange such a short task, right? The cat sneered and said, why do you say that, you are dissatisfied with the executive elder of the Asian region? You have been in the organization for so long, so you must not know the organization’s rules, right Qin? The anger in Di’s heart was even stronger, but he had to swallow the cat’s subtext. Qin Di knew very well in his heart that the thirteen elders of the Shadow Society were the actual masters.
Those in power have far greater influence on the organization than the leaders on the table. If you want to continue to survive, any elder can’t offend you.
I accepted this task from Qin Di coldly. Squeezing out a sentence in a cold tone, he went straight to the ground cat, as if it was something tangible, tightly wrapped the ground cat, and a faint white mist suddenly floated from the ground the moment Qin Di spoke, holding the ground cat firmly Wrapping the shadow will kill many people. Using poison is one of the basic skills. The cat examined it and immediately found that the situation was not good, but he couldn’t see what kind of poison was wrapping his body.
He quickly swallowed it softly. He said, don’t do it, don’t do it. Poison is not so fun, Qin Di was slightly taken aback, using poison art, he is naturally proficient, but it is not poison that he is using at the moment, could it be that the special ability he has mastered will make others mistake it for poison art? I couldn’t help but realize that when Yixi was still in the killer training camp, Qin Di knew that he had a special ability.
That ability came from a strange little book.
It was recorded together with the little book, and there were some things that even the drug research institute had never heard of.
Qin Di’s original plan was to use the ground cat to stop him immediately when he was stunned, but now it seems that he can control the ground cat without using his own special ability. What on earth do you want to do? I detoxified the poison, you can’t kill me, I’m the messenger, if you kill me, you will also be buried with me, the ground cat is already a little hysterical, Qin Di’s hesitation made him mistake it for intentional torture, although he wanted to show himself He was a bit tough, but the fear on his face revealed his heart. The cat’s body was still stiff and felt nothing, and it didn’t get better because Qin Di’s spirit relaxed.
He saw Qin Di buried his head in his mind and ignored him. I am getting more and more worried that Qin Di feels that he just stimulated his special ability a little bit and left a ray of thoughts in the pineal gland between the eyebrows of the ground cat. Naturally, he will not know what the ground cat saw. It looks extremely terrifying. After the hazy mist in the picture envelops me, I don’t feel anything anymore, as if my body no longer belongs to me, and it’s hard to move.
What makes the cat feel broken is that the mist seems to be a living thing. Every time it sticks to my body, a place will disappear out of thin air. First, large pieces of clothes disappear without a trace, as if they were swallowed by something. Soon, the cat sees his body all over. There are tiny strands of genitals drooping weakly between the crotch. No matter how you look at it, it makes people feel ashamed.
Qin Di, your mother, you bastard, dare to insult the messenger like this