Brother He and Brother He helped Master Baimei to stand firm here Shi Yingdao looks like there must be a fight I hope you can

Personnel changes in the martial arts are more rapid, except for the four great families of Shaolin Wudang, which have a strong foundation and a large number of disciples, and have a long history.
In addition, the replacement of new and old in the rivers and lakes will not be too long.
It will be more than ten years, at least three to five years. A change In fact, the Shaolin Wudang Four Great Families with such a strong foundation also have a bleak time. Now is such a time that the disciples of the Shaolin Wudang Two Great Families rarely move around in the rivers and lakes.
The prosperity in the Jianghu is hard to come by, and it is even more difficult to maintain it. You have to pay an incomparable price.
Blood and tears can be seen in the past.
Therefore, there has never been a family family that can enjoy the fame of the Jianghu forever. Zongling Gangli Kiln is located at the foot of Longzhong Mountain in Xiangyang Prefecture. The Wuji Gate covers an area of ​​only a few tens of mu, which is nothing grand. Even including the servants, it is only a few hundred people. Compared with those powerful sects in the Jianghu, it is really nothing to represent Wuji. The prestige of the door is the horizontal plaque on the gate, which is only made of high-quality pine wood. The black lacquered gold lettering on the horizontal plaque reads the three characters of Wuji Gate, and the value is written on the wooden plaque. The leader of the gang, the leader of the sect, and the leader of the five most powerful figures in the Jianghu. After becoming a Zongling, he just brought Wujimen into a new realm. Zongling just turned 20 and Yiman went out to fully display the supernatural power of Qingping Sword with 108 strokes of Wujimen. At the age of 32, he took over the head of the Wuji Sect.
In the same year, he married the only daughter of Disou Xing Baimei, Baifeng, as his wife. The prestige of the Yue family has just increased a lot of reputation, but the deeds that made him a respected martial artist all over the world is that at the age of forty, he resolved a dispute between the beggar gang and the Paijiao, and defeated the five Paijiao members with a green sword in his hand. Under the threat of the Qingping Sword, the four elders of the Dharma Protector Beggars’ Gang, who made the Beggars’ Gang platoon the sect, shook hands and said “stop” to reconcile the dispute. Afterwards, some people in the world talked about this matter.
If Qingping Swordsman hadn’t settled the dispute Fei tuned the elites from all over the country to prepare for this battle.
If the sect leader hadn’t stopped the combination of tens of thousands of disciples on both sides in time, this battle would have caused a catastrophe in the rivers and lakes. It would cost thousands of lives.
The master who fought and killed Shaolin Wudang was very moved by this incident.
The leader of the beggar gang, the leader of the sect, reviewed the incident afterward, and felt that the leader had just helped them a lot, so he joined hands with the masters of the Eastern family to make a plaque signed by five people.
The plaque revived Zong Linggang’s prestige and made Wujimen the first-class gate in Jianghu. This year Zong Linggang is 48 years old, and he is a promising man, but he has rarely walked around in Jianghu in the past five years. Tailong’s reputation in Wuji Gate is not easy to come by It put too much burden on him psychologically, he became the top sect leader in the martial arts from a small sect, and he just became very cautious.
To protect this reputation, he must have successors from the Wuji sect. He stayed in the mansion and devoted himself to education The next generation of Wanji Sect disciple Zongling just now Hua Feifei’s Qingping swordsmanship has created many exquisite moves in his hands There are four people with extraordinary talents in the Promise Sect One is Zong Linggang’s junior brother Cheng Zhongyue Ming Although the younger brother and Zong Linggang are actually quite different in age, he is only 30 years old this year.
After accepting this disciple, Master Zong Linggang became ill and became sick.
Most of Zhongyue’s martial arts are taught by Zong Linggang on behalf of his master.
The disciple that Linggang found with painstaking efforts was named Chu Xiaofeng. He was originally a disciple of a scholarly disciple.
His grandfather was a Futai father, and he was also a poet, book heir, and martial arts. Such a family had a miracle of martial arts. When the village clan leader first saw it, he thought it was a very rare bone practicing martial arts.
After lobbying the Chu family, he had to persuade Chu Xiaofeng’s father to send Chu Xiaofeng to the Wuji sect to learn art.
He is a seven-year-old with a talent for martial arts. Shimen is 19 years old this year, but he has already learned the true story of a young swordsman. In addition, he was influenced by poetry and books when he was young.
Although he practiced martial arts, he has not forgotten his literature. The third is Dong Chuan, who was born in a martial arts family. His father Worked as a bodyguard in the middle age and changed his career to do business and earned a lot of money Guang bought land and settled in Luzhou Dong Chuan’s father, Mu Zong Linggang, led Dong Chuan to visit his teacher Zong Linggang saw that Dong Chuan was very gifted and received him as the fourth One is Zong Linggang and Bai Feng’s beloved son Zong Yizhi Zong Linggang has great expectations for the four of them, stay in the mansion and no longer go out, and focus on cultivating the four of them from the younger generation and the three senior brothers, Dong Chuan’s age The eldest is 23 years old and is the first disciple of the next generation in the Wuji Sect.
Zong Linggang has seen very clearly that among the twelve disciples of the Wuji Sect, only these three people are not only very strict in their practice, but also borrowed the power of medicine. Peiyuan Guben also often told the three people about the people and personnel of the people in the Jianghu. In the hands of people, the Wuji Gate can be carried forward, and the cruel world is cruel. Many people with extraordinary talents have worked so hard to create a foundation. They don’t know how to be vigilant and self-sustaining.
Either they are defeated in their own hands, or people perish. The foundation is destroyed and the stars are scattered.
This achievement enables Wujimen to enjoy a long-lasting reputation like the four great families, Shaolin, Wudang and other big schools.
At least it can be passed down for decades to make Wujimen famous. In this regard, Baifeng has helped him a lot. Old man Baimei helped him more than Dong Chuan and Chu Xiaofeng