Brother Feng do you like allrounders in civil and military affairs Yes I like Dongfang Wushuangs small face became serious he thought about it seriously

Publication date Copywriter Ten popular works My princess is a man Related series of works Inherited to the ancestors with a playful character The little prince Dongfang Wushuang cheated on flowers and grasses at a young age Let him meet a peerless beauty, Feng Wenxue, he fell in love at first sight and stalked her to the death He didn’t take it seriously at all, who would have thought that more than ten years later, he would come to the door openly? He suddenly yelled, pointed at the wind and snow, and firmly said, “Don’t underestimate me. Dongfang Wushuang never does things halfway. I will let you go.
” If you like me, I will make you like me Deeper eyes flashed some kind of starlight, Feng Wenxue touched her chest and muttered to herself, what should I do, Xiao Wushuang, I seem to like you a little bit now Cultural publication date Copywriter Ten popular works My princess is a man Related series The little prince Dongfang Wushuang finally embraced the beauty in a sense, but fell into the grievances of the gods and ghosts in a blink of an eye. On the one hand, he was the emperor’s uncle.
On the one hand, Feng Wenxue had to restrain Feng Wenxue, and it was exhausting.
Unexpectedly, unexpected surprises followed at this moment, and the leader of Shenming Sect was pregnant. Wushuang wants to be with him for a lifetime, but he still has uncertainty in his heart. In fact, he really doesn’t want to take the concubine’s bowl that much. Feng Wenxue sneered, afraid that I will resist the order? Don’t worry? In the future, you will live with yours, I will live with mine, Dongfang Wushuang will almost cry It’s not that easy to expose the fleshy way without knowing it.
It’s not so easy to be angry in vain In the flower garden at the back garden of Qinghua Temple in Zhangjing City, there is a cute little boy named Yuxue who is talking to a girl.
Sister, you are so beautiful. This flower is for you. Flowers are for a beautiful woman.
Oh, you, a child, can really talk.
Thank you, sister of the flower. Hug, hug, hehehe, okay, you are so cute, let my sister hug you, you smell really good, Wushuang really likes you The personal guard of the Wangfu Xiaoshi hid his fist speechlessly behind the bushes with another guard, Abu Dao, Xiaoshizi, and tricked another beauty into a kiss. This is the fourth one today. Abudao is still the daughter of the prime minister’s family.
Really I’m so envious, my fists twitched my eyes and said, if you go back to five years old, you can still get a kiss The time is so pure and simple, where is Xiaoshizi’s scheming and lust, but the fist didn’t say Xiaoshizi’s lust, I don’t know where it came from, although the prince is a bit frivolous and occasionally likes to hook up with beautiful women, but it’s just for fun Just kidding, in fact, there is only Princess Huarong in my heart, no matter before or after they get married, the brothers who have never really cared about the prince are also infatuated and long-cherished. For ten years, as long as the old princess is in the eyes of the old prince, the eyeballs will not turn away, but it is really strange.
The only eldest son in Jingwang’s mansion, Dongfang Wushuang, likes beautiful women at a young age. He used to only think of him as love.
The heart of beauty is only natural, but who knows when it started, Xiao Shizi learned a lot of tricks to seduce beauties without a teacher.
In the capital, all the pretty beauties that Xiao Shizi met in the capital were deceived by him openly. The most miraculous thing about passing the kiss is that men and women are not jealous. Last time, the young master of the Ministry of Rites was weaker than a woman, and he was called one of the three beauties in the capital.
Prince Jing’s Mansion on East Avenue is the body of the young master Shangshu against the little prince. This chubby figure is tired and sick after hearing that he went back. Two arms haven’t been raised for a month. Reluctant to come down, he also ate tofu from a beautiful maid, it’s really amazing, he twitched the corner of his mouth, looked at the sky and said, it’s almost time for us to take the prince back to the house, he fisted and said, you go or I go Abu sighed, I’ll go Well, you should still follow the old rules. Ever since the young prince flirted with all the beauties that can be seen in the palace and the palace, he began to pester his mother and concubine to take him to the houses of various ministers so that he would have more opportunities to see the beauties in the inner courtyard. But the concubine is a noble princess today, and there are not many ministers and wives who can go to chat with each other The personal guard asked the prince for instructions. I think the prince is also bored by his son at home.
I wish he could go out more often so as not to hinder him from flirting with his concubine. Then he ordered people to arrange protective measures and let his son come out to play every few days. But this little boy The prince has so many eyes, every time he sees a beautiful person, he sends his bodyguards to a dark place