Both the index finger and the little finger of the right hand wear rings not the kind of nouveau riche It looks like a ring

Ye Simei’s heart was bitter, and this moment still came.
That man’s name was Jing Shaochuan, who was born in a well-known Jing family in Kyoto. For some reason, he went to the small place of Dachuan City to study at a university. Although Dachuan College is also a national institution, with his grades and talents, he went to Huaqing University or Kyoto University is no problem.
As soon as he entered school, he became a famous figure in the school.
I don’t know how many girls have attracted him. Ye Simei is one of them, but she comes from a humble background. Just do it.
She never thought it would come true until the day of graduation. She came out after attending the school’s graduation party and saw the male god in front of her. Her heart beat faster suddenly.
Do you want to go up and say something? I have liked him for four years But she didn’t even say a word, it’s too miserable, she comforted herself, just saying hello, it’s considered a fulfillment, a wish, a dream that has never started but ended, when she summoned up the courage to go up, suddenly there was a hood The man in the hat strode over. Ye Simei glanced at him and found that there was a little coldness in his sleeve.
It was a knife. He was aiming at Jing Shaochuan. At that moment, she couldn’t care less about anything and rushed forward like crazy. The knife in the man’s hand that stood in front of him pierced her right arm, and blood gushed out.
Jing Shaochuan was startled, and the man wanted to do it again, but found that someone was coming, so he hid the knife, turned and ran into the night. Zhongjing Shaochuan sent her to the hospital.
The knife was poisoned.
After rescue, she finally saved her life, but left a shocking and terrifying wound on her arm. In order to remove the poison, a large piece of flesh was gouged out and left behind.
A hole that was one finger long and half an inch deep was made. Since then, she has never dared to wear short sleeves again.
Jing Shaochuan said he would compensate her, but she didn’t want to use this as a bargaining chip. But she was in a hurry before she was discharged from the hospital. He found her and told her that someone was chasing him and he had to find a place to hide, so Ye Simei took Jing Shaochuan back to her hometown, Yuanchang County, and rented a house in this small county town.
She was an orphan since she was a child. The aunt who was raised by her aunt never got married and passed away a few years ago. In the beginning, they lived very poorly. Jing Shaochuan didn’t dare to go out to work for fear of being recognized and attract killers. They didn’t go home until midnight, they were together for a long time, and naturally they became a couple, but Ye Simei knew that they were not people from the same world. Jing Shaochuan would leave sooner or later, and Jing Shaochuan never touched her.
On their eleventh birthday, they never even held hands. One time, Jing Shaochuan fell ill.
In order to heal him, Ye Simei pawned off the only thing left to her by her mother, which was also her most precious diamond necklace.
I finally got enough money to get a medicine from an old Chinese doctor, and then I pulled him back from the ghost gate. But since he recovered from his illness, he often leaves early and returns late. I don’t know what to do. Ye Simei has a hunch that he may have to leave. Today she was snatched by the boss’s little sister in the company A college student resigned in anger and quit.
Unexpectedly, when he returned home, he saw Jing Shaochuan in a gray suit. At this moment, Jing Shaochuan was so extravagant. The sapphire tie clip on his tie and the ring on his finger made him Like a god, at that moment, she felt that he was so far away, like a person from another world. Ye Simi knew that this moment would come sooner or later, she took a deep breath and said good things. It’s settled, it’s time to go back to Jing’s house.
He pushed a card in front of her and said, here is 200,000, which is my compensation to you.
Chuan’s face said I don’t want your filthy money, but she’s unemployed now. If she doesn’t have money, she can’t even pay the rent. Jing Shaochuan handed her a box again, and she opened it to see that it was the diamond she had pawned inside.
She silently took out the necklace and put it on around her neck. Jing Shaochuan seemed relieved, stood up without taking anything, turned around and walked out of this rental house.
Perhaps it is all right for him whether it is Ye Simei or the things in the rental house. When the sound of closing the door sounded, Ye Simi cried silently.
She didn’t know how long she cried until the tears were almost drained.
Then she wiped the tears with her sleeves. She survived all the hardships before, so it’s not for a man. The rent is due tomorrow. She took the card to the bank to withdraw the money, but was told that the bank card had already been frozen and walked out of the bank. Ye Simei was a little dazed.
If she wanted to freeze the card, why did she pretend to give it to her? At this moment, she received a WeChat message.
It was from Jing Shaochuan.
In WeChat, Jing Shaochuan said that he gave her the card to test her. She didn’t expect that she was also a woman who worshiped money.
From now on, they will not owe each other.
She gave everything for him and in his heart she is such a woman She sneered and threw the bank card out just as a car drove by and crushed it in half like her broken heart With no money and no job, Ye Simei sat on the curb in a daze.
The landlord is a master who wants money and life.
If she can’t pay the rent, she will be kicked out immediately.
Is she really going to sleep on the street? Ding Dong She picked up her phone and found now One of the hottest short video platforms, Douyin, sent her a push, she clicked on it, and it turned out to be an advertisement for a delivery anchor.
Hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions of mansions are bought, which is a good business. She continued to look down and found that the company has no requirements, only that the anchor has a good face and can speak well.