Brother I don’t want to be like that I don’t want to regret every day in the future why I chose to shrink back and

The lights of the gymnasium are as bright as daylight, and the sound of cheering is heard from the four sides of the auditorium.
The flashlights of various media reporters reflect the two girls in the center of the stage as if they are in the sea of ​​stars. The World Taekwondo Girls Contest was originally a semi-entertainment competitive program on the TV screen, but with the victory and defeat of the Taekwondo star Fang Tingyi, the ratings of the program have been rising all the way, especially when the beautiful girl Kato Ginbaihe from Japan is nowhere to be seen. It was rumored that they defeated Fang Tingyi and won six games in a row.
Several players who defeated South Korea, Thailand and the Chinese Taekwondo national team immediately became the focus of all media attention. This program then became the highest-rated program in the same category. Attracted countless viewers from all over the country to stand in front of the TV.
Some TV stations in Japan and South Korea also carried out the broadcast. Will the myth of Kato Yinlily be ended in China? Will there be Chinese taekwondo fighters who defeat Kato Yinlily to defend China? The dignity of Taekwondo Tonight Kato Silver Lily will face another Chinese player, Qi Baicao, in the 7th match. For the vast majority of TV viewers, sports fans and even Taekwondo lovers, Qi Baicao is a very unfamiliar name.
She has never participated in it before. The World Series is not a member of the national team. When the host introduced her, she was Fang Tingyi’s younger sister. She also came from the gold medal coach Shen Ning.
The camera gave her a close-up. It was a fresh and lovely girl’s figure.
She is slender with short hair and big eyes like a fawn.
She is black, bright and piercing like a deer. She stands on the stage and looks a bit calm but has an indescribable momentum. Can she beat Kato Silver Lily? In front of the TV, although the audience Looking forward to it, but very anxious, Fang Tingyi has already lost, and several players who have achieved rankings in international competitions have also lost. How hopeful is this little girl? Leaping out like a swallow and kicking in front of the Taoist uniform Snow White, her movements are light and fast, her legs are fast and beautiful, she seems to be attacking and probing, seeing Qi Baicao, she seems to have been prepared to take a step back, she is not in love with the fight, and she takes her legs back.
This is Kato Silver Lily’s standard tactics After watching the first six games, all the audience are familiar with this. This is Kato Silver Lily considering the opponent’s reaction speed and speed.
Kato Silver Lily is a smart player.
She does not attack rashly, but will investigate first. The opponent will launch a full-scale attack again, and the audience in front of the TV silently watched the opening game as a warm-up. In Kato Yinlily’s game, the decisive game is in the third game.
I just hope that Qi Baicao can hold on in the third game this time. At the very moment when Kato Ginbaihe retracted her leg, Qi Baicao, who took a step back, turned and stood up with a sharp cry. Under the bright lights of the gymnasium, her left leg kicked out towards Kato Ginbaihe’s chest. After chasing and kicking away, Kato Ginlily was startled, she quickly avoided the surprise in her heart.
Generally speaking, at the beginning of the game, both sides In the probation stage, Qi Baicao’s kick carried an incomparably murderous look, and he would dodge the first kick, but the force of the wind from that kick was surging, and Kato Yinbaihe’s chest felt tight, and her eyes were slightly dark, and she wanted to retreat again.
In the next step, another kick kicked in the air with a rotating force, as if it could break the bones of the whole body, and kicked heavily on Kato Yinlily’s chest. Kato Yinlily staggered back three steps, and the audience was stunned.
There was no sound, even the commentators of the TV stations in the broadcast booth were dumbfounded, bang finally fell down on the mat, Kato Ginbaihe was in a daze, she didn’t know what happened, the sharp pain from being kicked in the chest followed by overwhelming pain Her eyes turned black, she couldn’t catch her breath, she just felt like she was about to faint, like a frozen picture in a comic.
The referee bent down to see if Kato Yin Lily could continue the game, then straightened up and gestured to announce Qi Baicao’s score. After a short silence, there was a boom. With a bang, the gymnasium exploded, and the roaring shouts from the auditorium turned the hall into a pot of boiling hot water. The commentators in each seat were very excited and explained to the audience in front of the TV what happened suddenly. Just ten seconds after the opening, Chinese player Qi Baicao took the lead in scoring Qi Baicao scored first Baicao Baicao lay on the sideboard of the field Xiaoying and Mei Ling screamed one after another. They couldn’t believe their eyes, oh my god that’s it Simple is so easy to score. They know that Baicao is very strong. They believe that Baicao can win, but it is so fast.